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The Knight Academy

Novel By: K L Copley

Welcome to the Knight Academy where the students each have specific powers except Natalia Kane whose powers are rapidly growing stronger. New to The Knight Academy, Natalia is trying desperatly to fit in but not everybody likes the "special" new girl. The Knight Academy's students live by 3 main rules which Natalia may have to break if she wants to find out whats going on behind the face of The Academy. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jul 15, 2011    Reads: 544    Comments: 34    Likes: 13   

17 year old Natalia Kane looked up at the enormous steel gates and sighed. It was her first day here at Knight Academy and she could feel her stomach turning. She was nervous but she was Natalia Kane. She had never run from an adventure and she was about to embark upon her biggest yet.

She walked over to the white box which was attached to the brick wall and pressed the button. She stood there holding the button without knowing what she was going to say. Luckily a voice floated out from the box before she had chance to speak.

"Welcome to Knight Academy Natalia." The female voice said as the giant gates opened without any screeching. Natalia took a deep breath then walked through the gates with her suitcase trailing behind her. It took everything in her to keep the gasp from escaping her throat. There in front of her stood the biggest Mansion she had ever seen! Where she came from the biggest building she had the pleasure of seeing was the cinema building which would probably fit into this mansion 20 times over it was that huge.

She looked up into one of the windows to see the most handsome guy she had ever seen staring straight at her! She suddenly felt self conscious in her strappy black top and dark jeans tucked into black Ugg boots. She could feel his eyes staring straight into hers. She pushed a strand of her silver hair behind her ear and then looked back at the guy. Who had gone. Natalia didn't know why but her heart dropped a little now he had gone.

"You're losing it Nat" She said to herself as she shook her head.

"Everybody loses it sometimes" A voice came from behind and almost made Natalia jumped out of her skin. The woman standing behind her was breathtakingly beautiful with her dark hair flowing behind her shoulders. She was wearing a blood red dress that was skin tight and hugged every part of her perfectly toned body. Natalia felt self conscious again for the second time within 5 minutes.
"You must be Natalia" The woman said evenly. Natalia leaned forward and held her hand out. She was brought up to always be polite. Obviously the woman in front of her hadn't. The woman carried on talking and ignoring Natalia's hand. "I'm Melinda, the Deputy Head of Knight Academy." Natalia pulled her arm back.

"Nice to meet you" Natalia said quietly. She didn't know if Melinda heard her.

"You will be sharing a room with Aria Starks. I understand that you have control over all four of the elements?" The woman's stare burned into her own eyes. Natalia was trying not to flinch under her glare. If Natalia was bigheaded - which she wasn't - she would say that Melinda looked like she was jealous.

"I wouldn't call it control" Natalia laughed a little as she remembered setting fire to her own curtains. Her laugh stopped quickly as she noticed Melinda was giving her a look. She smiled at Melinda as if to tell her to carry on talking

"Your personal tutor will be Derren Hightower and you will meet with him as many times a week as he thinks you need. He will teach you how to control your powers. Here is your schedule for the week." Melinda handed her a piece of A4 white paper. Natalia took it and almost sighed out loud.

"You will attend all lessons punctually."

"That's a given" Natalia said quietly

Melinda ignored her "There are only 3 rules which you have to follow without incidence."

"What are they?" Natalia was suddenly curious.

"3rd rule is never use your powers on another student unless told to in lessons. The second rule is never talk about the Academy to an Outsider."

"Ok, and the 1st rule?"

"Never under any circumstances are you to leave the Academy"


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