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Rayne Blake - Test of Strength

Novel By: K L Copley

Rayne Blake is a 17 year old Hunter sworn to protect her home town Crossroads from the demons and vampires pulled there by an unknown reason. Rayne's bloodline is the strongest out of all the other Hunters which means she has a target on her back. Now Rayne will have to endanger her friends and let them in on her secret if she has any hope of surviving the test which can only ends when she dies.

Includes swearing and violence.
Please note that this is my first story and it's only a draft. View table of contents...

Submitted:Aug 3, 2011    Reads: 132    Comments: 8    Likes: 1   

Amelia ran as fast as her feet would go. Her heart pounded against her chest like it was going to jump out at any minute. Her feet ached and threatened to stop as she rounded a corner. Thoughts flashed through her mind as scanned the street for a place to hide. To her dismay it was abandoned. She wasn't that surprised because it was somewhere around two a clock in the morning and any sane person would be cuddled up in their soft, warm, bed. But not Amelia. Why didn't I just stay in tonight? Amelia thought to herself as she sped full pace down the empty street. The street was one of those typical American streets where couples with names like Mr and Mrs my-life-is perfect lived. Amelia wasn't wealthy but she wasn't poor either, yet she still despised rich people. She hated them with a passion because their kids were always spoilt, got what they wanted and didn't care who their daddy had to step on to get it for them. Amelia's dad had left her mother when she was 5 because they lost their house when a rich family wanted to extend their property.

All around Amelia were houses that were in perfect condition. Green lawns cut perfectly. Flowers were framing the gardens perfectly. Bright, white, doors and golden door knockers on every door. Amelia ran for the furthest house at the end of the street. The house was worn down and looked to be falling to pieces. Window ledges were no longer where they should be. Curtains were flowing through the broken windows and the door was hanging on by the hinges. The house stood out like a sore thumb on this street.

Amelia opened the gate to the front garden which was everything in it was dead, and headed round the side of the house. With one look back Amelia saw the two dark figures walking up the street. Amelia didn't have time to ponder why they weren't running to catch her. She squeezed by a dustbin that was full of cobwebs and spiders and walked as quick and as carefully as she could to the back garden. The floor was filled with years old black sacks full of god knows what. Bricks that were almost the size of boulders were scattered around on the floor. As Amelia climbed over the boulders she cut her right palm on something sharp. She sucked in a lot of air briskly and the pain rocketed through her again.

As she got passed all the obstacles she ran into the back garden, her heart was still pounding in her chest. She stood quietly and tried to listen for the figures that were chasing her. She couldn't hear anything. Just the mind numbingly cold breeze. Amelia couldn't feel the cold anymore because fear and pain from lack of breathe were the only dominant feelings she had at this very moment. Amelia looked around for a place to hide. Se couldn't see much because of the darkness which made everything ten times scarier than it should be. Realisation swarmed over her as she realised why the two hooded figures were not running after her. She was cornered.

Trees filled the back of the garden. The sides of the garden were cut off by fence with barbed wire on top of it. No escape. Amelia brushed her long, brunette hair out of her face as she saw her hiding place. At the far right corner of the garden was a burnt out car. The frame was mangled and most of it was missing but Amelia could still fit in behind it and it would cover her long enough for the things to think she was gone. Amelia rushed to the burnt out car and slid in behind it. It was a tight squeeze but it was the best place to hide. She checked to see if she could be seen by the figures and then pulled her knees up close and rested her right cheek on them.

The breeze swirled around her as she closed her eyes and just listened. Why did I have to go to Point Blank tonight of all nights? Point Blank was the local and only club in Crossroads. Point Blank just let anybody in now-a-days and Amelia was going there just because her mom said she couldn't go. Look where that got me Amelia thought to herself. Amelia's heart stopped when she heard the crunching of leaves at the other side of the demolished car. Her heart thundering in her chest was making it hard for her to hear anything else. Her hands shook as she curled herself closer into herself. Oh my god, oh my god. I'm going to die. I'm going to die. Another snap of a twig. Amelia squeezed her eyes shut; waiting for the shadows to get her she listened. There was no noise except for the sound of her hammering heart beat. She uncurled with her head still ducked behind the burnt car and turned around on her knees.

Peering over the crisp edges of what was left of the passenger side door, Amelia scanned the garden. Seeing no one, she stood up slowly. She walked round the edges of the car. Stealthily she crouched and ran to the side of the house. The one she had not come in through. This way looked clearer. Nothing was littered on the ground or trying to stop her from reaching that light just outside the front garden.

Amelia started to that light which was a streetlamp at a bus stop. As far as Amelia could tell the street was still desolate. She was nearly in the front garden when her feet stopped dead. From around the corner a shadow appeared. It was one of the things that had been chasing her. Amelia's whole body went ice cold with fear. Before she knew what she was doing, she had already turned back the way she had came and that is when the second figure glided round the corner of the house. Trapped Amelia thought, trapped like an animal. Amelia was drowning in fear as the two shadows descended on her. The last thing Amelia thought was why didn't I just stay in tonight? Her whole world went black.


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