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Princess Amore has to deal with her horrid father and deal with her mothers trajic ending. But what really happened to her mother? Why is her father getting married again? View table of contents...


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I`m Locked in my bedroom. Waiting to be taken outside for my fathers second wedding.

I`m sitting in an old wooden chair, at my desk, in a pink gown. Staring out the window, watching all the towns people appear into the chairs. Where did this all start? Why is my father getting married again? What happened? I`m about to tell you, every little thing that happened over my life time.

I was Born into the family of King Deeroff and Queen May-bell. My childhood was the best a child could get as the princess of a kingdom called Faramora.

I remember that I would play in the fields all day with my beautiful white horse, by my side.

Cherry, my white horse died when I was 10, on a dark and stormy night at the Castle. I remember sitting on the ground of her stable, in a white night gown, crying as the doctor looked down at me with his stethoscope and glasses in disappointment. I remember that I cried for weeks. Losing your best friend isn`t the best thing a princess can loose when she has no friends.
My father, King Deeroff is a strange man. Happy almost all the time, but the entire town would get upset when he lost his temper. He is a tall man with black hair that goes past his ears.
My Mother, Queen May-bell, is a beautiful lady. Young, Talented and don`t forget fun. She kept the Castle upbeat, Tidy and entertaining. Her light brown, silky hair goes past her bottom. Its straight and simply stunning. All the young ladies look up to her.

As for I. I am a young, 15-year-old girl, just trying to measure up to the Castle. My hair is Dark brown And is just above my bottom.
But why is my father getting married again? I can remember the story Clearly.

I was 14-years-old. It was my birthday. I snuck outside first thing that morning to get a fresh smell of the flowers in the garden. As I crept down the hallway a guard had seen me. I turned around and started running back to my room. Before I reached the handle the guard took a hold of my arm. "Miss, What are you doing up do early?" I looked at his hand that was firmly around my arm. "Don`t touch me." I snapped. "I`m sorry miss. But what are you doing?" he let go and stared at me. "I was going to the rest room, you have any problem?" I asked. "No miss. Continue on." He walked off.
I stood in front of my bedroom door and than I crept over to my parents room. I turned the door handle and quietly opened the door. I crept inside, my slippers sliding on the wooden floor. I looked at my parents who were fast asleep. As I got closer my father`s snore got louder. I was than at the foot of their bed. I than tip toed over to my mother`s side and poked her arm.
"Good morning Amore." she said quietly and smiled, opening her eyes. " Good morning mother." I smiled and hugged her. "Sh." She said. "Your father is sleeping. He has to make a big decision today." she continued. "I know." I said quietly and walked over with my mother to her dressing room.
"Amore." my mother said. "Yes mother." I smiled and handed my mother her hair brush. "Happy Birthday." She smiled and brushed her hair. "Thank you mother." I hugged her and smiled. "I love you." my mother said as she hugged me back. "I love you too." I answered.
After everyone in the castle woke up, we had a special breakfast dedicated to me. Every single person in the kingdom of Faramora was there. I got Tons of presents from all the towns folk. I hugged every one. Including the boys.

After that we had a ceremony that we have every year on a prince or princesses birthday. They get a jewel inserted into their crown. And In till the day they marry, more jewels get inserted. This year I was getting the Blue Jewel. The blue jewel means water, meaning that water is going to mean something in my 14th year. The red jewel means fire, the green jewel means grass, trees and other green plants, the pink jewel means good fortune and the yellow jewel means gold. When Cherry died, I had the green one and she died from poison in her grass.

The Jewels are a simble of life. Its something that as far as I know, only Faramora does.
The big decision my father had to make was where the Jewel would be placed and of course what one it would be.
When it was placed in my crown, I had to curtsy, letting my father place the crown lightly on my head as the towns people applaud.

I got back to my room and I sat down on my bed with all my gifts placed around my room. I got up and opened a box up and put the blue gown that was inside into my closet full of dresses.
A guard swung open my bedroom door and I fell to the ground from the air that rushed through. The guards picked me up and I yelled "PUT ME DOWN!! THIS IS ABSURD!!" The guards kept quite and I swung my feet as I was taken down the hallway. "LET ME GO!" I yelled again trying to get down.
The guards opened the door to my fathers working room. "Let her go." My father said firmly. "What is going on?" I asked as I fell to the ground. "I`ll take that." He snatched the crown off my head and placed it into a box and than locked it with a key. "THAT'S MY.." "QUITE! YOU MUST NOT SPEAK OF THIS!" My father interrupted and my mother came running into the room. "Take them out of here." He said and turned around as the guards took a hold of my mother and I.
The guards took us to my room and just through us in there with out no answers. "Mother!" I yelled and ran over to her, hugging her tight as tears fell into her dress. "Its going to be alright. I`ll talk to your father." She held me close.


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