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Until We Die

Novel By: Kandie

Join Annabeth and Christopher in this supernatural thilling romance. Where true love reall does change a person, when two souls meet and their world spins out of control.

Annabeth is quick as a whip with the comebacks and attitude.
Christopher maybe not be morally correct, But what do you expect? He has lived for thousands of years, with the thought that humans were nothing more then a food source, and a dark past that haunts him. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jan 17, 2012    Reads: 520    Comments: 13    Likes: 4   

I was running, my feet weren't moving nearly as fast as I wanted them to my chest rose and fell heavily as I desperately tried out running... them

I had walked out of work at the diner when I spotted two guys, I walked normally then they sped up to get me I ran down an alley probably not the best move but with the fear pumping through me and the thought of being chopped up into little pieces I wasn't thinking clearly.

They were right behind me if they had dove at me they would have me but they seemed to be liking the chase as one of them laughed and tapped my shoulder, I pushed my legs harder away from them but they kept pace easily, very easily they weren't even breaking a sweat me on the other hand my hair had started sticking to my forehead form running as sweat gathered there, and I could hardly breathe my lungs trying to catch up with my heart beating so hard I could hear it in my ears.

"Run run as fast as you can you can't catch me I'm the ginger bread man" one said right beside me and I pushed at him but he just slowed to run behind me again.

"Stop teasing her, she obviously is having a hard time running" the other said and I just shook my head what were they trying to do? Humor me to death.

"I can hear your heart sweetie and the blood running through your veins smells divine" the other yelled and I be lined towards the park it was a risky move but my apartment was just on the other side, I pushed my legs harder thanking to god that my gym teacher in high school made us run every day, I was way out of high school now but I now see what she was telling us, if you ever have crazed killers running after you, you can out run them!

Trees went by quickly and I dodged a garbage can I hadn't seen until it was right in front of me.

"Oh screw it I'm getting tired of running after her just grab her already" one of them said

"But I like this, she can run a long way man look she is almost home" he sounded shocked then it hit me they knew where I lived!? Oh god my stomach turned all the nights I thought someone was watching me.

"Just grab her I'm getting the car" I snuck a glance behind me and watched as one of them ran back towards the street.

"I'm sorry" I ran into someone it felt like hitting a brick wall, we both tumbled to the ground and I scrambled away, a strong hand grabbed my ankle and yanked me back I pushed and kicked as he gathered me in his arms I started screaming then as loud as I could.

"oh be quiet I'm not going to hurt you" he said and held me tighter I flung my legs and beat my hands against him, but he was a fucking vice and my hands hurt from hitting him it was like slamming your hand in a door a few times.

"Let me go!" I yelled

"Not going to happen so you better just be quiet your drawing attention, I don't want to put you out but I will if I have to" he snapped and I screamed louder, GOOD I was drawing attention! I screamed again and kicked my legs his arms tight around my waist and my back smashed against his chest, I felt like a child and I couldn't get away from him, I was going to be chopped up and maybe even eaten, oh god I don't want to die like this, I had so much planned!

"Let me fucking go" I yelled and then he twisted me in his arms he grabbed my chin roughly and made me look at him my eyes met blue ones and then I stopped fighting.

"Stop fighting me be calm, I'm not going to hurt you" he said and everything left my body I calmed instantly and settled in his arms " I want you to sleep" he whispered and my eyes shut. Everything went black.

I bumped and then looked around, oh my god I was in the trunk of a car, oh god they got me I was going to die. Like hell, now what was that on the TV people saying something about pulling wires out? I looked around the car truck and found a few wires and pulled on them, nothing happened.

I started screaming when the wire pulling didn't get me anywhere I screamed and kicked the trunk roof and threw a great big fit, yes maybe not a mature thing but come on I was not dying in this trunk what if I ran out of air?

The car stopped and then the trunk was opened quickly and the blue eyed guy stood there , he grabbed my arms roughly and pulled me so I was standing outside of the car, it was still dark but we were at a house, where the fuck were we?

"Let me go you son of a bitch" I said and stomped on his foot he didn't flinch didn't even make a face like it hurt so for good measure I did it again, he didn't make a face again he didn't move, how many drugs were these guys one?!

"Listen girl we aren't letting go so stop fighting it or I will put you down again" he snapped.

"Fuck you" I snapped and brought my other hand up and slapped him across the face this time he slightly flinched but then looked down at me and fear sank in deeper.

"Don't hit me again" he warned and I stuck my tongue out at him "what at you two?" he asked

"Three actually" I snapped back and glared at him

"Come on stop playing with her and let's get her inside we are late already" the other guy said I slid my glare to him and when he was close enough and at the right angle I kicked him right in the balls, he did flinch and anger burned in his eyes along with pain, he grabbed me from the blue eyed one and yanked me to him and glared at me his brown eyes locked on mine and I stopped moving my muscles stilled.

"Don't kill her the boss wouldn't be too happy about that" the other one said

"Stop being a bitch and just follow what we say" he said and I nodded my head slowly, there was nothing wrong nothing at all and I was being a bitch for no reason.

We walked to the house I was almost giddy to go inside, the door opened and in I walked not scared of anything, it was dark and gloomy no lights were on, I frowned.

"Christopher we are back" the nice blue eyed one said and then a few lights came on enough that I could see my feet now.

"Good, did you bring me something to eat I'm starving" said the guy who came down the stairs and I felt the slight desire for him he was gorgeous with a capital oh my god.

"Oh my" I whispered

He was tall very tall if I had to guess a good six feet and a half that would make him like six foot five, he had short black hair and his skin was flawless his jaw chiselled and his nose straight, he was a fucking god, something straight out a movie, I was suddenly over come with the urge to lick him all over.

He came right in front of me and stared down at me, with hated! I was shocked and hurt why did he hate? What did I do?

"What is wrong with her normally they are crying and begging?" he asked and I just met his gaze, the gaze with perfect green eyes and he stared back until one of the guys behind me spoke.

"She kicked Brent in the balls, and she won't stop screaming I was getting a head ache" the blue eyed one spoke.

"I said no glamour, I don't want to eat something that has no emotion" Christopher said and looked back down at me his eyes locked with mine and I could feel him in my head it was stronger than the other two.

"Be yourself, stop with the act" he said and there was a low growl coming from his chest. I snapped back and my anger rose

"Get the fuck away from me you son of a bitch" I pushed at his chest and he smiled, his chest as hard and I couldn't help but feel the muscles of his chest, but I pushed it out of my head I'm pissed off, scared and pissed off not a good combination.

"Much better" he said and he grabbed both my wrist in his hands and held them to his chest as he spoke to the minions behind me.

"Thank you" he said it was like a purr as he looked down at me. "She is a beauty isn't she" he said and held both my wrists with one hand as he let his other hand slide a finger over my bottom lip.

"Touch me again and I will rip your balls off and feed them to you" I growled and sent him a deathly glare.

"mm that sound like fun" he smiled and pressed his lips to mine and then slid his hand around my waist and started leading me to the couch which was in the dimly lit living room.

"Let go of me" I struggled and he then decided against the couch apparently and couldn't wait to kill me he pulled me hard again this chest my back hitting his chest it almost hurt, he pulled my hair and yanked my head to the side my neck fully exposed, there was a slight growl , then he bit me, his mouth clamping down on my neck his teeth digging into my neck, I screamed again and tried getting away from him but I was becoming weaker, the seconds ticked by and I felt myself dying, my life slipping, I wasn't going to die in this shit hole house by a fucking sadistic vampire, but my eyes shut and I fell into darkness.


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