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Magician X

Novel By: kman134

In this reality, people are born with the ability to use magic, but only those who are born under Haley's Comet, or the Equinox, can use magic. Jake West is a cynical and pessimistic boy born with magical abilities, but is still learning how to use them. He had just transferred to Woodrow Wilson High and tries to hide his ability from other students out of fear from discrimination, until he meets Elizabeth Tylor, a cambion (demon-human hybrid) and 16-year-old daughter of the Second Demon Lord of Hell. Together, the two formed the Occult Club to recruit other magic-users and give them sanctuary. Read as Jake and his friends deal with demons, vampires, werewolves, angels, extra-species, rogue magic-users, and a pan-dimensional cult hellbent on bringing the apocalypse to the multiverse by freeing "the Old Ones". View table of contents...


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Chapter 1

Magic is such an easy thing to understand. So why do people have to make it so hard? Magic is an art-a way of life-to those who seek it, yet to those who don't; they see it as an evil taboo to life, deeming it as nothing more than witchcraft and evil. Don't forget, the strongest emotion in humans is fear and fear that we have is the fear of the unknown.

April 15, 2013, Woodrow Wilson High School, North Carolina; this was Jake West's first day in high school. He didn't seem too happy but that's life for you, or as he would view life. 16-years-old, Jake had very simple features: short, spiky black hair with blonde bangs, green eyes, copper-toned skin, and a triangular face. He was dressed in the school's uniform: A white, buttoned dress shirt, a striped necktie, and a green coat over it, gray dress pants, and a black belt. He strolled down the west wing hallway, his strapped black boots clunking against the tiles, separating the rest of the masses in their snobbish uniforms. He hated the uniforms because of its collectivist way of design.

Now, where the hell is homeroom? he pondered. Jake took out his schedule sheet and looked to see where it was, but he later saw he was standing next to it. "Room 148" is where it was located.

He was almost about to walk into the room when something caught his eye. He turned his attention at the end of the hallway and saw a girl dressed in school's uniform with a hime cut and black stockings standing there and staring at him. Who is she and why is she staring at Jake?

Jake looked away for a few seconds but when he looked back, the girl was gone. "Just who was she?" Jake said to himself, deadpanned. He soon snapped out of his train of thought when the bell rang, walking inside his advisory class before the bell ended. As he entered, Jake soon noticed how packed it was. Many students, about twenty from 9th to 12th grade were either sitting in their seats or standing up and socializing with the other students.

He sat down in the third row of the class, placing his backpack behind himself. They didn't have desks but six long, wooden tables, and were all lined up in three rows. When Jake sat down, he heard a voice behind him, saying, "Excuse me, is this seat taken?"

Looking up, Jake saw a beautiful girl standing behind him, wanting the seat next to him.

"No, not at all," Jake replied, waving his right hand, nonchalantly. "You can have it, if you want."

The girl sat down, saying "thanks" with a smile. Grinning, Jake didn't say anything. "I'm Michelle, by the way. Nice to me you..."


"...Nice to meet you, Jake."

Michelle was a very beautiful girl, having blonde hair and blue eyes. Unlike the other girls in school, she didn't wear a gray sweater vest; just a buttoned-up shirt. Around her neck was a gold necklace with a cross hanging on it.

Sitting down, she took out a bible from her backpack and turned to somewhere in Kings. She turns away and turns her attention, again, at Jake. "So...is this your first day in school?" Michelle inquired.

"Yeah," Jake replied, rolling his eyes, cynically. "Why do you ask?"

Michelle responded with a smile, "Nothing; just my job as president of the Student Council." Placing her bible down on the table, Michelle thought of another question. "So are there any clubs you wish to join because, as representative of the Bible Club, also, we are looking for new..."


"...Excuse me?"

"I said 'no.' I do not want to be part of your Bible club, or any club at this moment," Jake gave Michelle a straight answer. "Especially, the Bible Club; I do not want to be part of it."

"B-but why?"

"Because I'm not a religious person and I really don't care about religion."

"B-but..." Suddenly, the homeroom door opens and the homeroom teacher, Ms. Donaldson walks inside as her huge boobs bounced from each step. All the guys stared while all the girls became insecure.

