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Fallon Sky

Novel By: Katniss

She was there, in the field with us. I knew she was different, but not in this way.
Tyler and Eric are the typical teenage boys that you would expect to get in allot of trouble. But this time, it's way to deep. The Field isn't safe, no one should even bother going there, but when they do, some unexpected things happen... View table of contents...


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Day One

"Welcome to the party Ty!" My best friend, Eric, shouted as I walked in. "Didn't think you would make it."

"Like I wouldn't come to my own party? That's just dead crazy." I said as I got a beer from the cooler. I opened it and started to drink. It wasn't abnormal though. Everyone is drinking under aged. "Raspberry? I didn't know your mom drunk beer." I joked as I looked at the label.

"Actually she does, she's a pretty hardcore drinker." Eric laughed. Even though I knew it wasn't to joke about. His mother was actually drunk when she got pregnant with him. She was one of those '16 and pregnant' moms.

"Tyler!" A seductive voice said slowly behind me. I knew who it was. It was Chelsea, one of my sluts. Well, that's what the not so popular kids at school would call her. Actually, I have to admit it's annoying. Having them follow me around everywhere. All they want is to do is fuck, and no matter how many times I've said no, or obviously avoid it, they still try. Eric, on the other hand, gives in every time.

"Hey Chels, how are you." I said, trying not to show my disapproval of her being at the party.

"I'm good babe." She started to put her hands under my shirt but I just simply moved them away. "You're still frigid? Too bad, thought you would actually turn into a man on your own sixteenth birthday."

"Whatever Chels, you know how I am, I'm reserved. I don't believe in Y.O.L.O., like you guys. I mean yeah, you only live once, but it doesn't mean do stupid things that can get you in deep trouble." I say that with a beer bottle in hand. Hey, I said deep trouble, not semi-trouble.

"Okay Tyler," She smiled at me. I got myself out of social suicide, yet again. "You're such a gentleman." She giggled. I don't get these girls in the least bit. They'll come at you and be all slutty, but if you have something smart to say, they'll let you pass. I get confused many times.

The party started to get more hardcore as more people came in and more people got drunk. I only had that one beer, and I wasn't planning on drinking anymore. If I got anymore intoxicated they would surely take advantage of my unawareness and get me to lose what virginity I have. Girls, so naïve. I thought to myself, jokingly. I just watched the door at the flow of people coming in. At first, the door was gushing with people, but in about thirty minutes it slowed down to a trickle of people, one by one, at a steady pace. We were about to close the door when one more person showed up. I haven't seen her before, but I have to admit, half the people here I've never really met before.

I can tell she wasn't one of the sluts, she was way too beautiful. I mean, there is a difference. Anyone can make themselves sexy in a matter of minutes, like the girls. But beauty has to be found over time, pretty much naturally dug up after months of digging for it. She was the definition of beauty. She resembled a cloud. Her skin as pale as you could imagine, almost as white as a clean sheet of paper. Her hair was just as white, but it didn't make her seem aged, it made her seem elegant, and it was long, going down half her back and covering her ears. Her eyes contrasted the white as a crisp sky blue, matching the beautiful dress she was wearing. It was short, but not like Chelsea's. It stopped at her knees, while Chels' stopped right below her butt.

I was about to offer her a beer, but I could easily tell how stupid I would be to ask that. I thought I should introduce myself first. "Hi, I'm Tyler, nice to meet you."

"I'm Fallon, Fallon Sky." Her voice was different. It wasn't any variant of American. British? No, not quite. Australian? Hardly. She had her own unique tone. Like the wind itself whispering. The hairs on the back of my neck started to rise. She held out her hand, intending for me to shake it, but I took it up and kissed it like a nobleman.

"I'm sorry; I don't know what got into me." I started, slightly stuttering. She just chuckled, and again my hair began to rise. "Um, would you like anything to drink? Like wine or water?"

"Was wine the first thing you thought I would drink?"

Yes, I mean look at you! "No, it's just… okay, yeah, maybe. It's just you look so elegant and like an actual lady, other than the majority of the other girls here." I said. I felt as if I was running my mouth too much. Was I? No, no I wasn't that wasn't even what, thirty words? Okay, that seems like allot.

Again, she chuckled. "Well yes, I would like some wine, I guess. I've never actually drunk before."

"Well, are you sure you want to start drinking? I mean, it's not a really good habit to pick up, especially if you start at a party." I told her, again most likely running my mouth.

"Yes, I'm sure. It can't really be that bad." I walked hastily to the kitchen.

"Eric, you have any wine?"

"Yeah, red or white, and since when did you start drinking wine?" I nodded my head to Fallon, who was progressing toward the kitchen, and the crowd of people actually parted for her to get through. "Wow. Now that's a lady. I think she would enjoy red."

"No white, white seems more like her style." I said while staring at her. Eric handed me the cheap white wine and I poured her a glass. I didn't give her too much, since she hasn't had alcohol before. I handed her the glass and she took a sip. I waited for her reaction. She made a puckered face.

"Wow that burns. Is it supposed to burn?"

"Usually the first time, but after that, you should be fine." She took another sip after I said that, and this time she remained calm.

"Thank you, it's really good." After that we talked. Wait no, I rambled on while she nodded and occasionally chuckled. She never laughed, never a full hearted laugh, just chuckles. After a while of talking about random nonsense, we got to the subject of where we lived.

"Actually I'm staying downtown in a hotel." She replied. "I'm not really settled yet. I got invited here by that girl over there." She gestured towards Chelsea. "I was walking about the shopping center and she started to talk about the school she went to and other drivel. My mother suggested that I should come to 'get to know my peers'. Apparently I'll be going to the same school as you guys." That was the most she ever talked at once. I couldn't believe she was even from this world, the way she spoke. She was always so composed. I needed to find out more about her. About Fallon Sky.

By the time we were done talking, the party was over. A couple of drunks were strewn across various furniture items, and even the floor. Fallon looked at the people. "Does this usually happen?" She asked, amused.

"Yup, and that is why I don't recommend drinking a lot." As if on cue, right after I said that, a half dressed drunken couple came stumbling down the stairs. "And that is another reason I don't recommend drinking a lot." This time, she laughed. It still wasn't a full laugh, but almost. It reminded me of waves on a beach how they are calm, yet make the most wonderful noises as they crash to the surface. "Well I guess you should be going home now? Did you drive or--"

"I walked." She replied, cutting me off. It was okay, since I didn't really have any other options in mind.

"You walked all the way here, from downtown?" She nodded. "I'll drive you back to your hotel if you would like me to."

"Oh no, you don't have to go throw the trouble, I need the exercise anyway." I looked at her quizzically when she said that. "It's okay, I'll be fine." She said again, and she started walking towards town.

Right when she left, I knew that I was going to learn more about her. Fallon Sky, the mystery that would be unwrapped. Hopefully soon, very soon.


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