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The Sirens Of Devils Triangle

By: Kandie

Chapter 1, Isabella Cruz, risks her life to prove a point to her family, that being nearly thirty she didn\'t need to be treated as a child. After swimming out into the devils triangle she is slammed by the waves of the storm and knocked unconscious. She awakes in a strange place and to find herself surrounded by the myths of the male sirens of the Devils Triangle.


Let’s go to the Devils Triangle to prove independence? What the hell was I thinking? It was like a massive wall of thunder and lightning in front of me, all I was going to do was go in and then out, that was the plan, I had to prove I wasn't fifteen anymore and my mother and father could get off my back!

I glance back to the boat a few yards away and cringe at the sight of my parents bundled up and my brother leaning against the cabin his arms crossed with a smug look on his face. I could do this, they think I can’t! I turn back to the very menacing wall of the triangle and frown, I was going to die to prove a point.

I pulled the wet suit zipper up, just have to swim out and come back that's all I had to do.

“Chickening out sis?” My brothers voice rang annoyingly over the radio

“No” I snapped back

I pulled the wet suit hood up and tucked in my massive amount of wavy brown hair into it and took a deep breath and I slipped on the water shoes and looked over the edge of the dingy I was in, and swallowed hard my mouth dry from fear.

“Oh pull yourself together Isabella Cruz you have been in the water all your life!” i muttered to myself

“better get going sis it’s going to get dark” Zack’s voice was cutting through my last nerve but I ignored it and dove into the water, the cool water soaked into the wet suit and I swam towards the storm.

“Isabella come sit for a story” My grandmamma cooed, I walked over to her and she pulled me onto her lap.

“What story?” I asked as I laced my little fingers through her silky grey hair

“the story of the sirens” She said matter of factly and I smiled I loved this story, it was romantic

“Tell tell grandmamma” I said impatiently for her to start

“It was almost fifty years ago now, I swam out to the center of the Devils triangle, I had a point to prove to your old grandpapa, that there wasn't anything to be scared of that the myths were just that”

“what happened!” I said excitedly even know I knew what was going to happen

“I swam for a long time my arms were tired the water was cold, the storm enclosed the triangle quickly I had lost my way, so I did the only sensible thing, I laid on my back and floated hoping the water would push me out the right way”

“then what then what!” I clapped as the most exciting thing was about to happen

“then out of the corner of my eye I saw a flash of skin, skin of a god it was tanned and seemed to almost glow as it came closer, I realized it was a man, the most handsom man I had ever seen, I reached out to touch the marble plains of his chest, just a touch and I would stop, he reached out and grabbed my hand before I could touch him”

“Oh grandmamma what next!” I squealed

“then the man pulled me in and kissed me” she started kissing my cheeks and head and tickling me

“the best part come on tell it!” I squealed as she continued to tickle me

“I looked at him in the face raised my hand and slapped him across the face and told him I was already married to a lovely man and I need to get back to him!” she rushed out the rest and I laughed as she wrapped her arms around me.

Myth, that was all that was in the triangle myths and legends that were not true.

I swam and the rain was heavy the waves large and my arms and legs were already tired from swimming, I turned to go back to the dingy, I had gone in now time to leave when a wave crashed on top of my pushing me deep under the water and knocking the air from my lungs, the under tow pulling me up fast as letting me get a quick breath in before the next wave crashed sending me further, deeper into the water and I inhaled water my lungs screaming for air as I coughed sucking in more water, my vision was becoming spotty as I tried swimming to the surface a little bit of air that's all I needed, my hands broke the surface and I sucked in air as fast as I could before I was bombarded with yet another wave. It hit hard and the water dragged me back under I was too deep I knew that starring out all around me was black... except for the illuminated shape coming towards me, but my vision blurred and everything went black.

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