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Prudence Stone - The Lost Vampire

Novel By: K L Copley

Prudence Stone is an old vampire who has teamed up with her new friend Eddie Ward to get behind the attacks on her undead life. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Aug 12, 2011    Reads: 89    Comments: 17    Likes: 5   

PrudenceStone - Prue - walked through the corridor of her new school. She loved going to new places because of all the new scents of blood and fresh group of people who didn't know who she was or her history. She looked like she was delicate and fragile but only few knew the truth. She was actually almost un-killable, and could take on considerate damage unless a stake went through her heart. Yes she knew the irony, she could take quite a few bullets but if a piece of wood penetrated her heart she would disintegrate. She flicked her shiny blonde behind her shoulders and gave a sexy smile to one of the jocks. She knew he liked her, in fact she knew every boy liked her because that's one of a Vampires powers. They use their appearance to attract humans to them. Prudence walked into the student car park and bumped into someone.

"I'm...I'm so sorry" The guy she bumped into fell to the ground. To him it would have felt like he walked into a brick wall. To Prue, she didn't feel him bump into her. The guy had a mop of light brown hair and she noticed he was wearing his shirt tucked into his brown trousers. He picked his glasses up off the floor and pushed the back on his nose. He looked up at Prue and went wide eyed.

"Wow..." He said stunned. He couldn't take his eyes off her. He shook his head appalled at his attitude. "I'm sorry, I...I..."

Prue held her hand out for him to take. He took and she made sure to not use too much strength and catapult him into the side of the High School. That would give Prue a little too much attention than she'd like. "I'm Prue" She said with a Hollywood smile that even Angelina Jolie would kill for.

"Nice...Nice to meet you...Prue" He still looked at her in awe. She giggled. He just stared at her.

"This is where you would tell me your name" Prue said with a kind smile. She folded her arms and shifted her weight so most of it was on her left leg. It had taken her years to get used to making small movements that made her seem more human.

"Oh!" He said a little louder. Blood rushed to his cheeks and Prue had to work to make sure her fangs didn't pop out. That freaked people out. He cocked his head to the side and examined her. This made Prue feel uncomfortable.

"Your name?" She said with a little laugh. Her leather jacket creaked as she scratched her arm. Another move she had remembered from when she was human.

"Huh?" He looked at her like she had said something disgusting. "Oh!, Eddie...My name is Eddie...That's...That's my name......Eddie" Obviously Eddie had a hard time talking to girls.

"Hi Ed, it's nice to meet you." She smiled at him kindly. She liked him already.

"Wow, nobody's given me a nickname before" He said sheepishly. Prue looked at him; Eddie was handsome underneath all the "Geekiness" she noticed. Take away the glasses and cut back the overgrown hair, he already had the bone structure and striking green eyes that would make him stand out. Prue vowed that she would teach him how to use it. Prue accidently let down the barrier holding in her "Mind reading power" and she caught a thought from an Emo guy in the corner talking to his friends. She had felt him glance over towards her a few times but she didn't think it was her he was glancing at when she heard the thought. It was Eddie. She felt sorry for the Emo boy, he hadn't told his friends yet because he didn't want to lose them.

Prudence wasn't going to tell Eddie what the Emo guy thought of him. It wasn't her thought to tell. "Nobody has ever called you Ed before?"

"That's what I was thinking, I mean, I have all these friends you would have thought they would have called me Ed before" Eddie said sarcastically. Prudence laughed.

"Most people don't know when I'm joking" Eddie said as he glanced at the ground then back at Prue.

"Don't worry; at least you have one friend that knows when you're joking" Prudence felt sorry for him, she knew he didn't have any friend's but she applauded him for taking that in his stride.

"I was going to ask how did you know, but it's a bit obvious isn't it?" He gestured to his outfit. "Please don't be offended, but why is a hot girl like you talking to a geek like me?"

Prue was used to the compliments by now. She had been getting them for so long she hardly noticed them anymore. But when Eddie complimented her, she knew if she was human she would have blushed. There was something about Eddie that made Prue feel a little more human. She liked that.

"I think geeks the new jock." Prue said lightly as she placed her hand on Eddie's shoulder. She was sick of getting the attention from jocks and rich men, she liked someone who had a different goal with her like Eddie. She knew his goal was to be her friend and more importantly, she was going to let him. She removed her hand and Eddie relaxed slowly. What Eddie didn't know was, when she touched him she got a feeling of what kind of person he was. To her surprise he was deeply sad inside, and felt almost as cold as her self but that was because she was a Vampire but he wasn't. That's not right.

Prue started to probe around in his mind to see if something in there could tell her why he was cold inside. She got nothing. It was like his mind was blank but she knew better than that. There was something about this boy and she was going to find out what that was...


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