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Crescent Light

Novel By: Kavanya

Valairy Sims was an ordinary girl until one day...... View table of contents...



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She walk down the dark alley not knowing what was in stored for her. The air was thick with saddness, malice and fear. She could feel someone breathing down her neck as she walked slowly. She turned around quick to find no one there. Her clothes were plastered against her skin. It was drizzling out tonight. She reach the end of the alley and glance up at the moon. It was a full moon but its color was different. It was purple with a little touch of blue.

"I've been waiting for you." the voice whispered close to her ears. BEEP! BEEP! Beep! Beep!

"Hey, Thing! Shut that shit up!" the woman yelled from across the hall. My name is Crystal Lane and I hate living in this house. If I wasn't underage I would have left long time ago. I hit the alarm clock that was on top of my night stand. She calls me thing ever since I came to stay with her, my mother older sister. My mother die when I was just seven years old. I never knew my dad. Aunt Jelly Lane is the only family she had. That when they turn me loose to her, my life turn into hell. I slide off of the lumpy bed. This was the smallest room in the house. There was a small closet, a small bathroom and a small window to her right. I looked at the time to see that I was going to be late for school if I don't hurry. It was going on to seven o'clock. I quickly got off the bed and went into my small bathroom. I got ready in under ten minutes. I didn't had much. I put on some blue jeans and a navy blue t-shirt with the words "This is the way things are!". I put my eblony black hair into a ponytail going back. I didn't like checking myself in the mirror. I had the strangest eyes. They were the color of violet or glossy pink. I had golden brown skin, full lips and slimder figure. I grab my sneakers and put them on. I located my backpack under my bed and headed out the house. I knew Aunt Jell (that's what I call her behind her back) wasn't going to do any breakfast for me so I have leave without any. Then someone yang my hair pulling my back into the house. I felt on the floor with my backpack crushed behind me. I looked up to see Joe Sturdy with just a boxers on, no shirt. He was smoking a ciggeratte. He was tall, white, brown ruffle hair and blue eyes. He was my anutie lastest boyfriends. He always try to make a pass at me but I always seem to dogde him. I never liked him.

"Why.... are you in a big rush?" his voice sounding rough. I quickly got off the ground and glared at him.
"I have to go to school or i'll be late." I said a little agitated.

"JOE! WHERE ARE YOU?" my auntie yelled from upstairs. "We're not done yet!" He didn't answered her. He kept his glazed locked with mine. He quickly made a move towards me. I side step him and ran out the door before he could grab me.

"Don't worry little one! I'll get you someday!" he yelled standing on the from porch. I was halfway down the street. I turned the corner and bump into someone. We both felt to the ground. I looked up to see who it was. I groaned under my breath. Great! Just what I need! Marine and her posses in the morning. They were helping her up while Della and Maxine were staring me down.

"You FREAK! You can watch where you going!" Texia and Levya yelled at me. I quickly got off the ground and pick my books off the floor. Marine Livingston was one of the richest kid in our small town. Her parents own most of the business in Coral Springs Falls. I hated this town and most of the people here. I have no friends (thanks to Marine) who hated me for everything. She was very competative and always likes to win and be number one. Marine had creamy peach skin, blue crystal eyes, dark red alburn hair. She was wearing a short mini purple skirt with a matching tank top. She had her hair up in bunch of curls falling all around her. She walked up to me and pushed me hard unto the street. A car swerve so it won't hit me. The car jerk to a stop. Marine and her posses that were standing there giggling ran when the person came out of the car. I try to stand but my legs gave way under me. I think I sprank my ankle when it hit the side of the stop sign pole.

"Oh my Lord, Child! Are you okay?" the worried driver asked as she help me up. I nodded my head. I gave her a small smile.

"Thank you. I can manage. I have to go or I'm going to be late." I told the lady and try to walk off. I never knew how much pain a sprank can hurt. I winch with each step. The lady stopped me. She had pale white skin and bright golden brown eyes. She look young like around twenty or twenty-one years old.

"Come with me!" She demanded with a little angry. I was surprised by her action. She dragged me over to her car.
"It's alright, madam." I said trying to stop her. She wasn't listening to me.

