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Alice in the land of hearts

By: kagra15

Chapter 1, Alice Hawkowser is stuck in a world that seems to just hate her, but things soon slip up and she finds herself in a world of dangers she could never have imagined.

Alice in the land of Hearts

By: Chelsea Pelkey

It felt like she was walking through a fog filled swamp, the marsh over grown everywhere off the small path she had followed the small dog on. Most peculiar was the fact was not the dog, but the small rabbit perched on his back, sitting backward to watch her and tapping a large pocket watch that seemed to move faster as he went. His voice as he urged her on was not that of a small rabbit but sounded as if it was coming for a large man, for it was deep and husky.

Her long curly strawberry blonde hair was damp from the humid surroundings; her cheeks flushed a charming pink from her exertion as she ran with the rabbit and his dog/ride. Her booted feet making soft squishing sounds as she moved to avoid the sink holes in the wet boggy ground.

The rabbit spoke once more, his voice a bit louder but soft as if in a dream as she fell behind, “Come on Alice! We are running late again darling girl!”

Alice looked up at the rabbit, her voice soft like a rose, “I’m coming! Please slow down!” She cried, small pools of tears forming in her bright blue eyes out of frustration, as she tripped and fell into a small pool of muddy water, a small fish swimming around her booted feet. The rabbit still racing down the path smiled at her, before disappearing with the dog into a red rose bush at the end of the path. “Please, why did you bring me here to leave me?” She whispered to herself as she brushed her now wet hair off her sweat damp forehead. A rustling in the bushes close to her right made her jump out of the small pool of water, the fish disappearing beneath another sink hole. “Hello? Mr. Rabbit?”

A man burst from the bushes, his short white hair spiked atop his head his bangs falling in front of his eyes that held a pair of black wire rimmed glasses. He was dressed in red and black vest buttoned with small gold and red hearts across his very large muscular chest, a small gold chain connected to his pocket and a button, revealing a gold pocket clock. His pants were black leather platted, molding beautifully to his toned legs and his shoes were like leather biker boots, with small chained hearts dangling off them, a small sword strapped to his hip still in its sheath. He reached out white gloved hands, snatching Alice up in his arms like she weighed nothing at all, his pale lips stretched out in a happy grin as he whispered into her ear,

“Soon Alice, my love, you will be all mine.” She blinked her pale eyes wide, her blood red lips slightly parted on a gasp/scream of surprise as she recognized the husky male voice of Mr. Rabbit.

“You-!” She let out a loud scream as he jumped through the rose bush and dropped her down a small black hole in the base of a large water logged tree, blackness consuming her.

Alice awoke with a startled cry, tears tracking down her cheeks as she sat up straight in her bed, her black blankets clutched tightly to her night gown. Her hair in long curled tangles down her back, pale eyes darting around the room, the curtains still drawn closed the sound of the old door creaking open into her room as her older sister rushed in.

“Alice! Are you ok?” She sat down next to her, touching her still trembling hand with her slightly tanned one.

“I-I’m fine Kari, I’m so sorry I woke you up.” Alice whispered quietly, her eyes closed now as she focused on stopping her trembling. “It was just a dream.”

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