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Mystic Star

Novel By: Kavanya

Mystika Jones have some mysteries in her life that she doesn't know about. Everywhere she turned someone is trying to kidnapped her and she doesn't know for what. There is something out to get her and she wants to find out what it is. Little does she know what her destiny holds for her. There is one and only one that can save her from a terrible faith that is brought upon her. Please leave a comment so I can know what you think. Thank you.
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Mystika Jewels Jones stared out her window. It was raining lightly and the air felt cool tonight. She was feeling kind of strange and didn't know what it was. She opened the window a little wider to go out unto the small balcony. She felted someone eyes on her. She looked around and saw no one. Mystika lean against the banister and remembering that she have to finish adding the last tough to her look before she had to leave. She didn't want to go to the prom but her mom said she should go since this is her last years in high school and she'll only have it once in her life.

"It was not like it was a great year for me." Mystika said out loud to herself. "But do I have a choice? No, I don't."

Her mom forced her to go and even try to find a date for her. She was so embarrassed because they live in a small town called Sparrow Spring in Michigan where everyone knows about everyone else life. She didn't make a lot of friends. There were two people that became her friends and didn't care what others said about her, Melody Crisis and Molly Callaghan. They wanted her to go the prom but she told them she wasn't going. They'll be surprised to see her. Mystika felted a chill down her spine coming all over her body. She looked around again and thought she saw someone standing by the tree on Mr. Dazeson's yard. She shrugged it off and walked back inside, close the window and moved th curtains to cover the window. She walked over to the mirror that was hanging on her closet door to check if everything was in place. Her friends told her that mostly everyone envy her because of her complexion. Her skin was a mixture of caramel, tan and light brown. Her skin was soft and delicate.They called her Golden Brown when she was growing up. Her eyes were a mystery of it own. It was green-blue with gold in the middle. People say they see many tiny stars in her eyes that why she brought the dress she found in the store that would match with it. The dress was long with a split on the side. It fit her perfectly. The front have a deep low cut in the shape of a v. There was tiny gold stars designed on the dress. Her back was out. She blow dry her hair to make it straight and put it up. Her hair is naturally brown and very curly. She was mixed. Her mother was white and she guessing her father is black but she was not sure. Her mother wouldn't talk about her father. She have one younger sister who was twelve. They both looked like a splitting image of their mother. Mystika fixed her hair some more. She had soft curls coming down on the side of her face. She applied her make up and her jewelries.

"Jewels! Jewels!" her mom yelled from downstairs. "Your ride is here!" Her uncle was dropping her off. She sighed and checked her self one more time before leaving.

He ducked when she looked his way. He didn't want her to see him. She almost caught him the second time. He stuck his head out from behind the tree. She closed her window but he still could see movement around her room before the light when out. His sources led him to this place. He doesn't think she is the one he is looking for. He wanted to find it before anyone else does so he can be promoted by the king. Beep! Beep! Beep! He checked his communicator and turn it on.

"Eagle Five. This is Eagle Three!" the voice said from the communicator.

"Eagle Three copy, over." he said.

"Change of plan. You are to follow the subject and see if anything happen tonight. Be discreet." Eagle Three said.

"Yes sir!" Eagle Five said. There was a pause.

"I mean it. DISCREET!" Eagle Three said firmly.

"Yes Sir!" Eagle Five said. The communicator went dead. He heard a door open and peek out from behind the tree and saw her get inside a car. They left and he follow behind them from a distance.
They arrived at the Sparrow Springs Town Hall. Mystika got out the car.

"What are you doing when it's over? Want me to pick you up or you going to go with Melody and Molly?" her uncle asked her.

"Ummm.... well, yeah, I'm going with Mel and Molly." she said. "If not then I'll call if something comes up."

"Alright. Have fun." he said and drove off. Mystika looked across the street and stare at the parked car for a good minute and turn around and went up the steps and inside the building. The guy duck. Damn. What is up with this chick! Do she have radar sensor on her! He look and see her going up the steps and went through the open door. He got out the car and ran across the street to the town hall. Further down the street was another parked car filled with guys in masked. They got out and ran across the street to the town hall. A bum sitting in a corner was watching them.

"Must be something good." He said to himself.

Mystka walked down the hall and turn left where she saw two girl from the prom committee sitting behind the table. They were talking to each other when she stopped in front of them. They turned and stared at her. There jaws were hanging open.

