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Silent Magic

Novel By: kiwisoccergirl

Long time best friends and cousins, Adriana and Gale, find out that they are really brother and sister, in fact they are twins! And to make it more intense they are also magical. Not magical as in amazing people who get along with everyone, but as in witches and warlocks, castings spells and defying nature. Join these two as they find out about themselves and fight an unknown evil that wants to kill them.
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Submitted:Mar 27, 2012    Reads: 38    Comments: 6    Likes: 2   

This is the first time I've showed this to anyone so i'm nervous about any comments I might recieve. Go ahead and critique as much as you want. This is only the first couple pages of my story so any help now will be wonderful even though alot has already been written. Let me know if I should keep adding to it. And if I do add more I'll add pictures of the characters! And have fun reading my story!

WARNING: Some of it does get boring but I promise that it gets way better after this chapter, section.... peice? Whatever you would call this. Anyway enjoy!


The day I died was like no other. I had just gotten my Christmas present from my boyfriend, Justin. I was on the last day of school before break. I got shot at and survived. And I found out something unimaginable. That something changed my life forever. of course this was the worst way to die, having the best day ever then bang it's all over and I'm dead, found out something new and all alone. My name is Adriana and this is my story.

"BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BE-" I hit the off button on my alarm clock to stop the annoying beep that goes off every morning just to wake me up. I waited for what seemed a minute but was only a few seconds then threw off the warm comforter and sat up swinging my long legs over the side. Yawning and stretching a bit I realized what day it was. I jumped up and ran to the bathroom. Looking in the mirror back at me was a tangled mess of brown knots.

"Ugh. Why is my hair always look like I've been in a tornado." I moaned as I opened a drawer to get my brush, and detangling spray. After a lot of tugging, crying out, and spraying, I finally got my hair into neat curls. I skipped back into my room and to my closet to pick out a nice and a little dressy shirt. I scanned my closet then reached out and pulled out a silky blue and white marbled shirt. I went over to my dresser and took out a light blue tank top and skinny jeans.

I walked back to the bathroom, changed quickly, and then brushed my teeth. Then I looked in the mirror and something was missing. The accessory. I rummaged through a drawer and found a white flower clip. I clipped back some of my hair behind my ear with it. Smiling to myself I walked out of my room and down the stairs to the kitchen.

Opening the fridge I looked and found nothing then closed it and looked in the freezer. Nothing. I closed the door went to the fridge again then to the cupboard. I saw the toaster strudels right away and grabbed the box. Getting a plate I placed two on it then into the microwave they went. While I waited for my breakfast to be done I gulped down a glass of orange juice.

"Ping." Finally they were done I took them to the table and ate quickly so I wouldn't be late for the bus. I ran to the door grabbed my jacket and backpack and hurried out the door, struggling to get my arms into the jacket sleeves.

"Hey Adriana!" My best friend who lives across the street from me, called. We had been best friends since my family and I moved here when I was in kindergarten, She was the only kid who came to me and said "I'll give you my crayon if you be my friend." but back then we were like the loners of the class. Poppy slipped as she reached the slick road and yelped in surprise as she hit the cold ground. I ran cautiously over to her, avoiding the shiny surfaces on the dark road.

" Poppy! Are you okay?" I asked as I grabbed her hand pulling her up, while my boots slipped a bit from the little effort.

"Yeah I'm fine Adriana!" Poppy laughed and smiled. This had happened every year in the winter and she still slipped every day. I supose I should be used to her falling on ice, but i guess not. "Come on we might want to hurry if we want to reach the bus stop before the bus does." She said changing the subject.

"Do we have to?" I joked. We rushed to the bus stop slipping and sliding all the way. We were out of breath from laughing so much by the time we were at the bus stop. "Hey Baby." I said as I hugged Justin. He was warm against the chilly breeze that seeped into my coat.

