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Sigh of the Moon

Novel By: lanchava

One girl must battle her inner demons and face an unlaw challenge, one of which she may not survive from. Guilt striken about the death of her sister, the rejection of her parents, and the fear of her twin brother, she must flee her land in search of the one who could change her life; the former husband of her sister.

But will the Moon, her grandmother, hold a powerful grip on her strings of life? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 13, 2010    Reads: 70    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

The darkness would hold no terror for this young woman, for she was prepared to face the consequences of her actions, her deeds, her unlawful misconception. For her poor, older sister was gone, killed at the hands of....no, it was too painful, too soon to even think about it.

For this young woman, of only eighteen, was tricked by the Moon, and saved by the Sun. Her grandmother tricked her, and her grandfather saved her. In return, for her foolhardy deeds, she had to go on a mysterious, deadly quest into the land of the misfits, the dangerous, the enemies of her own people.

Her parents had tried to stop her, saying she had a choice, but they knew, like everybody else, that their daughter had no choice. She had been chosen.

And perhaps this was for the best. Perhaps they didn't need her.....

Perhaps they wanted her to go.

Sekrite just wanted to be like everybody else. But did she really have a choice? Did her sister have a choice? Was it all because of the prophecy? Or was it just fate?

For many years, since she had first heard of the prophecy, Sekrite knew she was different. She was more powerful than her twin brother, more skilled, and yet, lonelier, sadder. Her sister was powerful too, perhaps even more so than Sekrite herself. And yet it had been Sekrite who was the victor. How?

Was it her grandmother? Had she taken pity? Or was it just fate?

Would she ever find out? There were so many questions, but not nearly enough answers. It was tearing her insides out, just trying to scrutinise what was happening to her. And, in truth, she was frightened. How could she ever try to even pretend to be normal when the...tragedy hung over her like a raven over a dead carcass.

In a way, she was dead. Perhaps she had been the one to die, and her soul was left wandering the land, thinking it had done the deed. Oh, how dearly she wished that were true.

Her parent's sorrow and grief, rage and torment, was enough to make anybody feel worthless, to make them feel insignificant.

The boiling jealousy she had felt before her sister's death had quickly been replaced by over-exaggerated grief, terror, and a wild sense of foreboding. For she had loved her sister's husband, but she now knew that he would never feel the same. Even though she knew he had never loved her sister, and had only agreed to marry her due to the prophecy.

All these emotions were racing through her head so fast that she couldn't keep track of them. For the life of her, she needed a release, a new lease on life, to keep her sane. Though sometimes, she thought she was already in the 'insane' zone of life, and going back would be traitorous and deadly, like prodding at a sleeping venomous snake.

How would she ever survive? How could anybody?

Her life was over.


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