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Guardians: Suits

Novel By: Katrina Cee

CC was living a peaceful life in a boarding school until men in blood red coats suddenly infiltrated the institution and tried to capture her. Without any choice, she was forced to flee the city and seek refuge in a small town. There she meets Syre. CC doesn't trust him at all but after witnessing his powerful magic and meeting his Guardians, she can't help but cling to him and ask for his help. Syre refuses at first but when the Mardaire guards finally located her, he can't help but aide the damsel in distress. And so the two embark on an extraordinary adventure and seek the answers to CC's questions. The two will learn how important secrets are and how hard it is to earn someone's trust as they journey. And most of all, the pair will learn how love can make you sacrifice the things you value the most. View table of contents...


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I can feel my lungs beginning to collapse as I struggled to take in as much air as I could while pushing my legs to their limit.The heavy footsteps behind me were getting louder and louder and I knew they were catching up. My guardian swore a string of profanities and hissed when the first line of men broke through the forest behind and saw me. My chest was rising and falling very fast and my knees were beginning to buckle. If I want to get away from these people, I had only two options. First, I could jump off the cliff just ahead of me or second, I could stop running and summon another guardian to help me fend off my pursuers. While I ran I deliberated which choice do I have to choose. The edge of the cliff was only meters away and I had to act now or I'll be trapped. The longer I ran the weaker I get and the ragged rocks weren't helping my bare feet. The wind swooshed around me strongly and the trees around seemed to roar to life. Lighting flashed across the sky and thunder shook the ground. I did my best not to stop running. With the wind blowing like this, it was hard not to trip on my black tattered dress smeared with mud and soot. My tangled hair wasn't helping either nor the hat above my head.

"Make a decision," my guardian adviced.

I wanted to tell her that I was aware that I needed to make a decision now but how could I when my breathing was labored, my legs were hurting, my broken ribs were screaming in agony and my thoughts were clouded with panic and fear? If I had known this mission was going to be dangerous I would have said no to him. I was foolish to think that I would make it out alive.

"You have to try," my guardian murmured to me.

I shot her an annoyed look behind my shoulder but it was hard to stay mad at her when her emerald eyes were staring at me with so much concern. She hovered behind me - her feet not touching the ground - with her hands on my shoulder giving me her ability to move faster. Despite the wind that was blowing, her white beret hat - with a green lining on the base and a green clover pinned on it - stayed on top of her black pixie cut hair while her white robe - with the same green lining on her beret - barely swayed. Her youthful face was tight with worry and her small childlike figure was rigid. It annoyed me that even if I die here, she would be able to make it out alive. In fact, if I die here she would be finally free from me. My heart clenched at the thought and I finally found resolve. I was going to fight. If I die here then I refuse to die in vain.

With that, I spun on my heels and faced the angry crowd of men that chased after me. Their faces were painted with hate and disgust as they watch me and my guardian. Each of them held a weapon and I suppressed a shudder. Some were holding torches, some were carrying fitchforks and some were loading guns - ready to fire at me. They were all ready to execute the witch. In Mardaire, magic has been forbidden ever since the witches tried to start a revolution against the royalties. Children born and families that wielded magic were burned and slaughtered. And tonight, these people were after me because I burned down their small village with magic. Their eyes showed undeniable hatred towards me and my kind but I had to do my work. My task was to burn the town and the orders were absolute.

"I need them," I whispered to my guardian with determination. I was not going to die without putting up a fight.

My guardian sighed beside me. "Are you sure? You can always use him," she suggested with a quirk of her pierced right eyebrow.

I winced at the thought of using dark magic. The moment I finished using dark magic for the first time, I swore I was never going to wield it again and I am sure as hell that I would never break that promise.

"No," I hissed, venom dripping from my voice. "I will use the others. Create a shield for me for the mean time while I summon them. I will need some time but I trust you."

She nodded and chanted beside me. I closed my eyes and called them. Tonight, I fight.


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