Ms. Donaldson was a very beautiful and very caring homeroom teacher, having a large bust and an hourglass figure. She was dressed in a pink blouse with a red skirt, a pair of glasses, and a pair of black, high-heeled shoes. Red hair and hazel eyes, Ms. Donaldson would not just be attractive by her bust, but, also, by her flawless skin.

"Good morning, class. I'm happy to have you' all as my homeroom this year," She greeted with a sultry voice. All the guys stared at Ms. Donaldson with such lewd eyes, visualizing such perverted thoughts. Some of the male students' girlfriends, who were sitting next to them, became irritated by their perverseness. Out of the corner of his eye, Jake noticed his homeroom teacher and blushed a little.

Jake returned to his argument with Michelle.

"Please! You would be closer to Jesus if you do!" Michelle was very persistent.

"Again, I do not want to join," Jake stated. Knowing that Michelle wouldn't give up, he started to continue: "Listen, I have nothing against Christianity, or any other religions, but I just don't agree with some of your religions' beliefs. I do believe God exists; I just don't care."

Jaw dropped; Michelle was speechless. Apparently, what Jake just said finally shut her up. Jake finished his argument, "I am a spiritualist who likes to, also, see the logical things in life."

Homeroom lasted from 8:00AM to 8:45AM. Jake had reached his first period class, which was World History. Located on the second floor, in room 207, Jake walks in and notices who's sitting at the front row. It was the same girl he saw earlier-the one in the hallway. It was a very awkward moment. Before he could ask who she was, the tardy bell rang and all the students sat in their seats. Bad news about that was that he was sitting next to the girl from the hallway, or 'miss gloom and doom.'

Mr. Roberts, the World History teacher, was an elderly man with a skinny and scrawny appearance. Caucasian; He was missing much of the hair on his head and some of his teeth. He even wore glasses with circular lines on the lens.

"Morning, class; it's good to see all of you, again," Mr. Roberts greeted, speaking in a soft, elderly tone. "I see we have a new student. Why don't you come up and introduce yourself."

Jake sighed, standing up from his seat and walked to the front of the board. To him, what was the point of introducing himself? They would just forget him, after all. They were the same thoughts going through his head.

Jake, politely, bowed and introduced himself with a big smile on his face, "Hello, I am Jake West and I hope to have a good time at this school."

The entire class was filled with 10th and 11th graders. Since Jake was in the 10th grade, too, but he was new to the school. So he wouldn't know what to do.

"Now; Mr. West, since you're new, I will assign someone to give you a tour of the building and hope you'll understand how it goes from there," Mr. Roberts proclaimed. "Ms. Tyler, would you mind showing Mr. West the school?" He was referring to the mystery girl.

"Whatever!" she exclaimed in a negative attitude, which matched the way she dressed.

12-minutes-later, Jake was walking down the halls of the second floor, staring at an abandoned shed in the courtyard out the window, and not paying attention to where he was going.

"You know, if you don't pay attention when you're walking, you'll might injure yourself," the girl with the black hair stated with a stoic expression. "But, I guess, that's how you learn from your mistakes, or something."

"Oh, sorry…uhm…"

"Tyler…Elizabeth Tyler, and, yes, my name does sound like the actress," She noted. Turning her head towards Jake, she continues, "Just don't say anything about it." It sounded almost like a threat, but it was hard to tell with her stoic expression.

"I wasn't going to say anything about your name!" Jake replied, raising his hands in a non-hostile gesture. They kept on walking. Hearing made the background around Jack collapse into darkness (in Jack's mind). A giant drop of sweat appeared on Jack's forehead

She showed him the gym, the library, the cafeteria, and etc. Returning to their first period classroom, they sat down in their seats and listened to what Mr. Roberts was about to say. The class ended with Mr. Roberts handing parental sheets to his students.

Walking down the hallway, Jake bumps into a man whose face was covered in bandages that you could only see his left eye. His right hand was, entirely, covered in bandages, looking like he was wearing a mitten. His left hand was, partially, bandaged, revealing only three fingers (index, middle, and thumb).

"Oh, sorry about that," Jake apologized to the bandaged student but the only reply he got from him was "Oh; go drown in a lake!" as he walked away. Jake shrugged and headed for 2nd period, French.

