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Ango is struggling to keep the house and keep Hansel healthy and happy. Ideas dwindling and the haze of hunger over taking both of them she decides an impossible decision. Facing the new world filled with vampires, werewolves and demons her true nature surfaces. What she must do is what she does best what is in her blood. View table of contents...


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Training day, it is coming soon the day where they pick the 'lucky' few with the chance of becoming like some freaking ass-kicking ninja. Or whatever. Not really looking forward to the test for who they should pick. As quite frankly I don't want to be forced to show my skills, everyone has to show their certain set of skills. Let me make this clear they mean lets see who is useful and use them for unknown purposes. Sounds great I know, but it gets better almost certainly if your chosen you never see your family again. The 'extremely lucky' few are red banders.

The main ones are blue, black and white. White being the less capable fighters but complete geniuses, in other words nerds. Black banders are the specialists, they focus on anything scouting but do other cool stuff too. Blue can be considered as the jack of all traits, not really good at anything but not bad either. There is one more and unfortunate for you if you become one of these, as they are workers. They don't get trained and you don't get picked to be one no. You only become one if you are starving or a criminal.

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The sun filters through the make shift blinds of a torn up blanket that Hansel used to like before it got ruined. Speaking of the devil… "Ang, Ang," the sweetest little boy mutters to me. " Ang, please get up."

"Sweetie, I'm up," I reply. Sitting up I push back the holey cover I call my bed sheets. The sun slitting through the blinds finds my sensitive eyes. Picking up the cute little child at the end of my cot like bed I pinch his nose and announce, "I've got your nose," showing him my thumb, he begins to giggle half-heartedly.

Making my way to the living room/ dining room/ kitchen I make my way past clutter on the floor and a sleeping dog. The same very dog that tore apart Hansel's 'blankie.' God that damn dog has anger problems! I growl at it, I am apparently not even worth a response. "What's for breakfast Han," I ask him.

"EGGS!" he shouts way too eagerly at me.

Smothering my laugh I say, " I am pretty sure that it wont be that, how about porridge. Hey, make a boy like you nice and big with lots of muscles."

"Like Luc?" he asks so I nod. He begins to tuck in to the slimy porridge.

As if on queue from avoiding awkward talk Mia knocks on the door to take Hansel to school. "Bye big guy," I tell him and kiss his head. He looks at me and doesn't move; I know immediately that he wants to say something. "What is it?"

"Ango, your not going to go get that job is you?" He asks me. I wanted to comfort him and tell him we were fine and I wouldn't. But… we needed the money and I knew we wouldn't last long.

I found Hansel when he was little and left all alone, I had run away from an uncomfortable household. Clearly unwanted and not even with my own family, I felt like I had to leave. With the money I got from selling my unwanted things, I got a house with three rooms: bathroom, bedroom and the living room/ dining room/ kitchen. Now the money after three years is beyond dwindling. Hansel is now 9 soon to be 10. And I have no way to provide for him, I am running out of ideas. He joined school al little late but however you would not think so from the results he gets. I finished school; I just scrounge for little jobs. Being 15 nearly 16, to say it is hard would be an understatement.


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