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Surrendering to the Flames

Novel By: lanchava

A girl's story of how she found the man of her dreams...and grew up with him...only to be taken away from him...forever? Sorry, I can't really think of anything else to say. Meh. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Nov 9, 2009    Reads: 97    Comments: 2    Likes: 0   


The crackling of flames in the Victorian style fireplace, logs bursting into furious, passionate flames. Shadows were cast across the library, giving the soft, leather chairs an eerie impression. Astrid two chairs perched one man and one woman, gazing into each other's eyes. The woman's long blonde hair looked ablaze with golden fire, whilst the man's midnight black hair shimmered. They just sat there for what seemed an eternity, blue eyes locked onto green eyes. Then the spell was broken as a large white figure bounded onto the white clad female, and started to lap at her lightly tanned face. The man looked almost disappointed, and sighed wearily as the white wolf sprang onto him.

" Snowflame, down girl!" spluttered the man, his black clothes hugging his handsome features. The woman giggled softly, and tickled the white canine behind the ear. Yapping, Snowflame bounded out of the library and down the dark corridor. The man and woman rose in unison, and locked hands, gazing into one another's eyes yet again. The woman's gaze, however, drifted off towards the fire, and she started to tremble.

" Erik....." she began, blue oculars full of naked fear. Erik, realising what was wrong, engulfed her in a warm embrace, her head nestled into his shoulder. He could feel her shaking, and felt tears dampening his clothes. Ever since their father had revealed to her the true nature of the life force, Sekrite had been forever afraid of even the smallest of fires. Perhaps it was because fire could melt ice, but these symptons didn't usually last that long.

" Come on, Sekrite, let's get you to bed. A good night's sleep does the world some good," his smile faltered, however, as Sekrite burst into a fresh wave of tears, her eyes puffy and red. Still, to the dark haired young man, she looked stunningly beautiful. He took one of her cold hands in one of his, and led her out of the library and down the desolate corridor. Elaborate paintings clung to the walls, giving it some comfort. Erik sighed in annoyance as he noticed a small pile of wolf faeces, newly laid.

" Bloody wolf. Don't know why I even got the little pesk." he murmured to himself, though the shaken woman overheard. She frowned in confusement up at him, but shrugged and wiped her eyes with the cuff of her dress.

Suddenly, the sound of men's voices echoed through the corridor, and both Erik and Sekrite froze. The voices came closer, until ten men finally came into view. Sekrite screamed as somebody grabbed her from behind, and dragged her to the floor. Erik glanced down in time to see his worst fears come true.

" SEKRITE!" he bellowed, and started to punch at the attacking men. He knocked two out, but was overpowered, and forced to submit. Heart pounding, he watched as the screaming, pleading love of his life vanished into the darkness of the corridor.


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