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Rayne Blake - Changes

Novel By: K L Copley

Changes are happening to all of Rayne's group. Will Rayne and Eric still be together? Will Zoey finally decide about her powers? Will Rayne and Drake investigate their feelings for each other? Will Rayne keep fighting for her life through the Test of Strength?

Will somebody important make an astonishing re-appearence? View table of contents...


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Rayne walked out the door leaving behind the black clothed groups of mourners in her and her Grams living room. She couldn't take it anymore. She just wanted to be alone in the night but the pit of grief in her stomach wouldn't let her be alone.

It had been two weeks now since Kennedy had died. No, scratch that. Kennedy hadn't died. That Thing Elizabeth had murdered her and then took off with Zachary. The hate welled up inside her as she remembered Elizabeth's fangs puncturing Kennedy's neck. She couldn't hold the anger in anymore. She swung her right fist out sharply which hit a generic, oval, tomb stone making in crumble to pieces under her strength. Her screams of frustration cut through the silent night. She screamed until her throat was sore and then screamed some more. This is all she had wanted to do during the Funeral Ceremony early today but she couldn't. She had to be strong for Zoey and Grams. She had to be strong because that was all that was left for her to do. That, and slaughter Kennedy killer with her own two hands.

She stopped screaming when she heard a twig snap in the middle of the Old Cemetery. Her head snapped in the direction of the sound and then she was running. The wind whipped around her face, making it feel cool in the warm night. She ran through the New Cemetery and straight into the Old Cemetery. Her heart was pounding with the adrenaline. Her fist were shaking with anger as she watched the shadow walk through the cemetery disoriented. She smiled to herself in the night at the thought of a fight. She switched into Hunter mode and launched herself across the Cemetery. She landed on top of the vampire, dragging them both to the ground.

The two rolled across the floor fighting each other in the dead leafs and dirt. The vampire on top of her was female wearing a leather bra and trousers.


Rayne had encountered many other vampires and demons since the Test of Strength had been started by Elizabeth. She grabbed the vampire's throat and threw her to the side then rolled on top of her. She pulled her arm back and punched the vampire in the face over and over. Rayne felt the anger which she had bottled up release slowly as she pummelled the vampires face.

She remembered Elizabeth's eyes as she watched Rayne's reaction when she sunk her fangs in her best friend's throat. Te anger bubbled up inside her again as she started hitting the vampire harder and harder.

She remembered watching Elizabeth flee with Zachary when Rayne had dropped to her knees. She remembered the sickening sound of Kennedy's body dropping to the ground. She felt her fist connect with the vampires face again and again.

She lifted her arm again when a strong familiar arm wrapped around her waist pulling her off the unconscious, bloodied vampire.

"Let go of me!" Rayne screamed as Drake staked the vampire whilst still holding Rayne round the waist. "What did you do that for!" Rayne shouted angrily as she struggled to get free. "Let me go!"

Drake sighed then let Rayne go. When she was back on her feet she swung for Drake but Drake was quicker. He caught her fist in his left hand. Rayne swung for him with her free left hand which Drake caught in his right hand.

"Rayne, would you please calm down" Drake asked as he watched her struggle to get her hands free. This wasn't like Rayne. She could have easily gotten her hands free. Come to think of it, Drake wouldn't have been able to catch her fist before it connected with his face.

"I am calm!" Rayne screamed getting even more angry.

"Obviously not" Drake said smoothly. She kicked out at him but he was quicker. He swiped her left foot from underneath her which made her fall to the ground. He made sure she didn't hit the ground hard. He pushed both her arms against the ground as she wriggled beneath him trying to get free.

"When you calm down I will let you go." Drake said as she Rayne spat a few impolite words at him. He pushed her hands further into the ground and made sure she couldn't kick him by sitting on top of her.

"Drake, if you don't let me go right now I will hunt you down and then stake you!" Rayne screamed at him. She just wanted to be free.

Drake's face suddenly went serious and his voice was low when he spoke which made Rayne stop struggling and listen. "You need to calm down right now. When you do, you will notice that something is different about you. Your not as strong as you usually are and your not as quick. This is a dangerous time for to be losing your self Rayne."

Rayne looked up at him as his words sunk in. She thought about how Drake stopped her punches and got her on the floor. She really had started to lose herself. She took in a deep breath and tried to make her heartbeat slow to normal.

"Thank you" Drake said as he released her hands then got up off of her. He held his hand out to Rayne who took it and got to her feet. She brushed herself off the looked at Drake. He was in his usual black on black outfit and leather jacket.

"Thanks" The Hunter murmured. Drake opened his mouth to say something to her when they both heard soft footstep coming through the Cemetery.

Rayne and Drake took off running through the cemetery at top speed. When they got to the voice, there was a woman walking shakily through the cemetery.

Rayne and Drake looked at each other and nodded. It wasn't a woman, it was a vampire. Rayne launched herself at the vampire, dragging it to the ground. She rolled away from the vampire, back up to her feet with a stake ready in her hand. She looked down at the vampire then dropped to her knee's.

The name tore itself from her lips.


***Did everybody expect that????? lols! I just love the Kennedy character too much! please tell me what yo think of the first chapter!!!***


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