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The Dragon Elements

By: LaceyGerardMonroe

Chapter 1, My novel. Really this novel is something like \"The Lord Of The Rings\' by JRR Tolkien meets \"The Inheritance cycle\" (also known as Eragon) by Christopher Paolini. This novels first three chapters are dedicated to enlightening the reader on what goes on. The story from then will continue to expand into hopefully 3 parts/books. There is a brief history up on my page. Not needed to read but can help with needed info.


It was still dusk when Doronian awoke. As he turned around he's fingers searched for the warmth of Christina's body, but she already rose from her sleep.
Seconds later the smell of fresh tea hit Doronian as he got up.
A faint glow came from the small round table in the corner of the room, where the lamp was still lit. Doronian got up and got dressed in his tunic and boots. He washed he's face with the tub of water standing next to the bed.
As he enterd the kitchen he saw Christina sitting at the dinning table studying a scroll intensly. She looked up as she noticed him.
Christina was the most beuatiful woman in Woodland or atleast in the eyes of Doronian she had blond hair and a dark skin tone.
"Good morning Doronian." she said. It felt to Doronian as though the sirens smile lit up the kitchen. Only a few early raise made there way threw the naturaly grown walls of the small house he and Christina shared.
By the laws of the Woodland Doronian, being the last of the Nomaty tribe and Christina, being a siren, were not allowed to mary or have children. King Uhn kindly gave thesecond  youngest siren and the last of the Nomati and also hero, premission to live together.
The warchief Lagsu, a tough and just centour dit not like this agreemant, but said aslong as they stay by the laws they may do this.
"Good morning." Replied Doronian as he looked at Christina.
He saw a small fire floating in the air with a pot of tea floating not to high above the fire, almost at a point of boiling.
After almost two hundred years of living with a siren, the everyday use of magic still amazed Doronian.
"Ancia have a problem?" Doronian asked Christina as he looked at the scroll.
Ancia is one of the four origanal sirens and also the leader of the siren counsel.
"No this is a warning from the east. Acording to this a small group of traders saw a Eaglonian army kill a water Dragon. I can't see what to make of this in the event that it is true. This can couse great war among all six the peoples for Ancia thinks that they are searching for the crystal of light.
Our knowladge is that the dwarfs of Isma still gaurds it deep in there mines, but we need to sent someone to get news from Isma. Out of the greatness of this matter and knowladge alone we can't just sent anyone and we yet have to determan if there lies any truth behind this. So i casted a truth spell on the scroll and am still searching for sighns of betrayel yet to my deepest missery there seems to be none."
The worry on Christina's face soon affected Doronian too and he decided that if war were upon the world that none such matters shall be descused so early. He went to pour the tea and got a start on breakfast, but the good old fashioned way for he dit not posses any magical abilities.
After they had breakfast Doronian made his way to the Hall of Kings knowing king Uhn will soon sent for him.
He past Landria, the youngest of the sirens. She was busy growing a new house for the dwarfs twins who now came of age and left there fathers house. After watching her for a few seconds while she manipilates nature he went on his way.
Landria had a light skin and blonde hair. She was also the shortest siren. Every action she made was filled with grace.
As Doronian arived at the Hall of Kings he saw that Ancia and Lagsu were outside in argumant.
Lagsu was strong build and had a little black beard at the point of his chin. he was the largest centour and had black hair. Ancia is beuatiful and alouqont. She had black hair and was tall. 
This great hall was one of the few stone buildings in Woodland. It had steps up with two gaurds standing outside the great wooden doors. All over the hall were small windows and the entire hall is white. A true beauty.
Doronian whent up to greet Lagsu and Ancia. Ancia and Lagsu was delighted to see him and imediatly started filling him in on what was to happen.
They enterd the magnifasent hall together. The roof and floor were marble even the walls were marble. The pilars looked like tree trunks and at the back of the hall were a throne. close by the throne where a table and thats where king Uhn were sitting deep in conversation with a orc.
Doronian imediatly reconised hes friend Corn.
He quickly walked up to the table, gave a quick bow to the king and greeted Corn. Corn were away on a two year trip to the Low Lands. he was a spy in the great orc tribe, Pand.
Corn is a strong build orc and large in  size. He was clothed in a white shirt and short pants. Whearing his worrior boots.
The two friends greeted each other with great delight, but Doronian saw pain and missery in the eyes of his friend, but Corns eyes reflected hapiness and gratitude.
"Good day old friend." said Doronian. "Great day." replied the orc.
After two munetes of exchanching plesantries they were interupted by a grunt from Lagsu.
They looked up and the king said, : "If you two are done I would like to start.
King Uhn wre a older man who had a great grey beard and lost most of his grey hair, but he was proud and he whore armore with Woodland criest on his chestplate He had a purple tunic on wich betrayed him as a leader of Woodland.
The four of them sat down at the small round table and Ancia started to explain the situation. After an hour of debaiting about wich steps to take the king silenced them. "We shall sent out a party of six to go to Isma and find news of the Crtstal of Light." The king said.
"The six shal be Drago the Goblin. Over the last fifty years he proofed himself trustworthy. Landria. A siren is needed on this quest and she can do with the experiance. Doronian. We need a leader for this quest and also your battle experience and skill with a weapon shal come in handy. Elgor and Fran the two elv generals shall also go and finnaly Whilsc the dwarf.
Lagsu emediatly objected. "If this massage holds truth the paths to Isma shall be patrolled by the enemy and Landria is still so young and not yet in full control of her magic. Also this party is too small."
"A small party moves quicker and time is not at our side right now, Landria shall be fine. I have spoken they shall leave in five days." The king replied with great certainty.

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