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*note! the first chapter is very dark and creepy and it gets happier i swear, but there will be more of that testing stuff sorry just a warning* It's about a teen girl named Jinx, when she was a young girl she was experimented on in a lab. she is saved by Logan someone who she see as a father like figure. She has people that are like brothers and sisters to her: Rath, Flame, Yuri, and Darry. they all have there own super power. But soon the people from the lab wants Jinx back, and she meets someone with the same gift as hers only stronger. View table of contents...


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Foggy faces lean over me, pain claws at my body. Only one thing drifted through my head… death.

"She's waking up!" one whispered to another. "We can continue with our experiments." Their faces came into view. There were three of them: a woman and two men.

The men grabbed me with their strong hands and forcefully dragged me into a chair. The chair was an intimidating device; they strapped my arms to it. Another device connected to the chair fitted that around my head, as if it was a halo trying to look innocent and hide the pain it could only bring. Then I felt large needles engorge into my temples and just moments later…

"STOP!" I cried, I could hear how hoarse my voice sounded. The monster that considered themselves human didn't even glance at me. Electricity ran through my body, or so I hoped it was only that. My eyes stung with tears. This is not how life should be! Life should be filled smiles and not screams. My mind yelled in pain.

"We should increase the volume of the energy to see if her mind will soon block out the pain," the woman suggested to the men, and without fail, they nodded.

"NO!" I shrieked, but within seconds, the power increased by a thousand. I howled with pain.

I was fried .My brain had turn to mush, and my skull felt as if it had split in two. And everything after that just went numb.

"Increase the power," I heard, I didn't have any voice to scream, I was done I was going to die, I would be with my family, I would…

"Enough!" a loud demanding voice boomed. It knocked all my senses back in to a line, the pain was faint as it still lingered within my body.

"Sir!" they shouted at once. My body was limp I could not see who or make out who's voice, I was weak dead willing.

"What the hell is going on here?" the man demanded, his voice filled with nothing but fury. He unstrapped my arms and ripped the needles out of my skull.

"Were testing the girl…" the woman said, her voice to steady to still as if she was a robot.

"Did you not notice she's eight?" he snapped.

It was Logan! The man who was always there, he was an angel, warm and sweet, to me he was like a father; I smiled weakly. He was here to take me away from these people back to my friends, in the resting area. I couldn't wait to break down in front of James: a half human half snake friend of mine; or hug Lauren: a beautiful dog girl who would kill for me.

"Well… no…" a man said; his voice unsteady, showing he had some emotion and was semi human. "We were told to take the most successful creation of ours and do…"

"Enough!" Logan yelled, he cradled me in his arms, I could feel his eyes on me, I opened mine, his cold blue eyes melted away in to a warm sea of tenderness. "I'm taking you to a safe place. Alright?" He kissed my forehead and that's all I remembered after that.

I was warm; and I was in a soft comfy place. I opened my eyes, and just like in the lab three people lean over me. I heard a sound but I couldn't make out what they were saying.

"Honey?" the voice sounded like… Logan! "Are you okay?" he asked.

"Where… am I?" I tried to sit up, but was unsuccessful. Two…boys? A short one and a tall. Both had curiosity written all over their face.

"You at your knew home," Logan patted my head and kissed it.

"Home?" I know home was a safe place for one to stay but… still.

"Yes, this is your new home, you will stay here until necessary," Logan looked at me long and hard. "You don't have to be scared anymore. I won't let anyone hurt you, even if it cost me my life."

"I… have a… Home?" I asked sitting up despite the pain. Home! Like a brother and a sister, mother and father!

"Well yes. This is Rath, he's just a year or two older then you. And this is Flame, he's thirteen. Darry, he's two and he won't be any trouble… Oh and Yuri… she's just a few months old." Logan pointed to each of the kids, Rath was the shorter one and Flame was the taller. I couldn't see Darry, or Yuri, but I knew I would soon.

That's all I really remember of my childhood; Rath… well he's actually really quiet; he's got a power to control nature that includes, plants, animal, seasons, elements and weather. Flame he possesses the power; heat fire, lava, lightning. Darry, can control things with his mind; people, objects and animals. Yuri she can well: fly and shape shift. I for one can do a lot with energy… like energy blasts; absorb energy, stuff like that.


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