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Destiny's humour

Novel By: leeleenewell99

Roaming looking for a place to settle. Constantly fighting. Constantly moving. She just might have found a place to settle and she has found someone who cares for her dearly and just cant believe it but she is falling ever more in love with a dangerous mystery man. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Dec 10, 2012    Reads: 16    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

I force the change back. Keep cool, breath. Breath. I spin to find myself face to face with my stalker who had been following me for way too long. My right hook connects with the mysterious guys face with a hearty crushing sound. Quick, I swerve from his upper cut and block his jab then duck his left hook while swinging around him. NOW! Bam, I feel my roundhouse kick hit his stomach as he was turning to face me, vibrations run up my leg to the tip of fingers and head.

The element of surprise was now long gone and he was all but about to beat the crap out of me; he knew he was on higher ground now so to speak. So while it was still evens stevens I pummelled him to the ground. "Hope you like dirt bitch!" Oooops probably would have been better to have not just shouted that. They will now know where I am now.

Unfortunately for me in battle I am female, so if they are to turn wolf on me or use supernatural powers I get a lot of disadvantages. Though god knows I will still try with all my might to knock my opponent on their behind. For one thing I am smaller in appearance and have to work twice as hard to get anywhere near the muscles male wolves get so easily. Though I actually have an advantage when a attacker sees me they don't think oh gosh look how big and scary she is, no, they think shit this is going to be easy though they've got another thing coming.

They start to surround me blocking my exits as I check for my sweet escape. Gravely enough I find none. They all start to tighten the circle around me, but two attack me and leave an opening. Oh how stupid of them. Grinning I sprint forcing myself to run faster at the ever growing gap the eager men left perfectly for me. They are running behind me growling in full shift. Refusing to waste such energy but it is more so the fact that while I am changing I would be vulnerable. I won't turn wolf. They are gaining. Sweat trickles down my panic stricken face as I try to find my way out of this territory took woods.

Gleaming the trees turn a lush gold as the sun pours its rays over the worried mothers children. The crunching twigs and leaves beneath my feather light feet barely touch the earth smelling ground. The musky wolf smell hits my nose as I realise just how close they are. Using the last reserve of my energy I mightily push my self forward as the wind licks my neck. Growls follow me. The sun rises. I am nearly there to the dirt track. Soon I will be on my way. I don't stop not till I know that I have definitely passed their territory. But who knows they could be those crazed wolves that are constantly spreading their territory and always protecting it. They just can't kill me that don't mean they won't punish me!

"Roar" I hear one angry wolf. It makes me pause. Hearing that voice struck something inside me and I am not sure whether I like feeling it that way or not. "WE ARE NOT DONE," I turn to see one of them murmur in agony " come back!"


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