"Here's my ticket." Mystika said cheerfully and put it on the table. They didn't say or do anything. "Okay......... let me help you........ I give you this and take that and now I'm set. Alright, better close your mouth before a fly lay babies there. You wouldn't want that." She smiled at them and went inside. There were a lot of people here. Some of the teachers were standing by the drinks monitoring it. Other teachers were walking around to make sure everything goes smoothly. A lot of people stop what they were doing and stared at her as she walked around looking for Molly and Melody. Molly was dancing with some guy from one of their classes when she turn and saw Mystika she left him and ran over to her. Melody was coming her way with the guy behind her trail.

"OH MY GOD! You came. You actually came!" Molly shouted over the music. She turned Mystika around and look her up and down.

"Wow! This is very pretty. No beautiful. Where did you get it?"

"It was some store at the mall. It was called Monique's Formal Dress. I think mostly about everyone when shopping there." Mystika said.

"Really.? I didn't want to shop there. I knew a lot of people was going to shop there. That why I told my dad to take me to the nearest town." she said.

"So who did you come-" Mystika started to say but caught a movement from the corner of her eyes and saw a flash of something passing by. She seen that person before.

"You okay?" Molly asked started to dance to a song that they were playing.

"Yeah, I'm okay. Just thought I seen someone I know." Mystika said absent-minded. She shake it off. "Anyway, who did you come with?"

"Oh, well..... James Littin from our chemistry class." Molly said.

Melody and James finally made their way toward them. They looked her up and down.
"Nice dress." James said.

"Thanks." Mystika said with a smile.

"Wow!" Melody said shockingly. "That all I can say. Wow! What made you change your mind?"

"My mom. She would take no for an answer." Mystika said. "She even try to find me a date!" They laughed.

"Yeah, I heard!" Molly laughed.

"But what was all that you said about not caring what your mother saying, you still was not going to go." Melody said.

"Well...... yeah you know how my mom is.......So I said what the heck. Let me go!" Mystika explained. Molly was from Ireland. She have pale white skin and deep green eyes with reddish-blond hair. Molly had put her hair up in twists. Had on a grey dress on. Melody was from England. Her eye were blue like sapphire and had straight long blond hair that reach her hips. They called her Barbie. All the boys wants to get with her but she turned each of them down. She was wearing a pink dress.

"So.... where's your date, Mel?" Mystika asked as they begin walking towards the other side of the ballroom.

"Well, I didn't want to come with any of the guys here, so I called Harry and asked him to come and bring Cliff, too." Melody said.

"What?!" Mystika shouted. She groaned and rolled her eyes. "Why?"

"I had a feel that you was going to come so I brought the two with me. Plus Harry was asking for you anyway. There they go right there." Melody said giggling. They approached the table where two handsome guys sitting at the table. Harry looks like Melody and her older brother.

"What the deal with him and her?" James asked.

"He been trying to go out with her for the longest." Molly and Melody said at the same time.

"Oh." James said.

"Hey, My. Long time no see. You look good. Really good." He said flirtatiously. He's the only one that call her My. He alway wanted to get with her but she never gave him a chance. Even thought he was fine ass hell, she didn't want to start nothing in her town. There were still some racists people in this town that dislike black people or anyone from a different race beside their. She don't understand why some white people hate black so much. Mystika think it is stupid to act that way because someone is different from others. Mystika looked at Harry. He had it all. He can get any female he wants but he wants her. She doesn't understand that. A bad feel came over Mystika. She can't shake the feeling that something terrible was going to happen. My? And now she is hearing things. My?

"My? Hello?" Harry called to her. She snapped out of it.

"Oh, sorry. Was thinking of something else. What did you asked me?" Mystika asked.

"Would you care to dance?" Harry asked her again.

"Sure. Lets got." She said grabbing his hand and pulling him towards the dance floor. The song that was playing was Tami Chynn and Akon. Molly and Melody dragged their dates to the dance floor, too. They dance to a couple of other songs. Mystika saw a guy standing against the wall watching her every move. They gazed at each other for a while. It was like he was speaking to her. He was whispering to her. Then Mystika broke the connection. It took all of her power to look away. After the song was over they went back to their table. Mystika look back and saw that he was still eying her. There were girls crowded around him. She turned back.They sat down and asked they guys to go get some drinks for them.

