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The Mythical Realm Guardians

Novel By: lanchava

Rachael is just an ordinary 13 year old girl. . .
Until she discovers she has a gift,
Until she is taken to the base of the Guardians,
Until she enters a strange new world. . .

Along with her sister Georgia, she meets four new people.
Matt, Gerard, Cassandra, and their leader, David.

Together, they must protect their world from creatures, and a strange organisation that wishes to take over the world, with the help of the creatures from the other realm.
Along with phoenixes, dragons, unicorns and more, this is one heck of an adventure. View table of contents...



Submitted:Feb 7, 2010    Reads: 138    Comments: 0    Likes: 1   

Note: Sorry this chapter is sort of short.

~Chapter One~

Glazed eyes looked blankly at her maths jotter, unable to continue with algebra. Her brain had most probably died from an hour and a half of solid maths, with no break. Truly, it was like the Chinese water torture.

Finally, the bell rang, signalling the end of the lesson. Slamming her books shut, she bounded out of the room along with the other kids, eager to reach the safety of another lesson.

"Hey Rachael! Wait up!" called a voice from behind. Spinning on her heels, Rachael turned to spot her best friend, Catherine, sprinting towards her from her separate maths class.

"You're lucky," murmured Rachael, as they walked side-by-side to the History classroom.

She brushed a strand of her long blonde hair out of her eyes, and queued up behind three boys, arguing about World of Warcraft.

Catherine frowned at her with almond shaped eyes, then giggled, "How am I lucky? I'm stuck with a drop-dead dumb boyfriend-"

Rachael rolled her eyes. Here we go again, she thought, off about her boyfriend again. Kill me now.

Luckily, Rachael didn't have to listen to Catherine's rant about how her boyfriend was never there for her, et al, by their history teacher.

Rachael dodged past the brunette ranter, and followed the three boys inside. She rushed to her seat next to one of the boys, called Andrew, and got her things out.

Their teacher came inside, and told them what they were doing today.

When will this day end?

The end of the school day was met with great relief from both pupils and teachers alike. It had been an exhausting week. Now, they had the weekend to themselves. Hallelujah!

Rachael waved goodbye to Catherine and her dumb boyfriend Ewan, before clambering into the school bus. As usual, nobody spoke to her, so she just got out her MP3 player, and listened to her favourite songs.

Rachael contemplated what she had to do that night. Her sister, Georgia, usually did the household chores, but tonight, she was out at this meeting for some group she was in. Her boyfriend, Matt, was also a member.

It's weird how she only got into that group when Matt came onto the scene. Ah well.

She sighed and yawned, eager to get home.

That night, lying in bed, Rachael had a vision.

She was walking towards the Art room with Catherine and the rest of her class, when a strange man appears. He was wearing dark clothes, and had a mask over his face, sort of like a phantom's mask. The lights go out, and somehow, it becomes pitch black. Panic sweeps through the class, until, moments later, a scream echoes through the school.


The lights turn on moments later, to reveal a blood-stained floor, and the man and Catherine gone.

What's happening?


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