"Hi." He replied turning around smiling and hugged me back. I took in his axe scent and sighed softly so he wouldn't hear. I moved to the side so that his arm was around me and his other at his side. I stayed next to him as Poppy stood awkwardly but smiling across from us. "Hey Poppy. What's up?" Justin asked to try to ease the awkwardness.

"Oh, the usual. Slipping and sliding down the street with your girlfriend! What else would I be doing?" She chuckled. And gave him a friendly hug. Which I didn't mind of course because Poppy knew Justin just as long as I did. I knew she wouldn't hit on him because she didn't like him like that and they were like brother and sister. "So what about you? What have you been up to lately?" She asked

"It's a secret that I can't tell because it wouldn't be a secret anymore, would it?" He answered, smiling smugly at me and Poppy.

"Touché." I said wondering what he could've been doing. I heard some scuffling and looked around Justin, to see Gale have running half walking towards us. "Hi Gale! Wake up a little late?" I teased, my cousin. Gale and I were the closest of friends. We've known each other since we were born which is ironic because we were even born on the same day, which sort of made us twins. Well that's what our family always said when we were younger.

He did that really-you're-going-to-tease-me-right-now look that he greets me with every morning, when I tease him. I smiled giggling. "Hey guys. Man it's cold out here." He finally said, stomping and rubbing his arms."

"Maybe you should've worn a coat and hat. That would help you not be so cold, Silly." Poppy mocked.

"Hey! It's not my fault I woke up late! My stupid alarm clock didn't go off!" He explained.

"Well maybe for Christmas you'll get a new one that works" Justin suggested as the bus came rolling around the corner. We all moved forward a bit and waited for the bus. It came to a squeaky stop. We all piled in wanting to get warm. I rushed after Poppy to the back of the bus with the boys trailing slowly behind us.

Justin and I sat in the second to last seat. But as soon as he sat down, I stood up and sat on his lap. We smiled at each other as Gale and Poppy sat in the seat across from us and started jabbering about the winter dance that was coming up. They were really into it , but it was mostly Poppy saying everything and Gale nodding and agreeing, so I decided not to disrupt their intense one-sided conversation. I turned back to Justin and smiled then kissed his cheek. He was so warm compared to my cold lips. He placed a stray lock of my hair back behind my ear, then trailed his fingertips, barely brushing the skin, down my jaw line in return. It sent shivers throughout my body everytime. I leaned closer to him and rested my head on his shoulder.

"So what's this secret you were talking about?" I whispered into his ear.

He looked at me and said again, "I can't tell you or else it wouldn't be a secret anymore. Would it?" He smiled mischeiviously. This made me annoyed so I scooted off of his lap and onto the seat beside him, yet I sat as far away as i could from him and looked out the window. "Hey, Adriana. Come on. I'll tell you it after school. Besides it's just something for winter break."

That made me smile a bit, but I still looked out the window pretending to ignore him and watch the trees fly by. "Please. Adriana. Don't be mad. You'll figure it out soon enough!" He reassured me. He stopped trying to get back on my good side and went quiet for a while. When I thought he wasn't paying attention to me anymore I started to turn and suddenly his hands were around my waist and tickling my sides making me laugh and kick, trying to stop him.

"Okay! Okay! I forgive you! Justin stop tickling me!" I protested.He stopped, l turned and smiled seeing him smiling at me. Then the bus suddenly stopped and threw everybody forward into the seats. Many groaned while Justin and I laughed. We waited at the stoplight for what seamed forever. The freshmen were throwing paper balls at the bus driver to get moving. After a while he yelled at everyone to stop and be quiet. Everyone went silent as bus started moving again.

When we got to school everyone was so silent that I took a hairpin from my bag and dropped it then wrote on a sheet of paper. "It's so quite that you can hear a pin drop. Lol" I showed it to Justin then threw it at Poppy and Gale giggling. They read it and smiled then Gale took it crumpled it up and threw it to the front of the bus. We watched the paper wad make it's way from seat to seat. The bus stopped harshly, throwing the paper ball at the window. This time everyone laughed as they got off the bus and hurried towards the school.