"Well, well, well. Look at what we have here, girls." a voice said in disgust. Mystika didn't want to deal with her to night. They glared at her. It was Mandy Adams, the captain of the cheerleaders squad. The rest of the cheerleaders were with her.

"What do you want?" Melody said coldly. They try to recruit Melody to join the squad but she didn't want to. Which made her mad. No one say no to her. She came from one of those rich families on the other side of town. She get everything she wants.

"What is she doing here? She not allowed in here?" Mandy sneered at them.

"Said Who?" Molly said getting angry. The guys came back with their drinks.

"Me, Bitch! That who." Mandy said angrily.

"Yeah!" the girls behind her said. Mystika felt something strange happening to her. She usually ignore her but she was getting angry. She never felt this way before.

"Listen here , Bitch. You-" Mandy started to say but was cut off. Mystika slammed her drink on the table. People walking by stopped in their track to see what's going on.

"THAT IT!" Mystika shouted and stood up. "I sick and tired of listening to your shit. You better go take that shit some where else. I came here to have a good ass time and you're not going to ruined it for me." They looked at her in shocked. She never spoke back to them before. A teacher came to stop the commotion that was going on. The principle came on stage to give a few speech before handing it over to the class representative. They were going to announce the prom king and queen.

"Later, Bitch!" Mandy said before she and the girls moved away from them. Everyone became quiet.

"It have been fun so far. Now it is time for us to see who we voted for prom king and queen. The prom king for 2004 is............. Blake Hamilton." the class representative said. Everyone clapped their hand and roared. He was their star football player. Mystika didn't like him at all. "And for prom queen it is......... Mandy Adams." Everyone cheered as they walk up the stairs to receive their crown.

"Now the prom king and queen will take the middle floor and lead us with the first dance." the class representative said. They walk down the steps and moved to the center floor and began to dance. Then everyone joined in. After the song was over the class representative came back on the mic.

"Now, I want to introduce someone to everyone. His family help supported this town for as long as I can remember and he came a long way to visited us. And here he is..... Braden McKinnons." she said excitedly. He walked unto the stage. Every girls ran towards the stage. There was guard standing on watch to see if anyone of the girls was going to throw their self on the stage.

"Hello,everyone." He said in a deep voice.

"Isn't that the guy that was eying you from across the room, Mystika?" Melody whispered to her.

"Wh-what? You saw?" Mystika stuttered.

"Yes we saw!" Molly whispered.

"It's a pleasure to be here." He said and handed the mic back to the class rep.

"Wow!" she said looking at him dreamy. " What we are doing now is he is going to sing and dance with one luck female of his choice tonight. The girl he choses will be Princess of our school 2004." the class rep said. The music began to play. He walked down steps and began to sing and looking around. Mandy pushed her way to the front so he can choose her. Braden looked at her once but he kept on walking and looking around. Every girl were giving him bright smile when he looked their way. Mystika was feeling strange. It was like it was happening in slow motion. His eyes caught her and he stop walking. Her heart was racing. She didn't know what was coming over her. The way he look at her made her want to fall to her knees. His green eyes were hypnotic and couldn't look away. He began to walk towards her table and stopped in front of her. He took her by the hand. Everyone gasped and was shocked that he chose Mystika. She just stared at him couldn't say nothing to him. People look at Mandy. She looked furious. She wanted to dance with him. She was the one who asked him to come here. They dimmed the light and people moved back to give them room. He pulled her up and twirled her towards him. He pulled her close to him as he sang to her. She stared into his eyes. The way he sang had a big effect on her. Her eyes where changing shape. He was so close to her face she could feel his breath against her skin. The song finished and everyone clapped and cheered on.

"Do I know you from somewhere?" Mystika asked in a soft tone. He didn't answered instead he closed the gap between them and kissed her. People gasped. Mystika felted a charge building up inside her. Then out of nowhere someone grabbed her by the hair and yanked her away from Braden. Mandy threw her on the floor. Mystika was feeling differently and weird.

"Black Bitch! I know you was kissing my man!" Mandy yelled and charged at her. She hit Mystika on the face. Molly and Melody were trying to get through but the other cheerleaders didn't want to let them pass. The teachers couldn't get through either. Eagle Five was watching from the window. There something amiss here. He could feel it. Mystika kicked Mandy off of her which send her flying across the room. Mandy got up and came at her again but didn't get far. The ground began to shake. Everyone stop moving around and it got quiet. Mystika stood up slowly. Her head was facing down. The ground shook again but harder. One by one windows begin to shatter. People start running towards the exit. Molly, Melody, Cliff and Harry ran towards Mystika. Molly reached her first and grabbed her. She look into her eyes. They were in a shape of a golden star and they were glowing.

