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Raven's Wings

Novel By: Kirsten Rain

Raven runs into a fairy who gives her a fairy baby because she is dieing.

Based on a dream I had View table of contents...



Submitted:Feb 19, 2009    Reads: 134    Comments: 4    Likes: 0   


Raven was wondering around in her backyard. She didn't care what she was doing or where she was going. Her main focus was walking and smelling the roses that always ended up in her backyard every spring. As she walked, the wind brushed against her long dark brown hair. After 30 minutes of walking in a straight line, Raven decided to take a path she had never taken before, the path that lead to another garden. Raven smiled at the fact of going to a place she had only glimpsed at once. She reached the fork in the road and turned right, in the direction of the other garden, and smiled. As she walked she hummed the lullaby her mother used to sing to her. Raven's mother wasn't dead. She just didn't have any time to sing anymore. She was rarely home and normally too busy for Raven or her sister Lily.

The path began to get narrow until Raven saw a tree. It wasn't any ordinary tree. It was the garden's tree. "Fairy Tree," a voice whispered into her mind. Fairy Tree? Raven pondered where the thought that wasn't her own. She shook her head and turned her attention back to the tree. The tree had pink flowers on it's weeping willow like branches. Mingling with the pink of the flowers were different colored shimmers and glows. "Fairies are real," a thought, that again wasn't her own, danced across her mind. Raven, despite what she saw, didn't believe it. Her mother had brought her up to believe that fairytales were nonsense and should be treated as such.

As she was about to turn around to back away from the tree to look at the other flowers in the garden a glittering speck floated in front of her face. "A fairy," she corrected herself in astonishment. The shimmer melted away to reveal a tiny person with wings!

"There is such thing as fairies," she whispered as she examined it. The fairy held a tiny child in her arms no bigger than Raven's pointer finger. A seven year olds pointer finger isn't very big. A baby fairy too! Raven was so caught up in the excitement she almost didn't hear the fairy say the words that would change her forever.

"I am dieing," the mother fairy whispered. Raven stopped smiling. Her eyes were wide with disbelief.

"You look healthy though," Raven whispered. She hoped the fairy could understand her.

"After a fairy gives birth, sometimes she dies. It is my time. Princess please take care of my baby. My Rayna needs someone like you to comfort and care for her. Please," Raven nodded

"I will," the fairy flew over to Raven and handed her the baby,Rayna.

"Thank you," there was a slight tinkling in Raven's head as the mother fairy exploded in a shower of dust.

"Fairy Dust!" Exclaimed Raven. She closed her eyes and inhaled some of the shimmering dust. When the dust disappeared Raven ran, carefully, home. The seven year old didn't know it but she was now more different then she realized.

Princess? As Raven opened the door ,to her house, it dawned on her what the fairy had called her.

"Where have you been?" Lily, Raven's sister, screached.

I'm less of a princess then anyone else I know.


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