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The Wolves In The Forest

Novel By: Kandie

Sara is forced to take a plane, to go on vacation by her all to loving sister. But what Sara discovers in the forest will be enough to set off a war between the packs, And threaten her very existance. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Nov 12, 2011    Reads: 549    Comments: 6    Likes: 3   

The plane landed and I took a deep breath in and let it go out slowly, I had never been a fan of flying, but this plane ride I had no choice, my sister had literally forced me onto the plane, forcing me to take a vacation after my last relationship had failed, in a heap of burning trash.

She told me I had to go and that I wasn't allowed back for at least a month! I had rolled my eyes at her the first time she brought it up but when she showed up at my door with plane tickets and a new suitcase with clothes in it and then she dragged me to the airport and shoved me onto a plane, I kind of new se wasn't fooling around about it.

I grabbed my bag from check and started to go outside to get a cab when I stopped turned and looked at a guy wearing a suit who had a sign that read "Ms Work No Play - aka Sara Williams"

Oh god! My stomach did flip flops as I went over the guy, he was a short man with not much hair but he had a big smile on his face.

"Ms Williams, this way" he said and I followed him out of the doors and to a limo, I groaned my sister had pulled out all the stops hadn't she?

The ride was smooth and the champagne was successfully running through my veins making it all around a better ride, the car pulled to a stop and I looked out of the very tinted window to see a huge hotel.

"I will get someone to help you with your bags" the short driver said

"No its okay I only have this one bag" I said showing him the small suitcase

The reason for such a short bag was that I had been instructed to buy clothes I wanted and clothes that looked good on me no matter how much they cost, my sister had given me her credit cards and her bank card and shit load of cash, I was under no circumstances allowed to spend my money just hers, and in some strange way that wasn't suppose to make me feel guilty?

"Okay Ms have a nice vacation"

I waved and went into the hotel and to the front desk.

"Hi I'm checking in, the name is Sara Williams" I said and the front desk lady smiled and and clicked something on the computer and smiled brighter.

"Your room is ready, it is on the top floor room eight oh two" she handed me a key and I thanked her and went to the elevator

Top floor was long the eighth floor, the room was one of three and I had a feeling it was going to be immaculate like the rest of the building was.

I pushed my key card in and the door beeped green and I opened the door, actually the room wasn't as big as I thought it was going to be ad I thanked god for that, I set my bags down and looked around there was a king bed a mini bar and a couch but other than that it was a pretty plain room.

For the first two days I did nothing but sleep and go to the hot tub and sauna, it was nice not having the buzz of a cell phone and the constant worry that I was going to get fired, well that worry was there but it felt nice to just sit and do nothing and soak it all up.

The third day I grabbed a dress I liked it was white and very summer time in Greece look but I felt guilty buying it and returned it a hour later.

The fourth day I went to a fancy restaurant and had an amazing meal then walked to the hotel and went to bed.

I walked by a few guys and slowed had I heard them right? Wolves in the forest as big as bears?

I had always been fascinated with wolves, so hearing wolves that big made me want to go looking for them.

"Uh hi I kind of overheard you guys about the wolves, you said it was as big as a bear? Is that even possible?" I asked and they nodded

"I saw it with my own eyes it was huge and it was angry if I hadn't been so close to town I wouldn't have been eaten I know it" the one guy said

"Last week Joe from the park was attacked he swears it was after his throat" the other guy said

"And where are these wolves?" I asked and then gave me a small map that had red circles all over it.

"They have been spotted in these areas, but I'm warning you lady don't go looking for them firstly that forest is scary as hell and thick as it can get and two if you run into one well you won't live to tell the tale" he said warning me but I brushed it off

"Can I keep this?" I asked holding up the map.

"Ya sure, I'm not going back any time soon" the first guy stated and then they smiled and walked away.

I dropped off my one bag that had my dinner leftovers in it and then went back out I was going to get some clothes and stuff that were good to get around a forest.

The shop I went to was a all outdoor shop I grabbed hiking boots a white shirt and some cargo shorts , a backpack and I started filling the backpack up with things like a compass, a emergency blanket a first aid kit, a flash light and a bunch of other things that I might need.

"Going hiking?" the till guy said I nodded

"Are you one of the people hunting the wolves?"he asked

There were people hunting the wolves?

"No I'm just going to get pictures" I said and he nodded this time.

"You know what ill throw this in for free is you promise to take it with you" he said and pulled out an impressive looking knife.

"ya sure I meant to grab a knife anyways" I said and he put it into my bag.

"Have a good day" he said and I smiled and took my stuff. i hope my sister didn't see what I bought as she wouldn't be happy with the fact I bought five hundred dollars worth of outside equipment for hiking.

I hurried back to the hotel to get some sleep in the morning I was going to look for the wolves.


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