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The Essence of Shadow (Completed)

Novel By: Lady Wolf

This is for Dixie's picture challenge. In the land of Rinsha, peace and understanding of nature is valued above all else. A select group of individuals is granted with the gift of being able to communicate with the energies of a specific aspect of nature and will be charged with keeping the balance of their world. Winna is among these individuals selected from infancy to become a Whisperer. But when one of her fellow students and close friend becomes charmed by the darkness, he threatens to tear their world apart, with Winna in it. Can she harness the power of light and push back the darkness of his heart? Or will she and the rest of the world she holds dear become prey to his lust for power? View table of contents...


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Kaden froze as the question echoed in his mind. Lumin smiled inwardly as he asked once more, "Well, don't you want to know what happened to your father? I can tell you, but you must do something for me first." His heart pounded as the image of the moment capture Jessah had flashed through his mind. No one ever told him where his father went, whenever he asked, they changed the subject. It was hard enough for the boy to grow up without his father, but to never have any knowledge of him at all was a wound that never seemed to close.

"You really know what happened to him?" Kaden asked as Lumin replied, "I've told you before, I am a spirit of nature, therefor unable to lie. If I say I know, then I know. Would you like to find out?" The wind began to blow as a storm crept it's way across the village of Rinsha, as if nature sensed the danger lurking within Kaden's heart. As the sky darkened, the breeze caught his long hair and blew it up in the air while he fought for an idea of how to proceed, "What is it you want?"

Lumin replied smoothly, "Just to walk freely in this world. If only for a day. In those times I have seen through your eyes, I was able to experience the sensation I never have been able to as a spirit. I want to feel the grass, I want to taste the fruit of the trees and I want to do it as a human would. Just because I am of nature, doesn't mean I get to feel it the way you do. Let me use your body for the day and I will do more than tell you, I'll let you commune with your father's spirit. I can do that, you know? That seems fair doesn't it? A day in exchange for the forever knowledge of your father's whereabouts?"

It felt wrong, very wrong and Kaden tried to imagine the catch to the spirit's words, "What do you intend to do with that day?" Lumin gave an inward shrug, "How suspicious you have become, my young Whisperer. I have told you what I want. I just want to know what it feels like to be human for a day. One, small, short, day, that's all I ask. I feel I am being more than fair." Kaden licked his lips as his heart tore in two, "Are people going to get hurt?"

Lumin spoke without hesitation, "How good you are, my noble Kaden. Why would I want to harm anyone? Now I'll ask you once more and then it is closed off from you. Either accept my offer or lose the ability to physically speak with your father. The choice is your's."

There was a clap of thunder as the wind blew through trees fiercely. Kaden inhaled sharply as he bit his lip, "All right, I will become your vessle for the day in exchange for communication with my father's spirit. I accept the terms."

"Done!" Lumin sealed the exchange and lashed out his power in a way that Kaden had never experienced before as an unfamiliar presence began to slither it's way through his veins. It felt as if someone was squriming around inside as his body fell backwards onto the grass which was blowing sideways in the harsh wind. Then, as Lumin began to take over his mind, his grip on reality started to fade as darkness filled him up and cast him into the spirit world.

Lumin slowly opened his eyes through Kaden and looked to the dark sky above where clouds of black and gray swirled like the ocean's waves. He smiled as the wind beat against the trees in protest to his being there. Quickly learning how the different muscles and bones worked together, Lumin stood up and looked towards the village that was securing their homes in light of the storm. How they ran around frantically seemed so funny to Lumin and he felt a sensation escape from his throat as a laugh escaped.

"Finally, I have form again. I wonder where that girlfriend of his is. I'm going to pay you a visit, little healer." Lumin used Kaden's legs to walk down the grassy hill and towards the village where the healer of nature waited helplessly.

Meanwhile, Kaden opened his own eyes in the darkness of the spirit world where he floated weightlessly. All around him was emptiness, solitude and silence. So this was the spirit realm? No wonder Lumin was so bored with it. How he was expected to find his father in this darkness was lost on him as he tried to find some direction to turn himself. As he considered which way to go, Kaden was surprised when a path of light errupted before him. So that's how it worked? He simply had to focus on what he wanted and it would be shown to him.

Kaden focused on the moment capture of his father as the road of light twisted and curled into a path for him to follow. Feeling his heart beat quicker, Kaden walked down the path, wondering just what it was that he would find at it's end.

Back in Rinsha, Lumin walked about in Kaden's body, treasuring the way the wind felt on his face. The sensations and smells of the village filled his mind as he searched through Kaden's memories for the directions to Winna's home. He looked around at all the different shops and houses that were being closed off because of the storm. How interesting humans were, but they were not what the spirit wanted as he turned the corner to the large home that rested beneath the shade of a large tree.

"Come out and play little healer." Lumin whispered as he raised a hand to tap on the window of Winna's bedroom.

Kaden continued down the path of light finding it very interesting that he didn't tire as he would have in his human form. It seemed to go on forever as images started to fly past the young Whisperer. At first they were of people he didn't recognize until suddenly an image of a woman with large golden eyes and jet black hair came before him, "Jessah...." Kaden whispered as the image showed her smiling and accepting a bouquet of flowers.

It was then that he realized these were Kidick's memories and he watched with amazement at the beauty of Jessah's smile. She giggled and placed a hand on her stomach which was large with pregnancy, "I think it's going to be a boy. What should we name him?" Kaden waited as the voice in the memory answered her and she smiled warmly, "I like 'Kaden'. That seems like a wonderful name, don't you think?"

Tears came to his eyes at her happiness. The image disappeared and another one was replaced as Jessah's smile turned to tears, "Please don't go, Kidick. I need you here, Kaden needs his father. Please don't leave me!" Kaden watched with curiosity as the image turned down to a baby with black hair and golden eyes that looked up to his father lovingly. It was then that Kaden felt an anger in himself, "Why did you leave us?"

"Because I had too." The voice interrupted his thoughts as Kaden turned to come face to face with a man who so resembled himself that if it weren't for the sky blue of his eyes, Kaden would have thought he were looking in a mirror. Kidick stood tall in front of him as his crystal eyes scanned his son and a smile came to his face, "Kaden, look at the man you've become. You've got your mother's eyes."

"F....father?" Kaden inquired as Kidick nodded, "Yes, I'm your father, Kaden."


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