It was lunchtime and everyone was in the cafeteria, except for Jake. It was dark in the abandoned shed with only a shred of light from the cracks being seen. The door opens and a silhouette of a boy appears. The boy, Jake, walks in and closes the door behind him. Out of his pocket, he took out a piece of chalk and started drawing a pentagram on the floorboards. He moves his hands over the pentagram and shouts the word: "Arcesso!"

A bolt of lightning appeared out of his hands, striking the pentagram, and from the smoke was a beautiful vase with a red rose in it. The slams open and walking inside was Elizabeth, herself. Jake turns and, hesitantly, hides the rose behind his back.

"I'm not going to ask why you're here so just tell me your excuse," Elizabeth responded, apathetically.

Jake thought of a perfect excuse: "I…was just tidying up the old shed. You never know when someone is going to use it, again, right?"

"Right…and the rose behind your back and pentagram you drew on the floorboards is your way of decorating the old crap house," Elizabeth, sarcastically, replied, seeing right through Jakes' ruse. Crossing her arms, Elizabeth continued, "I knew you were a magic-user since the first time I met you."

Jake was startled; his secret was blown. He stood up and pleaded for Elizabeth to not tell anyone.

"Relax, I'm not going to say anything," Elizabeth assured him.

"Really; wait, how do you know about magic-users?" Jake inquired.

Elizabeth walked up and lifted her hand in front of him. Appearing from her hand out of thin air was a purple crystal-an amethyst-about 5-inches-tall and about 15-inches-wide.

She throws it at him, exclaiming, "Think fast!" Jake catches it but, after looking at the crystal, closely, he turns his attention back to Elizabeth. "Y-you're a magic-user just like me," Jake responded with a smile.

A small grin appeared on Elizabeth's face. She shrugged her arms and replied with a modest demeanor, "Sort of, but you could say that I am."

They sat in front of each other on the pentagram, chatting and having a pleasant conversation; getting to know one another. Jake wanted to know if there are other magic-users in Woodrow Wilson High School.

She gave him her honest opinion, "You know, I never bothered to find any other magic-users in this school. If there are any magic-users, then they are, probably, hiding from people who would persecute them for what they are. Just like what you and are doing. You know, hiding from persecution."

"Yeah, you're probably right," Jake agreed. The bell rang, signifying that lunchtime had ended. The two stood up, brushed the dust off their pants, and headed to 3rd period. Jake separated himself from Elizabeth and walks down the hall to Earth Science. It was located in room 110 and was taught by Mrs. Stewart who was the nicest teacher you would ever meet.

She was middle aged woman, about 42-years-old, having brown skin and black hair. Due to her bad eyesight, she had to, constantly, wear thick-glasses to help her see and she would, also, have to push them back whenever they started falling off.

Jake took a seat in the third row and you wouldn't believe who was next to him…Mitchell Goodchild. When he sat down, Jake noticed her waving at him.

"What do you want?" Jake responded in an aloof manner.

"I just wanted to know how your classes were." She replied, still keeping the smile on her face. He didn't care about it that much and didn't want to make it a big deal, or anything. So, he replied with a weak smile, "They were okay."

Jake reaches into his backpack and took out a copy of 'One Piece; volume 59.' Jake liked manga? He opens the book and starts reading the first page before the bell ranged. He laughed out loud. "What are you reading, Jake?" his smile faded. Jake turned his attention to Michelle a small smile and said with a calm expression, "I'm reading One Piece. It's my favorite manga of all time."

"One Piece, what's that about?"

"It's a manga series about a boy named 'Monkey D. Luffy' whose dream is to become King of the Pirates, but the only problem is that he can't swim because he ate the cursed 'Devil Fruit', which turns his body into rubber, making his stretch and inflate, but, also, takes away his ability to swim. He goes out into the world, gathers a crew, and has crazy adventures; fighting evil pirates and saving the day."

"Wow! That sounds amazing," Who knew a girl like Mitchell would be dumbfounded by a manga she has never read before. Probably, never read a manga before in her entire life! "D-does he become King of the Pirates!?"

Jake replied with a big grin, "Not yet, but soon, he will be."

