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The Amulet In The Attic

Novel By: K L Copley

Darla Johnson is a high school student who has recently moved to a new house with her mom. This was the fresh start they both needed. Until Darla finds an amulet in their attic that changes her life. Darla meets Carson who is completely gorgeous and totally in to her but is it for the same reason she thinks...? Will they fall in love? and what trouble will he bring her way? View table of contents...


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Darla pushed the door open to her house and stepped inside. She threw her bag to the floor and put her keys on top of the shoe rack. She sighed as she pulled off her red coat and hung it up on the coat rack.

"Mom!" She called to the empty house. When she got no answer she started walking into the kitchen. They had only just moved in the house a few days ago and were still unpacking. Boxes piled on top of boxes were dotted about everywhere. Darla stepped over a big cardboard box that said "Kitchen Crap" on it in her handwriting and went towards the American style fridge. She was just about to open it when her black cat jumped up and into her arms.

"Tiddle's! You scared me then." Darla said as she stroked the cat whilst still looking in the fridge. She took out a strawberry yogurt and put it on the little island in the middle of the kitchen which was surrounded by chairs. "Damn it!" Darla said harshly. "Tiddle's, do you know where the spoons are?" She stared at the cat for a few silent seconds then carried on talking. "Of course you don't you're just a cat" She said as she opened draws. Tiddle's hissed at Darla who just rubbed the top of his head. "Relax, I didn't mean it."

Darla had always thought of pets as part of her family which was nice because she didn't have much family. Her dad had divorced her mom a few months ago and ran off with his receptionist. That just left her, her mom and Tiddle's the grumpy cat. Darla preferred it like that. Her dad never really acted like a dad towards her. He didn't beat her or anything like that, he just ignored her and wasn't there for her when she needed him so she thought he was better off elsewhere. Her and her mom would get by just fine. And they were! They had just bought a large 5 bedroom house with a basement and attic that she couldn't wait to go and explore. "AHA!" She shouted as she pulled a spoon out of one of the draws. "I found the spoons." She put Tiddle's on the floor and grabbed her yogurt.

"Darla" A voice whispered softly. Darla froze with her spoon near her mouth and her mouth open.

"Mom?" She shouted but her voice just echoed around the room. "Are you home?" She asked confused. When nobody answered she shrugged and finished off the rest of her yoghurt. She washed the spoon up and put it back and disposed of the yoghurt pot.

"C'mon Tiddle's where going exploring!" She said excitedly as she picked the cat up. This was why Tiddle's was overweight because Darla carried her everywhere. When she was little she used to put Tiddle's in a push chair and push him everywhere.

Darla walked past the front door where she had just come in from school and paused. Her keys weren't on top of shoe rack where she had left them. "Tiddle's, did you steal my car key's again?" She said softly as she went to look for the keys. Tiddle's just meowed like he was bored. "Oh here they are" She said as she pulled the keys out of the lock on the front door. "That's weird" She said as she inspected the keys. "I could have sworn I put the keys on top of the shoe rack" She stared at the keys for a few more seconds then shrugged. "Looks like I'm going crazy Tiddle's huh?" She said as she placed the key's on top of the shoe rack and carried on upstairs whilst stroking the cat.

Darla put Tiddle's on the floor as she tried to get the door open to the attic but it wouldn't budge. "Why won't you open!" She said as she pushed as hard as she could against the large, deep brown, oak door. "It's not like you need a key!" She said as she barged it one last time. When it didn't budge she threw her hands up in the air. "Fine! I give up! You win, you stupid big door." She picked Tiddle's up and started walking back down the stairs. "You won't be so unmovable when I get a chainsaw will you?" She mumbled to herself as she stepped down the stairs. Just as she was at the bottom she heard a creak behind her. Darla turned around to see the door slightly ajar.

"Seriously?" She said in a huff as she started back up the stairs with a quiet Tiddle's in her arms.

She pushed the door open slightly and stepped inside. The room was gigantic with big oak panel things on the roof and a giant window right at the other side which should look out onto the field behind her home. She looked around and gaped at everything she saw. Everything was covered in dust and spider webs. She went to her left first and saw a big cube shape thing outlined under a white cloth. She pulled back the cloth to unveil a chest of ancient looking draws. She pulled the top one open and gasped. Inside was a beautiful, purple gown that looked like it was skin tight and full of diamonds.

"Wow, Tiddle's have you seen this?" She asked the cat without taking her eyes off the dress. "The dress isn't even in spider webs or dust. That's kind of weird" She said as she put the dress on top of the draws. She looked in two others but there was nothing in them except the occasional big spider. She opened the last one and gasped even louder. She picked up the white dress as she stood up. It was an old looking wedding dress but it was beautiful. She walked over and pulled off another sheet that covered an oval mirror with intricate gold markings on it. She held the gown up to the front of her and looked at herself on the mirror. She moved her body left to right and watched the dress sway. She ran her fingers threw the material until she suddenly jerked her hand out of the dress.

"Gross!" She said as she wiped whatever the sticky stuff was on her dark jeans. She turned the dress and held in a scream. There was big, fresh circular blood stain on the dress where the heart would be on the back of the dress. Darla threw the dress into a corner and kept holding in the scream. "Tiddle's, I think somebody was murdered in their wedding dress." She said with her voice shaking as she turned away from the dress in the corner. She was going to have nightmares for a month thanks to that stupid dress.

"Lets go adventure over here Tiddle's" Darla said as she walked over to a small object covered in the same, cobweb covered white sheet as everything else up here. She pulled the sheet back which revealed a chest covered in purple and yellow jewels. There was a modern padlock on the front of it.

"Somebody doesn't want me going in here Tiddle's" Darla said to the cat sat next to here as she inspected the lock. She yanked it as hard as she could. To her surprise it opened with a weird chink noise. "As always, I get my own way" Darla winked at the cat then opened the chest up. As she did, a cool breeze flooded the room and wrapped itself around her. Darla shivered as she looked into the chest. It was full of old newspapers and photo's that were crumpled and in black and white. Darla rummaged through the chest until her hands touched something metallic. She clasped the object and pulled it out of the chest. A golden necklace with a huge purple diamond surrounded by tiny golden frame hung from her hands. Darla pulled her hair back and put the necklace around her throat. When it had clasped together it dropped on her skin which made a funny feeling run through her body. "What the hell was that?" She said breathlessly. Just as she said it something to her right moved. Darla stood up quickly trying to spot anything.

"Hello?" She whispered. She really didn't want anybody answering her. She held out her arms and the cat jumped into them. She started backing off towards the door. She looked to her left to see the wedding dress back in the draw and the purple one in the top draw. Darla gulped as she kept moving back towards the door. She was almost out when both draws slammed shut. Darla turned around through the door and didn't stop until she bumped into her mom, knocking their groceries all over the floor. She could have sworn she hear the Attic door slam shut.

**Sorry about the big paragraphs but i had alot of discription to do,next chapter will have more dialogue :D I hope you liked it. This novel will not involve vampires like 3 others of my novels :)**


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