"No, it's not alright! Those girls shouldn't get away with that! They could have killed you!" she raged as she yanked her passenger door open and stuff me and my bags in there. I sighed. No one have ever been this nice to me. Even if she said anything to my princple, it wasn't going to make a differences. I heard the first bell rings as she pulled up into the school parking lot. I didn't want to get out becuase I looked out of place. I had some dirt on my clothes because of the fall. She made me get out the car and followed her into the school. I heard most of the kids snickering behind my back saying nasty comments about me. I ignore them like I usually do. We walked into the office and she demanded to talk to the princple. Mrs. Cringle was glared at me with suspitous eyes like I was the in trouble. Next I find myself sitting in the princple office while the lady drill him about the girls that pushed me in the streets. The princple had a bored look on his face. He yarned and the lady slammed her hands on his desk cause me and him to jump.

"Look here Ms...."

"Backstin." Ruby Backstin." She said. His eyes widen widen with reconginion. I never seen him act like that before. He stood up quick and fell over his chair.

"Ms. Backstin...(he gasp) ... I'm sorry for the inconvince. i'll see to it that she is taken to the nurse and will deal with those girls lat-"

"NOW!" Ms. Backstin cut in. I was so shocked by how scared Mr.Dillion look. The looked on his face was priceless. Princple Dillion fumble with the phone and manage to called the nurse in his office and called Marine and her posses down to the office. The nurse wrap my ankle with an elastic band and tied it around. She told me it would be find. Then I was given a pass to go to my class so I won't be marked tardy. I don't know what happen to Marine and her posses and I could care less. I opened the door to my English Honor 4 class. Mr. Steels eye me down as I handled him my pass.As I limp to my seat someone yelled out FREAK. The class giggled and Mr. Steels tapped his desk with the stick until everyone was quiet.

"Okay... now where were we... yes the..." The door opened and five guys strolled into our class. It was Craig, Johnathan, Matt, Dave and Bobby. They were football players, the jocks in my school and the teachers never say anything to them when they come late. Craig Bakers looked straight at me and I looked away quickly. He was tall, soft emrald green eyes with a hint of gold around them, gorgeous smile. I sat up straight in my chair as he walked by me. I didn't want to feel anything for him but every time when he's around me my mind won't function. He sat behind me. I could feel his gaze on the back of my head. The teacher clear his throat to get everyone attention. The teacher gave us a page to work on after his lecture. I felt a tiny tug on my ponytail. I turned around and Craig was leaning over his desk. I thought I was going to faint. He touch my hair! My heart was pounding so fast I couldn't hear a thing he was telling me. He waved his hand in front of my face. I snapped out of it when I realize he was trying to get my attention.

"Damn, girl! I was trying to ask you something but never mind." he said giving her a strange look. He turned toward his friends. I turned back around and notice the rest of the class was watching us. I put my head down. I could feel some of the girls giving me nasty stares. My face was so hot I'm pretty sure I was going to faint or something.

"I told you she was weird!" I heard him whispered to his friends behind my back. They laughed. I wanted to leave the class room now. Lucky for me the bell rang for us to go to our next class. I didn't wait to hear what the teacher had to say. I was out of the classroom in a heartbeat. I really hate this school and this town. I walked to my next class period which was P.E. The one class I don't want to be in. I'm pretty sure Marine and her posses had plan something for me for getting them in trouble which I didn't. Also Craig was going to be there too. I enter the gym. I was the third person to be there. I glance down at my ankle and notices that it wasn't hurting like it was earlier. Strange. I knew there was something strange about me but I couldn't figure out what it was. I touch my ankle. It was still a little sore but it was okay. I hide my clothes somewhere I know I can find it. I remember what they did the last time. I went to the gym and sat on the first row. More kids piled out of the dressing room. Oh by the way, if you haven't figure it out already, I don't have any friends. Marine and her posse told everyone who ever talk to me will be an outcast and will be delt with later. I don't what I did to make them treat me this way but okay. When I graduate, I am out of this town for good. Most of the teachers don't like me here anyway. Some tried to flunk me but I had to make sure I passed because I didn't want to be in high school forever. Cocah Harbor blew his whistle to get everyone attention.

