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Shattered Endings, New Beginings

Novel By: Kirsten Rain

This is it folks. The second novel set in the world of Kairi, Alex, and Kataro. This one is told in Kataro's point of view.
In this novel Alex plays a major role, Kairi is near dieing, and one character dies for good.
Stay tuned and enjoy the Sequel to Black Roses, Silver Thorns.
Hint-The title reveals ALOT... View table of contents...



Submitted:Feb 14, 2009    Reads: 115    Comments: 7    Likes: 1   


"I am stupid. I shouldn't be going where I am. I shouldn't be about it do what I am. Yet I have done it before so what does it matter if I do it again? I am about to give up my life in order to save hers. That's what counts right?" Kataro kicked up some dust, on the ground, in frustration. He was about to give up his life for Kairi once again.

"I don't care," he talked aloud as if to clear his thoughts. He didn't want to think about Kairi and what had happened to her. If he wasn't stupid and gotten the pack involved she would be fine. What if- Kataro had no time for "what ifs". He only had time for the there and now. It was his fault that Kairi was dieing. If he wouldn't have lost control...

"I won't let her die," tears welled up in Kataro's eyes. Just thinking about her death made him unable to stand it.

"She won't die. She's stronger then you give her credit for," a voice at his side whispered. Kataro knew who it was without looking.

"Alex, why are you following me? I said you could live with me and Kairi. That doesn't give you stalking rights," Alex put his hands in front of him in defense.

"Look wolf boy, I wasn't stalking you. I was merely walking behind you without you noticing," Alex gave Kataro a smile. Kataro rolled his eyes and continued walking.

"It's called stalking. Now beat it. I've got somewhere to be," Alex continued to walk along side Kataro.

"I want to help. I love her too. If she's dieing it's as much my buisness as it is yours," Kataro stopped dead in his tracks. The alley was silent except for their breathing.

"If you love Kairi so much, then why aren't you willing to give up your life for her? Stay or go I don't care. Just stay out of my way," Kataro growled. He began walking at a faster pace once he resumed.

"I-she wouldn't want you in danger. You're going to hurt her with this," Alex whispered. Kataro sighed. He wasn't willing to give up the fight just yet.

"I don't want her to worry. Just...keep her safe Alex. That's all I ask," Kataro resumed walking and this time Alex didn't catch up or reply.

"It's my fault. I'm the one who let myself lose control. Now I'm going to pay for it,"


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