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Rise of the Dragons

Novel By: Km2

This novel was actually inspired by May's Challenge. It is the story of a city, where large green flying monsters are slowly destroying and taking over it. Seeming to multiply in number and only attacking at night, catching most of their victims while at their most vulnerable. While they sleep. Our story begins with a scientist that is trying, desperately, to prove to the world that dragons did exist. Apparently, he's right... View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 15, 2013    Reads: 132    Comments: 16    Likes: 9   

Book One

In the beginning...

There were dragons

Chapter One:

Eh, what's up doc?

-Bugs Bunny-

Dr. Phillip Sizemore Huffman was determined to show the rest of the world that dragons really did exist. Even if it meant the death of him.

Now he sat in his home office writing up his proposal for the board, asking for more funding for his research.

Dr. Huffman stopped writing mid-sentence, lost in his own thoughts; trapped in them for the moment. But not thoughts of his research, I mind you, at least not this particular project at hand. As his mind wandered lost in his own memories - his grip loosened as his Cross pen fell first to the table, then rolled to the floor - he gazed off at the wall almost as if it might speak.

Then it kind of did. As he stared - his jaw beginning to drop - the wall almost vanished away. Melted into a movie screen that now played vividly, both, in his mind as well as on the wall-sized monitor somehow now in front of him. Dr. Huffman was seated at his very own movie premiere, it seemed.

With himself as the star.

As Phillip watched on, he saw himself working again deep in the Baltoro Muztagh sub-mountain range - high on the cliffs in Pakistan - along the Karakoram mountains.

Seeing himself dangled by helicopter, working away on one of the huge spires of the Trango Towers, chipping away at its granite faces.

Then dawning realization sets across his mirage's facial features - as Phillip continued watching - then filled full of sheer jubilation. Immediately followed by absolute horror as he fumbled, then jumbled, and finally snatched out of mid-fall - the object he had devoted his whole life to and had been working on the past five years. Just like that, one slip of the hand, it was almost gone forever; swallowed up by the jungle.

But somehow he grabbed it, slamming it to his chest - cradling it like it was a football, or his baby - as a huge gasping sigh of relief escaped from him.

Followed by a quick shivering convulsion; a shudder.

He had it, though. He finally had it. Dr. Phillip Huffman had finally found what they all laughed and said that he couldn't, and wouldn't, ever find.

That feeling of jubilation slammed back into him, making him look almost giddy. Almost school-girl-like.

The Phillip in his office watched all this happen, after having lived it, couldn't help but release a single tear from each watery eye. They dripped down his face, reached his chin, eventually released their grip.

Phillip could remember, clearly, how he had felt that day.

The day that he found it.

The object of his desires.

The one thing that would soon bring him fame and fortune.

His holy grail.


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