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Tables Turned

Novel By: K4itlynn

Zombies :p also if you have an issue with gays don't read View table of contents...


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Surreal watched everyone sleep, wondering around nervously that night, constantly checking the doors, checking every dark corner she found. She only stopped when her legprotested, the muscles refused to work and she had todrag her gimp leg backto a corner near the others where she soon fell asleep.

She awoke at the first voice she head, the others looking at her nervously. No one spoke until Lyra stretched and herded the others closer to her.

"Good morning Miss SaDiablo."

Surreal noted the hoarseness in the other girls voice, she must have not hada very good sleep either. As Surreal looked at Dane and Krystal though their bright eyes tolda story of a good nights rest. She smiled slightly, they weren't all that bad.

"How did all you guys meet?"

Heads turned, the group looked at each other, an internal battle between them going on till Dane finally spoke.

"The only way to really answer that question would be for each of us to tell our stories. That way we cover how we ran into each other and we could get to know each other better."

"I'm in. One of ya'll start, I'll go last since I just kinda got added to this circus."

Surreals voice was emotionless as she leaned on the wall, watching Dane, waiting for him to start.

"For me the infection hit fast.I wasn't originally from this town. Me and my family lived about ten miles south of here, in Lonesome Dove. There were about eight other families there, twenty five people about." He paused and cleared his throat,"The cops that were attacked ended up in Lonesome Dove. They infected the Gerange family first; a mother, father, and two teenagers. With six Predators in our small town we didn't stand a chance. My little brother was ten when this happened.He was standing by the door when four Predators barged in.Me and him were the only ones who made it out. They had gotten our parents almost as soon as they got in. His ankle was bleeding and he was limping. I didn't realize it was a bite. I wasn't concerned. I just wanted out of that town. We ended up in this town.He had fallen to the ground, his whole body was shaking and seizuring. It didn't take long before the venom killed his immune system. When he looked back up it wasn't him, just a shell of the boy he used to be. I ran. I wasn't going to kill my own brother, Predator or not. I just couldn't bring myself to look at him and slaughter him."

Dane stopped then and Krystal moved close to him, intertwining her fingers with his as she kissed his cheek gently, "I was here in this town. I had run away from home two daysbefore the outbreak. When I returned the town was in flames, screams had pierced my ears, the smoke made it hard to see. I had no weapon, just my hound dog. He seemed on edge, he was growling at people and when a person rushed at me Copper attacked them. I watched him rip the womans jugular out then rush towards me, growling at the corpse still. When the woman stood up and charged again I realized these were no longer humans. I had no idea what happened. Without another option I ran out of the town. Everything seemed barren. Nobody was out walking the pastures, fences were destroyed. Oddly enough there was no noise outside of the town. Glancing back I realized why. Those things, the Predators, were swarming the town like flies. I can remember seeing a frantic figure bolt out and stumble. Copper had started to snarl again but stopped when the figure got closer. When Copper ran up to the figure whining, tail wagging, I assumed it was safe. That's when I first met Dane. He was covered in smoke. I don't remember how long it took to get him up. Once he was up though he cameup with the idea to go to a roof. We would wait it out there. Going back into the town was a terrifying idea. Yet I followed this hard headed idiot. Thats how we got this building."

Surreal waited a little while, making sure the couple was down with their stories before she turned to Lyra, watching her expectantly.

Lyra looked away and closed her eyes, slowly starting. "I had watched my girlfriend get slaughtered. Me and her had been out on a date. It was our four month anniversary. She had decided to go to the park. When we got there we were charged at by an elderly woman.She looked sickly and stumbled while charging. Laura rushed over to help the woman and was drug down, the womans teeth tore into Laura's neck, ripping the skin away. I remember the fear that pulsed through my body, the same fear that prevented me from running away. Laura had gotten up. Her neck was spurting out blood.Her eyes were glazed, unfocused as she rushed at me. Thats when the adrenalinekicked in and I ran. The streets were quiet till I passed through. Once the Predator's had caught scent of me they were chasing my tail. I honestlythought they were going to get me until I saw Krystal open the building door. If she hadn't let me in I'm not sure where I'd be.Obviously not infected,but I'd be on my own..."

Surreal listened silently, resting her hand on Lyra's knee when she saw a tear race down the girls cheek. When she looked up all eyes were on her, everyone waiting.

"Where to begin...."


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