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Tables Turned

Novel By: K4itlynn

Zombies :p also if you have an issue with gays don't read View table of contents...


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Lyra watched as Surreal sat there, the other girl seemed lost in her own thought, trying to figure out where to start. Lyra gently nudged her, watching her closely, worrying.

"It was summer. My mom and dad were cooking in the kitchen. I was sitting on the porch with my labrador, my sister was out by the pond playing with our other dog. It actually wasn't that hot surprisingly.. There was a soft wind blowing around our old farm, the birds and horses were the only sounds... It was.. peaceful." Surreal paused, looking down, "Until my doberman yelped. It was horrible, terrified... It scared the hell out of me. When I got to her though I didn't see anything wrong. She was frozen in place, staring at the woods. I managed to get a whistle out and we waited, searching for our dog. It wasn't our dog that came out of the woods, our dog died in those woods. The beast that came out was a killer. He was bleeding from his shoulder and muzzle. His teeth were bared, his eyes glazed over and locked on us. It happened fast then. I hardly got my sister out of the way as the dog lunged. I was pinned under him, fighting for my life. It was just me and him. In a battle for my life. My sister stood behind me, screaming as I fought the dog. She ran at my hoarse order. I shouldn't have ordered her to go..."

The other girl was trembling now, her eyes tightly closed as Lyra inched toward her, shyly wrapping an arm around her shoulders, attempting to comfort her.

"I got the Predator off me and managed to get up a tree with him barking and snarling after me. I'm not sure what got his attention off of me.. I didn't hear nothing.. I just remember watching him rush throught the back door my sister carelessly left open. Him andother Predators. The screams were terrible... They echoed through my ears.. Then blood splattered the kitchen window. Things fell silent for a few minutes. I-I couldn't get my eyes to leave the back door though.. I.. I was just hoping my family would walk out unharmed.. It was a childish hope, One that was so far from reality. I was in shock though. The tears came as my family, covered in blood, stumbled out of the house along with the Predators that had hunted them down. They had all circled me in the tree. My mom, my dad, and my little sisted, all dead. They were Predators, they're eyes had that distant look, they no longer formed words, just moans as their hands reached up, trying to tear me from my perch. I was stuck staring at them till the next day. That day I was losing hope, thinking I should just let their venom claim me when I saw a group of survivors. They were moving silently, their eyes on the Predator's as they tried to sneak past. I called out to them, hopingthey would save me. I will never forget how they froze, the hatred that burned in their eyes as they looked at me. That hatred that was replaced with fear as the Predator's charged them and they bolted. With the Predator's distracted, I ran off... I've been roaming this town perfectly fine on my own. People didn't help me when I needed them most, so I learned to not expect help. I learned that humans had turned against each other, That even if we weren't infected with the Preadtor's venom, we had turned against each other."

Lyra looked at her as she finished and hugged her, glancing at Dane and Krystal who seemed speechless, huddled close to each other. Lyra paused and set her head on Surreal's shoulder.

"You have us now. You can depend on us."

"I'm not sure I want to."

Lyra froze and glanced at her, "And why not?"

"Have you ever seen a pack of wolves hunt? Or any predator hunt? They go after the herds. They find the weakest member of the herd then they go after that prey. They bring it down and relentlessly kill it. A group is a herd... I'm probably the easiest target right now too without my hand."

"Have you ever seen a lone predator hunt Surreal? They find a loner, one without a herd to protect them. Then they kill that prey. The thing about a herd is, they're family. They protect each other, they fight for each other. and we'll do that for you Surreal."

Lyra hugged the trembling girl, glaring at Dane and Krystal to leave as they stood up.

"I promise I'll keep you safe."


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