The bell rang and class had begun. Jake places his manga back into his backpack and took out his notebook and pencil. He wrote down what she had put on the board; from the formation of the earth to the periodic elements in the primordial soup. Then came fourth period, Algebra, which was the most difficult class he had ever taken. Jake was never good with algebraic numbers. He just preferred using the mathematics that he learned from elementary. Don't jump to conclusions, Jake is a smart kid, but math was never his stronghold.

3:00PM; school was finally over and it was time to head home; however, Jake started to recall something...something that's been bugging him for a while. He forgot to clean up the pentagram in the abandoned shed (Evidence of the existence of magic). He ran outside and into the shed. He crouched down and started wiping the pentagram with his right sleeve, hoping that it'll disappear. 30-minutes-later, the school was almost empty with only a few people staying for club activities.

Jake walked down the freshman hallway, wanting to go home with his backpack in his hands, but, suddenly, the fluorescent lights on the ceiling started to flicker on and off (Not good).

'Huh, must be a power surge,' Jake thought, but a spark of negative energy could be felt in the air. Slowly, Jake turned his head around. Something was there...something big and deadly. For a brief second, a creature appeared, 5-feet-away from behind, but disappeared in a flash.

Rubbing his eyes, Jake thought he was seeing things from fatigue.

It was hideous, having large horns on its temple and an under bite with sharp teeth, like an anglerfish. Standing 7-foot-tall with a hunchback, its red eyes were even more ominous than its teeth. Its skin, however, was peachy with small, 3 inch spikes on its back. This was the one thing that one would be afraid of. It is the one creature mentioned in books...It is a demon.

Unbeknownst to Jake, it was still there, in the hallways. Feeling the negative energy again, he leaped and dodged a powerful slash from its gruesome claws; however, despite not harming him, it sliced five of the lockers in half, all at once.

"Eh!!!!!" Jake exclaimed with his eyes, comically, bulging and his jaw dropping to about five inches down. Turning around, Jake saw the demon before his very eyes.

He did the one, logical thing to do at a time like this and that was to run. Jake ran with quick speed, but it was no use. When Jake looked back, the demon was still chasing after him like a lion chasing after its prey. He kept running, but the demon pounced from the left wall then to the right, giving it more auxiliary in its speed. He managed to outrun the beast and hid in the school gymnasium until it goes away, which may take awhile, but Jake wasn't about to give up. He was determined to defeat this demon. Pulling out a piece of chalk from his left shirt pocket, He starts drawing a pentagram (15-feet-wide, to be precise) and stood in front of it, not inside it. The demon was coming; Jake could hear its quadruped trampling. Doors forced open and the beast ran towards Jake with its claws read to strike. When entered the circle-jumping above it, I mean-Jake extended his right hand, shouting: "Casso!" A bolt of lightning hits and a blast of energy fired right out of the pentagram, incinerating the demon, hopefully, into ashes. Jake sighed; he was relieved that he didn't get killed by that atrocious creature, but you should never underestimate a demon. Walking away, as the steam started to clear; Jake could hear a loud growl from behind. He started to shake nervously and began to feel the sweat dripping from his face. Slowly, he turns with a nervous grin on his face and was scared at what he saw. It was still alive! It pounced with its claws ready to slice Jake in half.

Jake screamed, again, with his eyes bulging, comically. He was about to die. He closed his eyes and was ready for his fate, but, out of nowhere, a flash of light appeared. Jake thought it was the light at the end of a very long tunnel, but when he opened his eyes, he saw Elizabeth standing in front of him, facing the demon with her right arm extended. The demon was laying in agony, placing its hands on its eyes and lying on its back. Its screams of pain even sounded more animalistic like a jaguar that had been shot by poachers.

"Am I...am I dead, yet?" Jake contemplated. The expression on his face was a bit lifeless with tears running down his cheeks and his eyes rolled back. Even his weak grin returned.

"That' enough, what did I tell you about scaring people?" Elizabeth retorted to the demon, breaking her stoic demeanor and replacing it with an angry expression.

As the creature got up off of its back, it looked at Elizabeth with wide eyes. Scared, it started to mutter something. "H-hime-sama!!!" The demon bowed with tear coming from its eyes. It was...afraid, afraid of Elizabeth. "P-please forgive me, hime-sama!" Wait...hime-sama!? That's 'princess' in Japanese! Why was it calling her princess!?

