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The Weavers of Darkness

Novel By: Katniss

Esmee moves to a new town and discovers she has interesting powers. She also meets the one person who might actually understand her. She tries to save her "kind", but also has to deal with the other side of her life. Good luck to her.

Note: I'm an amature author, so, leave constructive critism please! :) Thank you for reading! View table of contents...


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Submitted:Aug 9, 2012    Reads: 127    Comments: 12    Likes: 1   

The Weavers of Darkness- Chapter I

Just moved to a new town. That means new school, great. That was a sarcastic "great" by the way. The school is going to be nothing like I expect it. I'll be shy and cowardly, like usual. But in my dreams, I stand up to the bullies and show them who is boss. Well, those are only dreams.

Then again, maybe everybody will be nicer, I thought. While getting on the bus, a girl wearing pink everything pushed me aside. Well, I stand corrected. So I got on the bus, couldn't decide who to sit next to. I noticed there was a guy who was most likely watching the whole time.

"So you had a little run in with Veronica huh?" I noticed his voice was a little too deep for a guy in junior high. He was also wearing dark clothing; I couldn't be discriminative because I wear dark colors too. And my voice may be a little deep as well.

"Yeah" I said. I didn't dare saying anymore, knowing if I did, I might end up with no friends this year. The bus jerked.

"I suppose you would want a seat. You can sit by me, or the nose picker." He nodded his head toward the kid sitting across the aisle. He's finger was halfway up his nose.

I shuddered and said "Well, it would be quite obvious that I would sit by you."

"You'd be surprised by how many people chose him." He laughed. It was a cold laugh, but I didn't mind. I sat down next to him right as the bus went into motion.

There was awkward silence for a moment, but I couldn't stand it much longer. I decided to get to know him; hopefully he isn't as intimidating as he looks. "I'm Esmee, and you are?" I said, trying to be as cheerful as I could, but not over the edge.

"And I'm bored out of my mind, but my name is Michael." He said in a rude sort of fashion.

Slightly agitated by his rudeness, I still wanted a friend, so I tried again. "If you're bored, do something."

"Like what?" He said, even more annoyed.

"Read; write; talk?" I said. With allot of emphasis on talk.

"I don't talk to people, so no."

"You're talking to me, am I not a person?" I couldn't believe I just said that. I couldn't believe I was talking at all. This was dangerous, you know, for a pre-teen. His reaction to that won't be good, it shouldn't be. I probably insulted him in some weird way. There goes my having friends. I thought to myself.

His reaction was quite surprising. He chuckled and said "You might be the one person I know, that thinks like me."

I smiled a slightly sly smile and said "Then consider us acquainted."

He seemed surprised, almost as if no one had ever wanted to be friends with him before, but he threw that look away fast. "Then I guess we should get to know each other a little more."

The bus pulled up at the school, and we got off. We stopped in front so I could get a look at it. "Whoa." I said. It was an extremely modern school; almost every wall was a window, and I could see a television in the main hall; probably for morning announcements. I could also see that there were two floors; this place looked more like a high school than a middle school. "This is the school?" I said in awe.

"Yup this is Jefferson Junior High. It's a great school, if you're talking about the educational part. But if you aren't apart of 'The Clan', it's not so great. Basically, it's like a high school you'll see on a television show. It kinda sucks. You know, because instead of the silly little happy ending, we go home knowing there will be more of the horror the next day."

He was probably right, but he made it seem too extreme. Well, I'm just going to have to find out myself. I'll figure it out, and I might actually have a little fun doing so. And maybe Michael will actually be a good friend. Well, just maybe.


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