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Just Another Ordinary Day.

Novel By: Kairi

Rosie is a 16 year old Australian girl. Until Ty comes into her life. Ty is also 16 years old. From the moment they clashed into each others life, Rosie knew something was strange about him. She's not gonna stop trying until she figures out whatever it is. View table of contents...


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Chapter One: The Meetings.

"Wake up Rosie! It's Saturday!" said my mothers trilled sounding voice.

As I lifted my head off of my pillow, it felt like a crane. One that wasn't ready to be used. I blinked one eye then the other. Once I sat up, I saw the daylight breaking through my window like a bullet to stained glass. I moaned and pushed the covers off me. I rubbed my face, knowing it wouldn't make a difference. I put my navy and white striped dress on, I searched my room, raiding my closet with no success, I glanced at my chair and found what I was looking for. I slipped my camo-green jacket on, after my panicking, and my dress. I went downstairs and slid my size 6 feet into dark green flip-flops. I ate breakfast in a hurry... for a few reasons, 1. the eggs tasted like cardboard and cheese, 2. I wanted to leave. After eating a paper breakfast I said "bye" to my mom, and scurried out the door, while grabbing my army green bag. I got on my bike to ride to the city, like I do every day. I stopped at my favorite bench to see the horizon of the beautiful Sydney ocean. The strip of sun, dancing on the waters, like a gymnast on a beam.

"Peace." I said to myself. So perfect, I kept thinking.

After staring long enough, I got back on my bike and rode off. Staring out through the tree's anytime I could. Luckily I glanced over occasionally to make sure I didn't run into any tree's. I got to where two paths parted, I decided to venture off to the one I've never been on before. It was soothing, and quiet. I didn't see anyone behind me as I mistake

CRASH! "Oh I'm so so so sorry!" said a boy who wasn't lying for once.

"Haha, It's okay. I'm used to people cussing me." I admitted.

"So what's your name?" he asked curiously.

"Rosie. How bout you?" I answered playfully, as I watched him pick up a guitar case.

"I'm Ty. Hey, you seem like you go riding alot, but I've never seen you come this way before." he said with a tone of confusion.

"Yeah. I ride alot, but I wanted to try something new today. So I took this path, anyway where ya headed to?" I responded and smiled.

"The city, how bout yourself?" he replied sounding happy.

"Me too." I said with glee.

After our conversation ended, we started riding towards the city. I noticed this path is longer. We talked and laughed all the way there. It was nice to have someone to talk to for once. Ty was 16 too. I'm used to being independent, and alone, and it made me glad I ran into him. It was still hard to focus, but not because of the dancing waters. His eyes were so blue. It was like he picked up a contact from the sea, containing it's color. His perfect blonde hair complimented his wonderous eyes. I could tell he was tall, and skinny. As we inched closer to the city I wish it was miles.

"Hey Ty!" I heard a voice call from behind.

As I watched the two boys getting closer, I started noticing how tall, and lean they were. The shorter one had emerald green eyes, and the taller one had brown eyes.

"Hey guys." responded Ty.

"Are you ready for tonight?!" the shorter one asked with hope in his eyes.

"Yeah. Hey what ab..." Ty stopped as he was being interrupted.

"Ty who is this?" glancing at Ty, then me.

"Hi, I'm Rosie." I said politely.

"Hi Rosie. I'm Mike, and pipsqueak here is Danny, but call him Dan." Mike said, looking as if he were about to throw-up.

"Hi Da..." I yelped as Mike picked me up.

"Mike! Dude!" Ty cried, hoping no one saw that.

I grunted as he put me down. He apologized which I accepted. After we all calmed down, I was just standing and staring. They continued to talk exclusively, not even glancing towards me. I caught Dan looking at me as if he was trying to read my mind. I turned my head away to look out through the tree's. I faintly heard Mike whisper something to Ty that sounded like "is that her?", but I was in no place to eaves drop, especially since I just met them. I looked at Ty after they moved apart form each other. He looked like something was bothering him. Maybe it was that Mike had picked me up? Maybe they said something that bothered him? There was something going on, and I'm gonna figure it out.

"What's tonight?" I asked without noticing.

At that point I wanted ducktape to stitch my mouth shut. It slipped out when I didn't want it too.

"Hey I gotta go! See ya tomorrow! Bye Rosie!" Ty screamed as he was being pulled by his strong friends.

"Yeah! See ya!" I tried to sound enthusiastic... I failed.

As I got on my bike, I decided to take the long way home. I rode in silence deep in thought. Once my legs were almost done, I stopped at my favorite bench. I took out my purple cell phone and checked the time. It was 5:20, I should be getting home, I thought. My family might notice that I wasn't there for once. It zapped my mind like a laser, I had water in my bag. I took a refreshing gulp, and then put it back. I turned my head towards the lovely view. All I saw was boats, docks, the lighthouse, and the beach, everything the same. My eyes focused on one particular boat named "The Midnight Diver" it was called. I saw a few men, all in black, come out of the captain's cabin. Then, I saw them throw some items from the left side to the starboard side of the ship. One of the taller men looked in my direction, then at me. He dropped whatever was in his hands, and screamed something to his crew; pointing at me. I got on my bike as fast as I could possibly move. I started peddling as quickly as my legs would go. I saw men in the water chasing after me, and heard screams, and water splashing. Why are these people chasing me?! I'm sure I never did anything to them! I went faster then lightning, this is new. I thought. As i rushed through the skin cutting thornes with my bike, I finally go to my street, I slowed down since my house was the third one down. I practically threw my bike in the garage and ran into the door.

"Ow! Open! Open!" I cried.

I finally got the door open, I rushed inside and slammed it hard behind me. My back against the door, I huffed and puffed, eventually slowing down the puncturing through my skin due to my heart. My mom came through the kitchen not noticing my hypervenitilating. I acted as calm as I could.

"Your home early honey." my mom said with please.

"Yeah, I, uh... got bored. l'm gonna go freshen up." l responded normally.

I rushed upstairs to my room. Closed my windows a little bit, and shut my curtains. Even though they were white, I needed some protection.

Dinner was a blur, a big giant blur. I was completely clueless when someone would say, "Can I have that? Can I have this?", I just sat there in a trance. Disconnected from anyone. No one said anything to me, but I didn't need anyone to... after dinner I just went back upstairs and sat by my window. Watching if anyone came in or went out on my road. I thought hard about what Dan said. Nothing I thought of was neither realistic, intelligent, or possible. Maybe their just going to the movies, or maybe their going to a party. I'm gonna figure this out. If it takes me all night.


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