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The Prophecy- book one of the Chaos Chronicles

Novel By: lanchava

A prophecy which tells of an eternal rivalry between two sisters, Daciana and Sekrite, and only one of them would be victorious. Sekrite, the protagonist, falls for the mysterious Erik, whilst her sister, Daciana, weds a demon master, Lagan, from the Chaos Realm. One will be killed by the other, but the survivor would have to pay a debt to Chaos. For only their grandmother Chaos can decide whom will be the victor, and only she can think up a punishment for them.
Truely, they are damned both ways. View table of contents...



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A storm was brewing on the horizon, but what it would bring was not rain and wind, but a prophecy. A prophecy that would change the lives of two sisters forever more. The tale of Sekrite and Daciana was written in the ancient manuscript by the prophet and keeper of Time, Lenus, brother of their mother, Idun. These old and just legible scripts told the tale from the perspective of Sekrite, for it was her that Lenus got the full story from.

The script was written in the ancient language of the Realm Avah'cnal, the world where the keepers, or as others might call them, Gods, lived. These were a simple race of people, only devoting themselves to their "element". They are immortal, sort of like elves, but can be killed by being stabbed, diseased, or any other way, except natural.

There is a famous letter from the keeper of Fire to his secret lover, the keeper of Water, which tells us that Sekrite had a lot of support from her fellow Elementals. It was even rumoured that Sekrite, as the keeper of Ice, would become their leader, but due to reasons only revealed in the prophecy tale, Felix, the Fire Keeper, became their leader.

The Elementals consisted of Sekrite, Felix, the Water Keeper Cynthia, whom was cousin to Sekrite, Arthur the Keeper of Wind and Air, and Momus the Keeper of Earth and Forests. They were like the Protectors of the Land, fighting rogue demons and goblins, conjured from the Chaos Realm, (which Idun, Lenus, and Clota, their sister, all write about in The Journeys in the Chaos Realm). Not much was known about the Chaos Realm before the famous adventures, but it was well known that Chaos, the Void, and grand-mother of Sekrite, Daciana, and their two other siblings, presided over that Land.

Lenus begins the tale on the day of the birth of Sekrite and Seth, the popular and well talked about twins. Seth, being the keeper of trials and desolation, much like his father Thanatos, was very troublesome and mischievous, always getting his sisters into bother. Their younger sister, Magna, now the famous head of the Durrentyne Library, and well known philosopher, and also the Keeper of the Light and Day, recalls in a letter to her aunt Nyxx about the time when the twins were a mere thirteen years of age, and they went into the forest to scare passers-by. This was also the time when the strange meeting between the two lovers occurred, but more will be revealed about that later.

Firstly, I thank you for reading this, but I have no credit over this, it is merely the writings of Lenus, and the words of Sekrite. Secondly, this tale consists of four scripts, which have been neatly made into four "novels". The first script was merely called, The Prophecy, because it symbolised the start of a new era for everybody. Indeed, it is said that the tale of the prophecy is the one most made up about my young and old, around the land.

A few words of caution for the reader. This tale is thwart with darkness, despair, murder, scandal, romance, adventure, and of course, the quest to dominate the prophecy.

Yours faithfully,

R.V. Smith.


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