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Ever Happily After--Prologue

Novel By: Land Of Stories

It's a child's dream to live in a fairy tale. The whimsical creatures, magical characters, and sometimes, the evil. But what if you got a chance to go inside of a story? What would you do? But this world has something wrong. Everything is mixed up. A curse has set everything haywire, and only one person can fix it. Sounds fun, but let me tell you this: Be careful what you wish for, because not every story gets a Happily Ever After... View table of contents...



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She stared into the mirror. The Evil Queen always knew that this day would come. The birth, of Alice. This couldn't happen. Not on her watch. She growled and punched the mirror. Then she turned away in shame.

"Miss Eve?" Vincent, her only friend, trotted into the Queen's sanctuary.

"Not now Vincent!" Eve gestured for him to leave her alone. Her turned and skimpered away. She now sat in silence, thinking of what to do. Then, it struck her like a bolt of lightning. Backwards. All fairy tales went as planned, so there could always be a Happily Ever After. But not if the plots were jumbled up! Eve was a genius!

She quickly went to her spellbook on the dusty vanity. She flipped through the pages until she reached the correct section. Page 2022, 2023, 2025. Wait, that wasn't right. She flipped through again. She came with the same result. At the bottom of where page 2024 should be, was a small section of a ripped page. She forgot. She had sold it to the Sea Witch many years ago.

"I guess I'll just have to pay her a visit." She snapped her fingers, a large cloud of black dust surrounded her. And when it faded, she was gone.

Eve appeared at the lair of the Sea Witch. The bones of innocent sea creatures, the skeletons of mermaids, everything was so ghastly...she should at least clean up after herself!

"So, Eve, you've come back after all these years I see." A cackled voice said in the distance. The Witch showed herself. She hadn't even changed. Then again, in the Fairy Tale World, nobody ages.

"I've come back for my spell." Eve stepped into the light as well, the Raven feathers covering her dress glistened. "I need it for a plan. I'll pay you."

"I'm sorry Eve, a deal's a d--" Eve snapped her fingers again, a hand made of black dust slammed the Witch into the wall, pinning her there. "What is this?!" She yelled, making the cave rumble slightly.

"You don't want to mess with me." Eve said in a stern voice. Then she walked to a cabinet, opened it, then automatically shut it and gagged. It was filled with rotting meat, coming from who knows what? Then she went to a small podium, flipped through the uneven pages of all of the Witches trades, and found it.

"Well, I've got planning to do. Good luck, Witch." She left in her cloud of dust, leaving the Witch pinned to her wall.

"Okay then. I just need this...a little of that..voila!" Eve poured her black liquid into a pouch. She pointed to the middle of her stone floor, and it bursted into flames. Eve smiled, recited the Latin spell, and through the pouch into the fire. She laughed as it exploded, black dust, smoke, and spirits rose into the air, and out of the large hole in the ceiling.

"Go! Go!" She yelled and spun in place, arms spread wide. "Ruin the Happily Ever Afters for everyone!" She cackled, turned in the direction of the magic mirror, which still had the image of Alice on it. "And I'll see you soon, Alice."


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