"Would you quit your whining and tell me why you are here?" she responded, harshly, crossing her arms and with a stoic expression. The demon stood up with its fist planted on the ground (like a gorilla) and said to the young Goth, "I have something for you; something from your father."

A sign of suspense appeared in Elizabeth's eyes. From her father; what the hell does that even mean, anyway? The demon handed Elizabeth a letter with an upside down wax pentagram seal on it. Instead of opening it, she puts it in her coat and bowed in front of the demon, placing both hands, flat, against each other and leaning 50 degrees down, then straight up. The demon did the same thing and disappeared into thin air, probably returning to Hell.

Elizabeth turned around, now focusing her attention onto the dazed & confused Jake West. Grabbing him by the shirt-collar, she starts slapping him in the face to wake him up. She was incredibly strong for a woman of her physique. Slapping him five times, Jake finally snapped out of his state, but was now covered in huge bumps, all over his face.

"Oi, would you stop hitting me!" Jake shouted, grabbing the hand Elizabeth was using to hit him, making a, comically, angry expression, with a cross vein appearing on his forehead. His teeth even became razor sharp and his eyes became white. "What the hell is going on here and where did that demon come from!?"

Jakes' face returned to normal when he calmed down. Even the bumps on his face returned to normal. He waited for Elizabeth's response, but she said nothing. She released Jake's collar, turned her back, and walked away. Standing up, Jake wanted answers and he wanted them, now. Elizabeth, suddenly, stopped and said to Jake as she turned around.

"That was a courier, one of my father's messengers."

"Your father, and who, exactly, is your father?"

"My father is Astaroth, one of the 'Three Demon Lords of Hell'."

Demon Lord? That didn't sound too good for Jake. "Wait, so that would make you…"

"Yep, I am the princess of Hell…"

Jake didn't say anything. In fact, the only response he made was a slight giggle, which turned into a loud laugh. "…Yeah right; if you are the princess of Hell, then that would make me the prince of Heaven!" Jake, cynically, commented.

To shut him up, Elizabeth did the one thing she wouldn't want to do. A flash of red light appeared from the Goth. Appearing on the back of her right shoulder was a large bat wing and on her face were red facial markings, lights that reached from the bottom of her eyes to the bottom of her chin. Even her eyes looked demonic, becoming red with slits for pupils.

Dumbfounded, Jake couldn't say anything. She was telling the truth. JUST WHAT THE HELL IS SHE!!!!? Jake's shocked expression returned, which Elizabeth then slapped him in the face, again. This time, the force was so powerful; it sent Jake spinning and landing halfway across the gymnasium.

"Hey, what the hell was that for!?" Jake yelled, rubbing the red hand print on his cheek.

"I didn't like the look on your face," she replied, coldly, still retaining her stoic expression. Offended, Jake wasn't pleased by that comment. "And what does that mean!?"

An hour later, Jake and Elizabeth were out of the school and walking home down the street. Elizabeth was back to her human form, but was now a little tired from the transformation. Guess turning into a demon takes a lot out of a girl. It was already 5:45PM; the sun was already setting. One by one, the street lights began to turn on.

Then, out of the blue, Jake asked Elizabeth a question, "Elizabeth, what are you?"

"What do you mean?" she retorted with her right eyebrow raised.

"I mean, are you a demon or are you human?"

"Both; well, technically, I'm a cambion: An offspring conceived from the union of a demon and a human."

"Oh yeah, I've read about that in the Malleus Maleficarum. I never thought I would meet a cambion in real life, especially a girl like you."

"Are you trying to flatter because you know you're going to have to do better than that," Elizabeth smiled and gave Jake a flirtatious wink. Blushing, Jake tried to explain. "No, no; you misunderstood! What I mean is that I never..."

"Relax, I know what you mean. Can't a girl tease a guy for once?" she interrupted. Jake was a little embarrassed.

Two-blocks-later, Jake stopped at an apartment building. This was Elizabeth's stop. The two waved goodbye at each other, hoping to see each other tomorrow, at school, again. Jake, now, walked alone. He walked for, at least, another two blocks and then turned right towards a gray, two stories house with a red front door and a blue Hyundai parked in front of the garage. This was Jake's home, but not just his home. It was, also, the home of his cousin...Rachel Williams. While walking down to the front door, Jake started to sing the song "We Are" from the anime, One Piece.

