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The High Priestess

Novel By: K L Copley

Kalyana Bishop is in Transistion. She has just turned 17 and in the Supernatural world, a High Priestess turning 17 means they have to survive until they are 18, which is when Kalyana shall turn into a full High Priestess. ALong with surviving her Transition, Kalyana has to deal with normal teenage problems such as Damian and Cole, who both are in her heart but only one can have it. Oh yeah, she also has to make the decision to either destroy all of Evil or all of Good. Either way, Kalyana is going to lose somebody she loves. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Aug 14, 2012    Reads: 950    Comments: 37    Likes: 14   

My name is Kalyana and I'm a 17 year old High Priestess. Yeah I know, I bet you were thinking I was going to say I was a vampire, or a werewolf or something like that. But sadly no, I am a High Priestess. I think vampires and werewolves have too much publicity.

Before you ask me, yes they exist. The Humans shouldn't have found out about them, we all made a pact. When I say we, I mean the leaders of each group, like a representative. My mom's the representative of the High Priestesses because she's the most powerful.

Now I have introduced myself let me explain what a High Priestess is before I tell you my story. Humans who think they have magical powers are called Witches. But High Priestesses are the ones with real power. We let the Humans keep calling themselves Witches so that High Priestesses stay in the shadows where we belong. That was mums idea. So if you're a Human and are reading my story, think of me as a Witch, just don't ever call me one.

Now you know what I am, let me tell you about my powers. I am a descendant of the most powerful high Priestess ever to live, she was called Kalyana too. Obviously I was named after her, which I am honoured. Kalyana is my ancestor which means I have her powerful blood running through my body. That practically makes me and my family royalty amongst my people. Anyway, my powers, I can move things with my mind or a flick of the wrist and I can implant thoughts into Humans minds. I can also perform spells for more specific things, like if I needed a love spell although these are highly forbidden, or if I need to find my keys or my phone. Stuff like that. That's all I can do for now but my mum keeps telling me that on my 18 birthday, I will become a full High Priestess and get a serious power boost! How cool is that! Most 18 year olds get a car! The only catch is that I have to make it to my 18th birthday. You see, a full High Priestess cannot be easily killed. They are the most powerful supernatural beings in the magical world and because of this, the other beings like vampire, fairies and werewolves try to eliminate us before our 18th birthday. Young High Priestesses are only vulnerable from their 17th birthday to their 18th birthday because that's when their body starts to change so their body can accommodate their new powers.

So few full High Priestesses are left, which means I better watch my back because I just turned 17.


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