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Hell's Angel

Novel By: LeAnne

sixteen year old Rea finds herself cusred by her family's history. now she must find the cure--but what happens when the cure to the curse is something that she can't help with at all? something that she would most likely die for than be cured. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Sep 22, 2007    Reads: 500    Comments: 4    Likes: 5   

note to reader:
This is my first story and please don't mind if it is a bit not to your liking. I'm am trying to make it better as it progress and I am thinking on editing it entirely.


�"Is it almost time, Nicholas?" Lord Rafiel asked while standing in the dark cavern he and his comrades were imprisoned in.

Years have passed since their opponent, Raena, had defeated them. Now is the time of their new arrival.

"Almost.� Soon the girl will see the angel's eyes. Right now, just be patient and wait. We'll be able to make enough illusions to make her confuse," said Lord Nicholas.

"That will be fun," Rafiel said, though very impatient.

"Until she is introduced to the curse we cannot meet her in person. You have to grasp that," Nicholas said, hearing the impatience in his most recent comrade's voice.

"Patience you too," Lady Sabrina said. She hasn't talked much in the conversation. She was the strongest of them all, the only one whom they will listen to.

"Sabrina, when will the curse take action?" asked Nicholas.

"I don't know. I HATE this!" she hissed. The cave had made them weaker. "But as soon as the curse is triggered, I'll be happy to meet her in person."

"I don't think so," a boy entered to cave. With only the light from a dying candle, the sorcerers could barely make out his features. He had reddish brown hair with a few strands in front of his silver eyes. They could see a few of metallic blue in it.

"Who are you?" Rafiel asked, though he didn't want to know. He just merely want to know how the boy got in.

"That's none of your business sorcerer," said, rough and defensive.

"How did you get in here?" Nicholas accused.

The stranger didn't answer, he just stood there.

If it weren't for the cave, the sorcerers would've identified the boy, nonetheless kill him for not answering the questions they asked.

Then the boy finally said, "The bracelet, where is it?" His voice was too full of authority. Who was he to talk to them this way?

"That's none of your business, boy," Lady Sabrina snapped offensively.

"I'm afraid it is," the boy made a gesture to Lady Sabrina, assuming that she has it, "Now give it to me." He took a step closer, only to show ne harm if the sorcerers asked for mercy. But the three stood their ground. They're unwilling to give away the bracelet just by asking.

"Try it," Sabrina challenged.

The boy, though younger than the three before him, accepted the challenge. "Fine," he said and took a step back. He lowered his head so the sorcerers couldn't see his expression.

A silent moment passed between them, while each of them thought of a plan to overthrow the other.

With his final decision in his mind, the boy looked up, a piercing ruby color in his eyes. It would freeze a human in their tracks if they look straight into them. "Perfect," he whispered, threateningly. His lips pulled to a wicked smile, showing his white teeth.

The rocks under his feet shifted an instant, and in a blink of an eye, he was at the other side of the cave.

The sorcerers' eyes didn't miss anything. They were ready for him.But with speed that they had lost, the boy was quicker than them.

He aimed for Nicholas, but Rafiel came to counter. They acted far too soon for the boy to misinterpret their movements.

Nicholas shoved Rafiel aside. "I don't need your help," he snarled. Before he could say another word, something hit him in the chest, making him double over. Lord Nicholas righted himself and glared at his attacker with fury. He made no attempt to get back at his opponent, he simply observed him.

Without much to do, Rafiel charged at the stranger. Before he could get close enough to even touch the boy, a fist hit him hard at the side of his head. He too doubled over.

"Where is the bracelet?" the boy demanded. He headed toward Lady Sabrina. She was the only one left who could still be holding on to the bracelet. He had already checked the others as they fell. They had nothing important on them.

She made no gesture to move or beg for mercy. Without question, she knew his intent.

The boy raised an eyebrow, satisfied at the sorceress's choice."Fine, then I guess I'm gonna have t-"he didn't finish. He lounged at her, planning to pin her to the wall of jagged rocks.

She quickly dodged and moved aside.

"Stupid boy," she said, "I know your every move."

Amused, he smiled. "Seems to me, you don't," he said and lifted his hand, holding the three cyrstalled bracelet he'd stolen.

Lady Sabrina's eyes went wide. She knew that it wasn't a replica, it was the real one. But how had he stolen it from her so fast?

Furious, she leapt at him. He dodged her as quickly as she did on him. But, because he was standing right in front of the candle, Sabrina-for the first time-lost her balance and tipped the candle over, blowing it out and making the cave go pitch black.

"Damn it!!" she screamed and lit the candle with the tips of her fingers.

They all looked around.

The boy, the stranger, was gone, disappeared in the shadows of the cave.

Along with the bracelet they fought hard to get.


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