"Arittakeno yume wo kakiatsume! Sagashi-mono wo sagashi ni yuku no sa! ONE PIECE!" Singing the first verse; this was his way of expressing his childish demeanor while giving his matured personality trait a break.

The front door opened and Rachel appeared, standing in front of Jake with her arms crossed. She didn't look too happy. Probably, she had a bad day.

She was a very attractive young woman, about a year older than Jake, dressed, casually, in a dark green tank top with the word "MEAN" on her bosom, in gold, and a part of gray sweat shorts. She was Caucasian, having short blonde hair that reached her neck, green eyes, and a size C-cup chest. She even had a few freckles on her face.

"Where the hell have you been!" she interrogated her cousin, bonking him on the head with her right fist. "It's 6:00PM and you were supposed to be home at four!"

Rubbing his head, Jake walked passed his cousin, nonchalant, and replying while entering his own house, "I know, I know; can't a guy be a little late without his annoying, whiny-ass cousin nagging about what time he should come home?"

"WHAT DID YOU CALL ME‽" Shutting the front door behind, Rachel ran towards her cousin in seething rage. Jake soon fell to the ground, feeling a large weight on his back. He forgot that Rachel was a member of the Judo Club at her school. He could feel the pain of his cousin pulling his right leg back. "Say it again; I dare you to say it again!"

Pleading for mercy, Jakes' eyes were, comically, bulging from the agony, "Ow! Okay, I'm sorry! Please, let me go!"

1-hour-later, Jake was sitting on the couch, in the living room, which was beside the front door, resting his back from his herculean of a cousin's wrestling move. His cousin sat beside him, cross-legged and with the remote in her hand. He looked at Rachel and asked one important question:

"Rach, where's your parents?"

"Mom and dad took the Chevy to meet some friends in another part of town." She turned on the TV and went channel surfing. "They'll be back by eleven and, in the mean time, let's just sit back and watch some TV." She stopped on her favorite show, on her favorite channel. "Ooo, Hot in Cleveland; this is the episode where Melanie's husband shows up and tries to get back together with her!"

"Oh God, hand me the remote. I want to watch Dragon Ball Z on the Anime Channel!"

"Fat chance! The only way I'm handing it to you is if you pry it from my dead hands! Beside, aren't you too old to be watching cartoons!?"

Rachel was keeping the remote away from her cousin, Jake, holding it in her right hand and leaning back to prevent him from getting it. Jake tried to grab the remote, leaning forward against his cousin and reaching his left hand to reach it.

"Oh, come on! At least I don't collect 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic' toys while I go shopping!" Jake countered with a large grin on his face.

"You bastard! You went into my room, didn't you!" the expression on Rachel's face was priceless! Jake couldn't help but giggle "Shishishi!"

Suddenly, the two fell over the couch and onto the floor. Jake couldn't see anything (only darkness). His face was up against something soft and something warm. When he looked up, he was surprise what soft things were smothering his face...Rachel's breasts. Cheeks flushed, Rachel was embarrassed, as well.

"W-wait, this is a big misunderstanding," Jake tried to explain, but Rachel was far beyond reason at the moment.

"Kyaaa!" screamed Rachel, kneeing her own cousin right into the crotch. As Jake lied on the ground, Rachel stood up and calls him a "Pervert!" kicking and beating him while the background went black.

When Jake came to, he was sitting back on the couch with his cousin. He could still feel the giant bumps and bruises all over his face. Face still crimson red, Rachel still had her arms wrapped around her own chest. She had never felt so violated in her own life!

"My face hurts so much," Jake muttered.

"Well, it's your own damn fault, perv!" scolded Rachel.

Jake turned his attention to Rachel, face back to normal and still trying to apologize to her, "I said I was sorry and that it was an accident. What else do you want me to do?" Oh, he shouldn't have said that.

"What else?" Rachel repeated, having a hateful look in her eye, directly, at Jake. "Why don't you drop dead?!" Now, hearing that really hurt him on the inside.

Jake knew Rachel didn't really mean it. She was just angry at him. She'll calm down in a little bit, but that may take a while, depending on how angry she was. Just then, Rachel handed the remote to Jake and stood up off the couch.

