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Dancing With Cinderella

Novel By: kidarox123

Princess Ava Elizabeth James is the perfect princess. She never complains about her duties and excepts them willingly. She's never felt the urge to be "free" from the life she has. Even when she is de-crownded as crown princess and ordered to marry a man she's never met she doesn't waver. Prince Chance (her fiance) is anything but ordinary. He's funny, cute, and adventurous and absolutely very un-prince like. He shows Ava a world that she'd never experienced and shows her how much she really wants it. Ava then faces the biggest choice of her life: To be a princess, or not to be. View table of contents...


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A/n: This chapter is a little boring, it's just here to bulid up background information, i promise it will get better!


The Princess

Princess Eliza! Princess Eliza! the crowds of people cheered while the gold horse pulled carriage carried me through the main part of town. Even though my sister's were also in the carriage they only shouted my name. My full name is Princess Ava Elizabeth James. Everyone calls me Princess Eliza. My father picked out my first name, Ava, and after he passed away when i was ten my mother stopped using it. She said it was to painful, although i never complained about it. Ava always seemed to short for someone so important. Or at least that's what my mother told me.

She had remarried since, to a tall gray man that had strange lavender eyes. He was very kind to everyone including me and my younger sister LaRee. He had since fathered my mother's third child named, Anabella, which i thought was a very majestic name, worthy for a princess.

All of us sisters were very different from each other. LaRee seventeen and is rather tall with a large bust. She has very long black hair that goes past her bottom which she has combed thirteen times a day so that it stays shiny and tangle-free. She loves animals and has three pets: A dog, a parrot, and a cat. LaRee hates going into public places and absolutley abhors dresses and gowns. She avoids wearing them whenever possible and avoids pubilc appearacnes as if she was running from a rampaging bear.

Anabella, (or Ana as LaRee and I call her) is barely fifteen but is very short for her age. She has short loose curls that are red (like her father once had) and never takes anything seriously. She loves causing mischief and disobey's my mother's word all the time. She swares that one day she will run away from the palace and find a better life, although i'm not sure what could be better.

My mother calls me her perfect princess. At 18 years old i am an average height with long wavy golden hair. My lips are red as the rose and i can sing like the angles. My eyes are a emerald green like her's and she raves about them all the time. Emerald is her favoirte color to dress me in. I also play the piano forte, the harp, and the flute. I am also the Crown princess also, next in line to the throne, unless my mother's Husbund appoints a new one. He knows that neither of my sisters want to be the next ruler of Cullovia, so i feel very safe saying that i will soon be Queen Ava Elizabeth James Ruler of all Cullovia.

The carriage stopped and we stepped out to find ourselves in front of a large mansion surrounded by the lush greenery Cullovia was famous for.

"Come along girls" My mother said before turning around to lead us inside. This was Duchess DagMar's house. My mother set up tea with her once in awhile because she had two sons that she hopped Ana and LaRee would marry someday. I felt bad for the poor girls, the two boys were very akward and gangly, always stumbling over their words.

"Princes Eliza, you dropped your bag" said Luke as he ran to catch up with me before i travled any farther with my sisters,
i gently took it from his hands, "Thank you very much Luke, you may wait with the carriage" Luke was the servant that my mother sometimes took along with us. He had worked at the palace his whole life. I think that if i were not a princess and he were not my servant, i could be very good friends with him.
"Actually your mother asked me to come indoors today." He smiled and i smiled back, "Very well then."

Luke was always smiling at me. He never acted cross or annoyed with me. He always smiled.


That night i sat at my window sill and looked out across the glowing kingdom. Even in the dark the forest's looked florishing and mysterious and the night sky which was sprinkled with stars seemed to make the full moon look even more magnificent. A breeze came through my window and pushed my hair behind my ears. I took that as a sign and shut the window solomely. I thought i saw someone down below move from behind the bushes but i ignored it. There was no way anyone would notice a princess sitting by her window in one of the tallest towers on the castle.


Luke POV:

I couldn't help myself. I was walking back from the stables finally after a long day of work, when i looked up to see Ava looking out across the land with secrets dancing in her eyes. She was beautiful. No one would notice her there except for me. I had been here just as long as her and was able to spot eveyrthing. I also always looked up at her room out of habit. I had been enchanted with her ever since we were five and ran into eachother for the first time. She was dancing along the hallways and singing in perfect pitch. She probably didn't remember how we played togather all day until her mother found her and scoled her for assosiating with such people.

I had watched Ava grow up and every day was painfully aware that she would never look at me like i was somebody. I knew that when her mother stopped calling her Ava that she was hurt, she didn't want to be forced to forget her father. She always stepped up and took everything passivly. She didn't want to stand up for her rights. Although she never spoke to me, i always referred to her as Princess Ava.

My princess Ava.

The caslte of Cullovia (Ava's home):









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