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One Can Dream (Twilight)

Novel By: Lady Elizabeth

A girl gets the chance of a lifetime...

Elizabeth Mercy gets the chance of a lifetime when she wins a contest to meet the cast of New Moon. But upon her arrival, she realizes she is being followed by an ominous presence. What will Elizabeth do when her favorite fictional world begins to take on a life of its own?

"I ran in the only direction I could, away from the howling, and towards the trailers. I stumbled in the darkness, the moonlight now my only light. My mind could find no coherent space to think this through.
I dashed in between two trailers, and covered my ears with my hands to stifle the howling. I leaned my back up against the side of one of the trailers, my chest heaving with breaths forcefully taken, adrenaline pumping through my veins.

The howling suddenly stopped. I opened my eyes, to realize I was looking into the face of a stranger."


(All characters in this book are fictional.) View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 31, 2009    Reads: 943    Comments: 55    Likes: 24   

Every single girl in the nation was Twilight crazed. And I was no exception.
"This just in! Filming for the Twilight Saga: New Moon has just begun, and the production company has decided to hold a contest. A nationwide drawing will be held to pick one lucky Twilight fan to spend a whole day with the cast of New Moon. Millions are expected to enter, from teen girls and young women, to wives and mothers. The drawing will be held on live national television next week! So be sure to go online and enter!"
I flipped off the TV, too excited to pay attention anymore. I leapt from the couch and ran to my laptop - banging my shin on the coffee table in the process - threw the lid open, and typed in the address to the website the TV had shown. As soon as it popped up, I immediately entered my name into the drawing, and watched as the ticker number of entrants clicked from 982,443 to 982,444. Ugh…
"Well, that was probably a huge waste of time. I don't know why I even got excited. There's no way I would win that."
Like most of my friends, I was a die-hard Twilight fan, 22 years old and still in school. My loveable hound -who had been resting peacefully with his head in my lap while I watched the news - was now at my side, looking up at me with his big tail wagging. I felt bad for having disturbed his rest by something so dumb as entering an online contest I had no chance of winning. Okay, so maybe a 1 in 982,444 chance. My open computer screen beeped, and the number changed to 982,445. Sigh, make that to a 1 in 982,445 chance.
Still, a chance to not only meet but to spend a whole day with the entire cast of New Moon? It was so tempting to dream! They all looked so amazing, and to meet the people who portrayed my favorite fictional characters would be beyond comprehension! It would definitely be a once in a lifetime experience for one lucky individual.
Ever since I had finished the series, I had gone a little Twi-crazy, if you will. For Halloween, I went as Bella. I even dressed up Rufus as my own personal wolf - poor pup, it had been a rough night for him. I researched possible Native American bloodlines in my family (and was proud to find traces of Cherokee and Choctaw). I even whitened my teeth for a week to get that nice vampire smile. But I still felt the need to draw the line between myself and those really crazed fans, though. I was reminded that I owned no Twi-oriented paraphernalia besides the books, I didn't spend hours gushing over different scenarios of how Edward would come and sweep me off my feet, and I most certainly didn't check the internet five times a day for even the tiniest scraps of new Twilight oriented information… Okay, so that last one was a lie.
Step one was always supposed to be admitting you have a problem, right? Well, I had one, and bad.
The days had passed normally. I heard more and more about the contest, from fan pages on the internet to the nightly news to even classmates. It seemed everyone and their dog had entered the contest. I didn't even want to check the website to see how many for sure had done so; I knew there would be no point, no hope whatsoever.
The night came for the big drawing to be announced. I, of course, was spending a typical evening in my apartment. Rufus and I had gone for our daily jog, I'd fed him, I'd fed myself, and now we were both settled into our favorite spots on the hand-me-down couch my sister had used when she was in school (which she in turn had gotten as a hand-me-down), and thus making the lovely burgundy slip cover a necessity rather than a style choice. Rufus was in his usual position, lying on his back, stretched out across most of the couch with his head upside down in my lap. I was curled up against the armrest with my favorite green blanket around my feet. I stroked Rufus's velvety soft oversized black ears as I flipped through channels mindlessly. In my flipping, I came across the channel that happened to be broadcasting the big event.
The production company had made an absolutely huge fanfare out of the whole business. The drawing was to take place right in the middle of the movie set, at twilight no less, in front of "Jacob's House". The news cameras were there for the event, and the whole cast was huddled together, looking particularly posh in their retro sunglasses, oversized jackets, and undersized pants. It looked particularly cold there, and I felt a twinge of compassion for them, but only a slight one. An actor's pay check surely makes up for having to endure a little cold weather, right?
The director of the latest installment walked into the camera view with what seemed like a large shiny red envelope. I could hear lots of cheering coming from what was more than likely a few thousand screaming fans. He passed the red envelope to Robert Pattinson, who was standing unceremoniously in the middle of it all, puffing up like a peacock with all the attention. It seemed like everyone had been mic'ed so that nothing was missed. I could pick out Kristen Stewart saying something. Ashley Greene was next to her and laughed at whatever joke she had made. Then Robert held up his hands, flashing the red envelope for all to see. Everyone there must have gone suddenly quiet, because I could hear very clearly what the cast was saying.
"We've been given a great privilege to bring one absolute Twilight fan to the set of New Moon to spend the day with us while we film. We're really excited to give the fans a real taste of what we're putting into making these films a success," boomed Robert in his charming English accent.
"Oh, just open the thing, will you?" joked Taylor Lautner from behind him.
They all laughed at that, and Robert, giving a bow of his head and one of his quirky smiles to the camera, proceeded to tear open the envelope. It seemed to take forever to just tear the corner, but once he did so, he pulled from the envelope a little white piece of paper. Through the audible silence, he projected the name of the unworldly lucky person who would get to spend the day with the cast, so that all could be sure.
Somewhere in the distance, I heard a muffled dog barking. My cell phone began to vibrate violently in my back pocket. It was then that I noticed I was standing up, and that I had knocked the remote of the couch, sending it slamming into the hard wood floor and scattering the batteries. I numbly pulled the phone from my back pocket, its vibrations getting angrier by the second. I flipped it open.
"Elizabeth! Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! Can you believe it?! Oh my god, you are the luckiest person in the whole damn world! You told me you didn't even enter it!" It was Felicity, my Twilight enabler friend who went with me every time I had had a craving to see those strange vampirical characters on the big screen, who had loaned me the copies of her books so I could finish them when the bookstore had run out, who had been so excited to enter the contest and prayed daily that she would win… She was still screaming into the phone when it dawned on me.
I had won the contest. I was that unworldly lucky individual. My dream had come true.
And I was unfathomably freaked.


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