"Here, go watch your stupid cartoons," said Rachel, bitterly. "I'm going to my room." she then turned her head to Jake's direction. "Don't talk to me...or else. You got that."

Her face scared the living crap out of him. He nodded to his cousin, signaling her that he understood. As she left, Jake turned the living room TV to the Anime Channel. At last, he got to watch Dragon Ball Z without missing anything. He started feeling something in his stomach. He knew what it was and it wasn't gas. He got up, places the remote on the coffee table, and walked upstairs towards his cousins' room. Knocking on the door, he could hear the beast on the other side roar like thunder: "Didn't I tell you not to talk to me!?"

Jake began to say something to the still angry Rachel, "I know you don't really hate me for what I just did. You're just angry and I can respect that. Besides...this wasn't the first time something like this happened and I hope you can forgive me soon."

After that, Jake walked back downstairs to get back to his show. Clenching her chest, Rachel laid on her bed with her face red and in a fetal position, whispering the one word that made her heart race: "Jake". She could feel her heart beat like a loud drum. Was this normal for her? Is it normal to have a crush on her cousin? Dammit! If he wasn't so sweet, maybe she wouldn't have to.

8PM, Jake was getting ready for bed, brushing his teeth and washing his face in the bathroom. He knew it was too early to go to bed but he had big plans for school tomorrow and he wanted to be up and early to do them. His room was next to Rachel's, unfortunately, and as he entered his room, he took off his pants and shoes-wearing only his shirt and underpants-and lied down in his bed, hugging his stuff Totoro doll. His room was like nerd's paradise. It had posters of One Piece, Dragon Ball Z, and Fullmetal Alchemist on the walls; even posters of Fall Out Boy and Blind Guardian, as well. Two bookshelves were on both sides of the room, one for his spellbooks, and fiction/non-fiction, books and one for his manga. He even had a cabinet filled with anime DVDs. And, last but not least, an entire row of CDs of three of Jake's favorite genres: Alternative Rock, Heavy Metal, and Japanese Pop. Turning off the light on his nightstand, Jake drifted off to the land of milk and honey.

7:54AM, Jake was at school, in homeroom, talking to Ms. Donaldson about something important.

"Please, you've got to let me form my own clubroom in here, Ms. Donaldson!" He pleaded. "I've already got permission from the principal and all I need is your permission to host it here. So, what do you say?"

Ms. Donaldson tilted her head, thinking of what to say. "I don't know; I've never advised a club before," she confessed. "Okay, I'll do it."

"Yatta! I knew you would..."

"...but, in return, you must do me a favor."

"And what would that be, Ms. Donaldson?"

"I want you to give this letter to the principal, at once."

"A letter? That's all I have to do?" Jake deadpanned. "Please tell me it's not a love letter, or something, because you know it's not going to work out." Jake's expression became a bit pessimistic.

"N-no, it's not like that!" she corrected him, waving her hands up in a non-threatening way. "It's just some suggestions to improve the school, that's all."

"Again, not going to work, but if it gets me a clubroom, I'll do it."

4-minutes-later, after giving the letter to the principal, Jake was walking down the hall to first period with his backpack over his shoulders, happy that he finally got his very own club.

Stepping inside, Jake sat next to Elizabeth with a grin on his face. Elizabeth turned her attention to her friend (Jack's opinion) and said with a straightforward question, "What are you smiling about?"

"I have just formed my own club...," he replied, speaking in a tone that only he and Elizabeth could hear. "...and I was wondering if you would be the first to join it."

"Oh really, tell me what's it about?" she asked.

"Well, it's a club for people interested in learning about the magic and the esoteric world we live in and if there are any magic-users in this school, I can be used as a sanctuary for them, too." Jake replied, happily. "I call it 'the Occult Club'."

"Occult Club, huh...wow, that is really original," she retorted, sarcastically. "Anyways; a club for magic-users, how do you know that it's going to work? What if there aren't any other magic-users in this school?"

"I don't, but there is no harm in trying, right?"

"Huh, I thought pessimists like you didn't believe in trying?"

"Yeah, well, I can be a little bit idealistic, if I feel like it. Besides, there was this one guy I ran into that had some magical energy following out of him. I don't know who he is, but I want him to join us, as well."


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