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Hidden: The begining

Novel By: kellyannshirley

Feonna is running from her familys past and her family. What she doesnt realize is that she is about to run right into her family and all of their problems. She isn't running by choice but it is by choice that she joins a group of misfits to stop her family's number one enemy the Mega corps View table of contents...


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Feonna was in her apartment thinking about the life that she used to have, should have had, and would have had. If hadn't been for that jerk, that her uncle calls a guard. She often wonders were she would be, and what she would be doing if she hadn't of been forced to leave, the only home she had ever known. Feonna shook her head and shrugged the feeling that she was getting off.

When she was four, her older brother had been killed right in front of her. Her parents had decided to take them to a park for family time. It had been a beautiful day, the sky was a bright blue, the wind had been blowing gently, and for some reason that day, every thing seemed to be more color full. She had been arguing with her brother over some trivial toy, and there papa split them up telling that he would give anything for just one day of piece between them. "Hell I would give anything to just have one day with him." Feonna thought sourly to her self.

Just before it all went bad and every thing changed for ever Feonna had made a running start, climbed up her brother, she kissed him on the cheek, smiled and said " got ya big brother".

She could remember him smiling down at her and saying, " No little sister, I've got you and always will". That was when they heard the shot. Before Feonna, knew what was happening her brother was laying on the ground. He had blood coming out of his mouth. She could remember her mother screaming for her to get down, and her brothers last words to her, " No, little sister. I've got you, and I always will." At this point all she can think was the same thing she had been thinking since that day." No you don't. No one does."

Feonna was very young at the time of her brothers death. She didn't know who her parents were or why people where after them. All she knew was that soon after losing her brother she lost them as well, just not to death. No, they deserted her. At four years old, Feonna became the charge of Calvin Michaels her uncle in which she knew nothing about. It wasn't until she was older, that she found out about her parents and who they were.

She had been watching TV. with her friends, when the news came on showing a picture of her father and mother.
Wanted dead or alive : Ian and Elizabeth Michaels. These two are considered armed and dangerous. Call the police the minute you see them.

Ian Michaels is wanted for various criminal deeds. Including Murder, stolen goods, and breaking and entering. One of these murders being his own son. Jonathan Ian Michaels.

Elizabeth Michaels is wanted for criminal Intent and Harboring Ian Michaels. It is not known if she had a hand in the Murder of there son.

Feonna could remember this news report as if it just happened. She also remembered running from the common room to her uncles office as if her life depended on it. Feonna knew that her father had nothing to do with Johnathan's death, and if they would lie about that, then they must be lying about the rest. "right" nope they weren't there was some truth. Feonna remembered running to her uncles office and that jerk of a guard stop]ing her.

"Where do you think your going little one?" He asked in a husky voice.

"I need to see my uncle, and I need to see him now!" Feonna replied with a stomp of her foot.

"Well you cant he is in an important meeting." The guard said with a laugh, not realizing or caring just how important it was for her to see him.

"Fine when will the meeting be over?" she asked.

"In about an hour,r maybe longer." the guard wined realizing she wasn't going away.

Feonna had to smile to her self at what happened next it made her day although she wouldn't know it for a while.
Her best friend Kayla came around the corner shortly after Feonna decided to sit and wait for her uncle. Who seemed to always be in meetings here lately. She plopped down beside Feonna and said" Girl, don't you know, there are all kinds of other ways to get Calvin to come out of a meeting and quick. Of course you might be grounded or worse after wards, but hey you will get his attention."

She looked at Kayla and said, " I've never been grounded before. But I do need to speak with him and soon."

"Is it about what we just saw on the news" Kayla asked?

"Yea that is the exact reason," She replied with a deep frown.

"What do those people have to do with you Feonna? Have you seen them?" Kayla asked.

"No I haven't seen them at least not since I was four". Feonna took a deep breath and said, " They are my parents, Kayla that's why i need to talk to Calvin. I want, no I need to know, what he knows about them. So what ever your thinking I will do it, even if i do get grounded or worse" Feonna replied.

" I think that this calls for drastic measures. what can we do to get him out of that office, and fast!" Kayla said with a wicked smile.

"Come on lets go have some fun." Kayla said with a wicked smile. and Feonna knew that no matter what happened she would laugh about this later.

It wasn't long before Kayla had Feonna and three other girls in roller blades. One of Calvin biggest rules where Any outside activity did not belong in the house. Another was no loud music. Their are people in the house that needs the piece and quiet to work. Kayla had decided to bring the two together.

Before, Feonna knew what was happening, she was dancing on skates to the black eye peas in Calvin's living room. At first they heard nothing from Calvin, and Feonna was starting to forget all about her questions. Then one of the other girls stumbled and broke a very expensive vase. she looked up at Kayla and said "oh shit, I think this was one of his favorites. I do believe that i am done for".

Kayla laughed and said, No not yet, he hasn't come running keep having fun, and when he ask who did it we all shrug our shoulder. this way he has to punish all of us."

It was like that from that day on. one girl got in trouble and they all got into trouble, One for all and all for one kind of thing. Feonna hadn't been watching what she was doing. She crashed into one of calvins art collections. This time the noise of the crash did get his attention. Calvin and whoever it was ,that was in the meeting came running to the living room. Before they arrived Kayla helped Feonna up and all five girls where standing on the other side of the room. With Feonna being the smallest of the girls, but not the youngest she still looked the most innocent. At first Calvin didn't even notice that she was one of the Five as they later became known as.