"Mystika! Mystika!" Molly yelled. She was silent and didn't make a sound. The rest of them reach Molly and Mystika.

"What wrong with her?" Melody asked looking worried. All of a sudden it became windy and things were beginning to fly off of tables. A fork came zooming by and hit a girl from of their class in the neck. She felt to the ground and blood was gushing out from it.

"Eww!" They said in unison. A guy came by them and grabbed Mystika from Molly. Molly stood up shouting.

"What are you-" Molly started to shrieked but didn't finish her sentences because a knife came sailing towards her but someone pulled her out the way in time. Her right side of her arm was glazed by the knife. The guy ran with Mystika on his shoulders. Mystika eyes clear and she began to move but the person had a strong grip on her. Harry came out of no where and deck the guy. He went down along with Mystika. Harry untangled her from the guy.

"What going on?!" She asked looking scared. "Where's Mel? Where's Molly?"

"They're okay. We have to get out of here." Harry said. She nodded her head. He took her hand and they went towards the others. the center of the floor cracked open. They pick Molly and ran for the nearest exited.

"AHH-" Mystika cried out but someone covered her mouth so the other wouldn't here her. They yanked her into the dark conference room. She bit one of their hand, kick another in the crotch, and twisted the other arms and with force threw him across the conference room. She ran out and bump into Braden.

"We have to get out of here." He said and picked her up and ran out of the building. There were polices, ambulances, fire trucks, parents looking for their love ones everywhere. She saw the rest of her friends. She was trying to leave Braden but he didn't want to let her go.

"Put me down! Put me down!" Mystika said quickly.

"Okay! Okay! Clam down." Braden said. He put her down. She ran towards Molly and Melody. Molly was doing okay except for the loss of blood. The ground stop moving. The town hall look damage badly.

"Jewels! Jewels!"

She heard someone yelling her name. It was her mom. She stood and wave. Her mother came running toward her and grab her into a big hug.

"I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!" Her mom cried out. Mystika patted her mom back.

"It's okay. I'm fine. Everyone fine." she said a little shaky. "Let's go home." She had a weird feeling it was not over. Harry and Cliff said they was going to take Mel and Molly home but they refuse to go and say the was planning to stay over Mysika's house. So they left. Mystika, Molly, and Melody followed her mom to the car. They passed by Mandy. She look like she was in bad shape. She was bruised from her to toes. They got in the car and her mom drove off. Who were those guys and what did they want from her. She ponder in her thoughts. They reach her house. They pile out the car and when inside. They went to her room.

"Molly, are you sure u don't want to go to the hospital?" Melody was asking her.

"No. I told you I'm okay." she said and sat on the ground. "Plus the paramedics patched me up. See?" She pull her sleeve down.

"Oh!" Mystika and Melody said in unison.

"You know what? Who were those guys who kept grabbing you.?" Molly asked curiously.

"I don't know. I was thinking the same thing. I wanted to tell my mom but I didn't want to worry her" Mystika said.

"And that guy Braden was all over you." Melody said.

"Yeah!!!" Molly said agreeing with Melody.

" Don't know. Well lets change out of this into something comfortable to wear." Mystika said. They got up and took off the clothes they war wearing. Molly and Melody sat on Mystika's bed. Her mother came in with some drinks to help settle them down.

In a great distance, the guy stand and watch them from his monitor. She wasn't ready yet. But he could see that her powers were growing. She was the one he was looking for. She is a very special girl. Until then he will wait until she is twenty-one. There was no one who was going to get in his way and he want to keep it that way. It was so close but yet far away......

"I can't believe you lost site of her!" His commander yelled as he slap him across the head. "She is very valuable to us. The government doesn't know what they have in their hands and I would like to keep it that way! Do you hear me?"

"Yes sir." Eagle Five said. The commander sighed and turn to the rest of his squad.

"Now that we know she's the real thing we can' t let them know about her. You hear me? No one. We going try with every power we have to get this girl. Got it." He shouted.

"Yes sir!" they said.

"Good move out."




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