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The Amulet Prologue

Novel By: Kirsten Rain

On Heart Campbell's birthday she is given an amulet that will change her life forever.

I started writing this in 5ht grade. I don't think it is really good but tell me what you think xD View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jun 24, 2008    Reads: 273    Comments: 6    Likes: 2   

Many years ago before you or I ever existed there was peace. Our ancestors got along with everyone thus there were no wars. Then one day something happened. Four crystal amulets fell from the sky, as if it were magic. They fell into the hands of four trusted guardians, the elders. The elders were the oldest people in that particular place and time. Eventually the elders died and pasted to the crystals onto their grandchildren. Over time the protectors of the crystals cut them into heart shaped amulets. This made them easier to carry since they wore them on chains around their necks. This wasn't a problem for the wearers because the guardians gave the amulets to their granddaughters. If they didn't have a granddaughter, they would give it to their grandson.

Now over time many countries learned about the crystals and wanted to steal them for themselves. The peaceful reign was over and blood was shed. The guardians had no choice but to create a place for all the guardians to come. So there didn't have to be anymore bloodshed over the crystals. The four guardians put the powers of the crystals together. Earth, wind, fire, and air combined themselves to create the kingdom of Shaharaza. For many more years the crystals were pasted on and the new guardians made their way to Shaharaza.

Soon after the Shaharaza was created, the people learned something. The crystals had a human influenced power source. The crystals chose a human heart for their powers to live in causing the crystals to work. They eventually called her the princess of Shaharaza or sometimes she was called the light of the crystals. The princess as they soon found out never aged. She would remain the body of a teenager but the mind of an elder. If she were to die, the crystals would lose their power forever. Her name was Cassandra Del La Mare. She was an exception. You see the soul starts to slip away after a couple of centuries. Cassandra was getting soul and sprit were growing older and she couldn't stand it. So Cassandra said a spell and touched her heart. In her hand sat a little ball of red, blue, white, and green dust. She said another spell and just like magic her powers were sent to her great, great, great, great, granddaughter. Even though she wasn't born yet, the crystals power still worked. Cassandra smiled and right there at that very moment in time she died.

Nobody would say a word about it. As far as most people were concerned Cassandra was still alive. According to others she fled. Since the crystals still worked nobody paid any attention to her death, or her being alive.

Years came and went and soon a new threat was upon Shaharaza. Master Snatch and Steal had found them. He and his sidekick, Jackal, invaded Shaharaza and took over the land. The guardians at that time, Ama Kzyllion, Kathryn Adams, Natasha Green, and Belinda Snow, escaped. They fled Shaharaza with the crystals and went into hiding. The other citizens in Shaharaza ran Jackal and Master Snatch and Steal out. But he swore he would get his revenge someday soon.

Now it's almost two thousand years later and nobody has seen any sign of Master Snatch and Steal returning. The people of Shaharaza are waiting for the guardians of the amulets to return. Some of the older citizens have already

given up. But new parents have made it a tradition to tell of the legend of the Shaharian crystals.

The story doesn't end here. It continues in a small house just outside of Balveria where one of the new guardians is just waking up to her sixteenth birthday party. The birthday that changed her life and her destiny forever.


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