I followed Poppy with Justin and Gale behind me to the doors and into the entrance. from there we each headed to our lockers. whichwere all near to each other. And by chance we all ended in the same classes, except for one class after lunch, and were even in the same house. And even better our lockers were side by side. What luck! I stuffed my coat and backpack in my locker and grabbed my textbook and a folder for my first class.

"Wow! Adriana! That outfit looks good on you!" exclaimed Poppy.

"That's because she looks good in anything." Justin said, leaning against his locker.

"Aw. Thanks you guys." I replied.

As I said that I saw movement behind Poppy, it was Gale, who had fell to the floor. I rushed over and kneeled next to him. His eyes were closed. "I think Gale fainted." I said worried. I shook him. I got worried when he wouldn't open his eyes so I slapped him. He moaned in response. "Thank god. At least he's not dead." I muttered under my breath. Gale opened his eyes a bit, his pupils were dialated alot and then he closed them again. Justin came over, not noticing what Gale just did, and grabbed one of Gale's arms and hooked it over his broad shoulder. I took his other arm and did the same and we lifted him semi to his feet.

"Poppy do you mind telling the teacher what's his name that we took Gale to the nurse? I pleaded, struggling to hold Gale up.

"No not at all. Just hurry." She said concerned and ran off towards our class.

"We'll try." Justin replied right before she was out of earshot. He helped me get some of Gale's weight off me to help half carry, half drag him to the nurse's office. We moved slowly careful to avoid any clusters of students still in the hall. As first bell rang we were almost at the nurse's office. Justin took him from me and told me to get the nurse. I walked through the door and told the nurse that we needed help. She came out with a wheel chair behind me and Justin set Gale down on it.
"Young man, miss. You can go back to your class now.I'll make sure your friend is looked after, andI'll get you a pass." The nurse said.

I looked to Justin with worry then back to the nurse."Uh. I'm his cousin. Is it okay if I stay with him?" I asked with puppy dog eyes.

"All right, but only you." She agreed and quickly wrote on a pink slip of paper. "Here's your pass." she said, handing Justin the paper.

"Okay. Bye Adriana. I hope Gale's okay." He whispered as he hugged me.

"Okay. Love you. Bye." I whispered back. Justin let go of me then left. I looked back at the nurse who was trying to get Gale on a bed. I went over to help. She thanked me after a few minutes of trying to place him on the bed. I sat down and put his head in my lap, remembering how he used to do with me when I got sick. He'd tell me crazy made up stories to entertain me. Even though I threw up on him a few times, when I laughed too hard, he would keep talking to calm me down when the gasped and tears came. I looked up at the nurse as she came back over to us. The nurse took his temperature and gave me a wet cloth to hold to his forehead. I brushed aside his brown hair from his forehead and dabbed it softly. After a few minutes the nurse left to do something, leaving us alone.

A moan came from Gale, surprising me, he still had his eyes closed. "That slap hurt." He then opened his eyes. He was looking up with a puzzled look on his face.

"Gale! You're okay right, Gale? You fainted in the hall." I said softly to help him understand what happened.

"Yeah. I think I'm ok. I know that I passed out, but that's not what I'm confused about," He answered, and continued "I suddenly lost all my energy, then everything went black. I was like in a dream and you, you were doing something. I just can't remember what." He tried to sit up, but failed and laid back down.

"You should just lay down for a while." I said while brushing some of his brown hair out of his face again.

"Fine, but only for a while. I really don't want any homework from Mr. Harold." He randomly said making me laugh while he closed his eyes again.

"So that's what the teacher what's his face's name is." I joked. We both laughed. "Hey Gale?" I asked looking down at him.

"Yeah?" He replied. He raised his eyebrows a little keeping his eyes shut.

"If you remember what happened in your dream...will you tell me?"

"Yeah...sure...If I ever remember it, that is."



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