"Okay we are going to separate in group and play dodge ball for today. Please be nice and don't try to hurt anyone." He annonced and most of the kids snickered at what he said. I groaned inwardly. I know I'm not going to like this. He separate us evenly and every on myside stayed clear from me because somehow they know I was the target. I could see the look on Marine, Levya and Texia's faces. They have an evil smirk on thier face. Their side were starting first and they were ready. Craig winked at me. I rolled my eyes and blushed. Marine saw that and got angry.

"Ready, set,-" I didn't here him say go because Marine alredy threw the ball in my direction with force. I dodge it. And another one can after that. I manage to dodge about ten of the ball. They were throwing them really hard and I know if I get hit, it will hurt like hell. The people on my side just stood there on the side and watch as they threw balls at me from left to right. The coach didn't say a thing. He just went about his business. I know the coach dislike for some reason I don't know. The other sisde was running out of balls. There get to a point when you can't take it no more. So what I di was took two balls and threw one hard a Texia which hit her in the leg. She gasped and fell. I threw another one at one of those boys from my homeroom class. He fell to the ground. The kids on my side looked at me with shocked. They thought I wasn't going to do nothing. The coach alway does dodge ball so the kids can hit me with as many balls as they can but not this time I was fed up. I ball whiz by my face.

"What the hell do you think your doing!" Marine yelled from across the gym. She was glaring at me with hatered in her eyes.

"What do you think, I'm playing dodge ball just like you are." I said as I duck when another ball came my way. Then the kids on myside got angry and was yelling nasty comments at me for throwing the ball that other side. They went on the other side and pick up some balls and they all threww it at me at the same time. I didn't know how I was going to dodge this, I saw something from the corner of my eyes and just grab it and begin swinging like crazy not caring where the balls went. Most of the balls I wacked, went back across the gym. Coach Habor along with Coach Mike came out of the office seeing balls flying everywhere. Coach Harbor open his mouth to say something but one of the ball hit him straight in the face. I know it wasn't my balls that hit him because he was sort on myside. I drop the bat and four balls hit me in the head. I fell back in a daze. My vision was becoming blurrier. I was beginning to see stars. I know some the kids were already down. I heard Coach Mike blowing the whisle for them to stop but the balls still were fling. I goot hit in the back, side and once more in the head before I black out.

When I woke up I was in the nurse office. I was on top of the bed. I turned to my right and I saw Levya and two more other kids that were knock out by the throwing balls. I try to sit up with all the pain coming up my back. They really hit me with those balls. The school nurse had heard the noise I was making and came around the curtain and glared at me.

"You are always involve in some kind of fight in school. For once can you leave this kids alone and don't bring them in your mess. These are good-" Oh hell no she didn't just say that to me. I was angry. Very angry. I never done nothing wrong to deserve this. I felt tears coming at the back of my eyes. I will not cry in front of this woman.

"I never drag anyone into anything! I will be leaving now and trust me you won't be seeing me here no more!" I nearly almost shouted her. She was shocked and surprised I talked back to her. I always stand there and take it all in. I drag my poor sore body out of the bed and almost tripped over but I catch myself. I was still im my gym clothes so I had to go back to the locker room to go get them. I left the nurse office (more like limp my way out). My head hurt so much I couldn't even think. I know I look a hot messbut didn't care I wanted to leave the school now. I finally made it to the locker. I when to the area where I hidden my clothes and saw that it was still there. I took my bookbag and clothes and limo terribly out of the locker room. I check the time and saw that the bell was going to ring for lunch in one minute. SO I went to my spot where no one can bother me. I got there just in time when the bell rang. I open the green house and enter it. It was big and had many seat around for you to sit and relax or to think. Whatever make you feel better. In was like an indoor graden/park. I went to the verdanas in the center of the graden. It had pink (Will decribe later.)

I sat down on the bench. It was kind of hard, seeing that they hit me all over the place. I know some kids come in here to do there things because teachers don't come in here. I lay down and close my eyes. This is where I feel at peace. I let out a long sighed. A tear threaten to come out but I won't let it. I not going to give these people the benefit of no doubt. I was so focus on my thoughts that I didn't notice someone creeping up on me. I heard a crack and sat up quickly and turned around. I saw no one. I listen careful for any other sounds I may hear. I stood up slowly and check my surrounding.

Crystal Lane



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