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Set It Aflame

Novel By: Lady Elizabeth

This is the sequel to my story "One Can Dream".

Things are going well for Hunter and Anna, and while they may still have fictional vampires in their life, what happens when the real thing threatens to reappear? Can their love survive? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jun 30, 2009    Reads: 526    Comments: 15    Likes: 8   

A bead of sweat made a slick trail down my neck as I moved closer to my prey. I stalked him silently, fingers splaying out across satin sheets. The light filtering in from the window caught my face as I closed in on him. I winced a little at the brightness, and my subtle movement and coinciding squeak of the mattress springs woke my prey.
Hunter opened his right eye to peer at me through long dark lashes, a smirk settling across his tanned face.
"And just what do you think you're doing on this fine morning?" He purred, sitting up in bed and reaching out to wrap his strong arms around my waist. I meeped a little in surprise and started to giggle as he pulled me from my crouching position and into his lap.
"Apparently I'm not about to pounce on you," I pouted, and he laughed heartily as I made a sour face. "I was going to jump you and have my way with you, but it would seem that you sleep too lightly for surprises." I stuck my tongue out at him and jabbed my elbow into his rib cage. His breath whooshed out in a little puff, and I rolled stealthily out of his grasp and off the bed.
"Hi-ya!" I yelled, taking on a protective stance, my feet spread shoulder width apart across the worn wood floor.
Hunter laughed and I joined in, as I climbed back onto the end of the bed. He raised himself into a sitting position at the other end, and as the laughter died, we settled for staring into each other's faces.
"I'm not a light sleeper, as a matter of fact. You're just not as quiet as you think, Thunder Feet."
"Ugh!" I grunted as I grabbed for a pillow. I swung it out with both arms straight for his head, but he ducked deftly to the left and was around to the other side of the bed so fast that the sheets stirred from the breeze he caused. Before I knew what was happening, he had me up in his arms and was spinning me around the small room in tight circles. I closed my eyes to the disorienting sensation and swayed when he put me back on my feet.
I still had my hands over my eyes when he called my name softly. I opened my eyes to a strange sight.
"Anna, when I first felt your presence, I knew you were perfect, and when I first laid eyes on you, I knew you were the best thing in my world," he said, kneeling on the floor in front of me. "But when you first looked into my eyes, I knew I was yours and you were mine," and he clasped both of my small hands into his. "Tell me what I feel is real, and let me be yours forever."
I watched, stunned, as he pulled out a box from behind him. It was a little blue thing, nothing special, but I knew that it was the most important thing to me at this very moment, because it held my future. He cracked open the little box to reveal a delicate ring with a small diamond on top. Intricate scrollwork wrapped its way around the thin band. He pulled it out and held it, his large fingers dwarfing the magnificent piece of jewelry.
"Anna?" He prodded calmly. "What do you say?"
I couldn't find the air to breathe, let alone speak. I knew the answer - my heart was screaming it - but I couldn't make my lips move, so I bobbed my head up and down stupidly, as tears began to stream down my face.
"Of course, I will, Hunter," I laughed softly through the tears. "How could I refuse a proposal like that?"


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