Calvin counted heads not even looking at the girls faces and said," I want the five of you to go sit in your rooms and think about what you have done. I will be up to talk to each of you as soon as my meeting is over." with that he turned and walked out of the room, with the two hooded people following close behind shaking their heads.

Feonna knew at that point that she was in some deep shit. She looked at Kayla and shook her head. Kayla shrugged and said, "Well that didn't work as i had planned."

The other three girls said in unison, " you will pay for this one!" They knew that if he sent them to there rooms they were in serious trouble. Feonna on the other hand didn't know this, she had never been in serious trouble by Calvin before.

What brought these memories on was that it was the anniversary of her brothers death. Just as that day had been, but it was also the anniversary of the beginning of knew friend ships, and of the day that Feonna began to find out the truths of her family's past.Aalthough, she knew that she still hadn't found out all of the truths. She knew that her people the Elves lived longer than humans, but she had no idea how old her parents were, or what their lives were like before they came to the Americas from the Elven lands. She wasn't sure that she wanted to know.

Feonna was broken from her thoughts, her memories of her more innocent years. That was something that she would never experience again "innocence". She has went from wearing sun dresses and flip flops, and going to the mall with her best friends. To wearing leather pants and opened back shirts that probably showed to much cleavage for her uncles taste. Instead of playing with dolls and roller blading, she was playing with guns and blades taking any job she could. Anything from body guard to the rich and not so nice society members. Too acquiring different properties for the not so nice society members. She had a wide variety of clientele but still wasn't making enough on her own to get out of the piece of crap apartment. What would her uncle think of her now? She would probably take a serious ass kicking.

Once again she was pulled from her thoughts, as their was a loud bang at her apartment door. Feonna jumped and went to the door, and just as she thought it was her new partner Layla. This girl reminded her of Kayla so much that it was pathetic. Wild crazy and always getting into trouble. "Hey Fay I have a job for us if you agree to it. Its a high end job and it can be dangerous but the pay is extremely good!" she said with a lot of pep. which meant that the job was right up her alley.

"How much is the pay?" Feonna asked.

"Well its enough that neither of us will have to stay in this rat trap for much longer. Actually if we say yes to the job. The boss will be putting us in a apartment complex with the rest of his employees." Layla replied.

"How much Layla?" Feonna asked more seriously than before.

Layla sighed then said "The pay starts at Ten Thousand Clicks a month, plus all expenses and goes up the longer we work for the guy. Plus we get a percentage of every job we do for him, and we can do other jobs on the side if we want".

"Who is this guy anyway?" Feonna asked.

"Um, well, its a group of guys. Its Mason ruger, a Mr xoulon, and the third no one knows for sure because well he is a silent partner." Layla replied sheepishly..

Fay looked at her friend and said," I'm not working for or with anyone unless I know who all of the partners are. I've told you that before,".

Layla looked at her sheepishly and said, "I know thats why I did some research, and I found out that this silent partner is none other than Christian McDaniel. More than likely not his real name, but when I did some back ground checks on him. It came back that he worked for Calvin Michaels as a Science instructor at his girls home."

Fay choked when she heard the name and stared at layla with a stunned look on her face. "Layla um If it is the same man then he is legit. I went to that girls school and he was one of my instructors, I knew Calvin Michaels and he trusted Christian, but I am afraid that Christian would recognize me and send me packing back to my family. Which would not be a good thing for a lot of people."

Layla frowned, "Look there is no way he can recognize you especially with your disguise. But if you don't want to do this I will inform Mr Rugor that he will have to look else where. just do me the favor of considering this, it really is a good opportunity, and not just for you.

"There is one other thing Fay, I am doing this with or with out you. I have already given them my answer. You are not the only one taking a chance with Christian being a part of this. I also went to the same school. I ran away from the only home I ever knew shortly after my best friend left. So if you do this, you will not be alone in it." Layla said this knowing that Feonna would probably pounce on her the minute she told her who she really was, but At least she would no longer have to hide who she was, from the only family she really had.

Feonna looked at her and said "I don't remember any one going to that school with your name."

Layla laughed," you wouldn't because this isn't my real name. My name is Kayla not Layla. Like I said with your disguise he will never know. You wouldn't have known if I hadn't just told you."

Feonna was once again stunned. She knew that this girl reminded her of her best friend and confidant, but the fact that she was her, made a big difference. She didn't know whether she should be mad, happy, or just beat the hell out of Kayla, for holding out on her.

Kayla looked at Feonna and said," Look things changed after you disappeared. Calvin has put everything he's got into finding you. Your parents actually showed up to the school. Of course we were on lock down for the longest, but in the end the school was shut down. Half of us had no where to go, and the other half just didn't want to leave. So even after he closed it down we stayed, well they did Calvin forced me to go to the compound with him. I no longer had you or Felisha, Malay,and Missy, so I ran. I don't know why you left but I'm not leaving you like this." when she was done Kayla left and went to her own small apartment.

Feonna had, had no Idea that they shut the school down and her parents actually showed up, she thought that they had given up on her long before then, hell she had given up on them.


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