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What would you do if you were taken from your home? Well if you count mine to be a home but I am not one to really choose. Cry? Question? Swear? Or carry on and look on the bright side of life?... View table of contents...


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What would you do if you were taken from your home? Well if you count mine to be a home but I am not one to really choose. Cry? Question? Swear? Or carry on and look on the bright side of life? Right now I bet you think I am going to say that I carried on and looked on the bright side on life but I am afraid not. I like anyone in the right mind state would swear.

I'm an sort of orphan never really knew the people who took care of me, nobody I met. Nobody! I wouldn't say orphan because that would incline that I ever had parents but I don't. Never did and never will. I am 'special', different even to people like me. Call it a burden or a curse but it makes no difference either way and plus I don't care. I don't live in a caring home, I would hate to think what would happen if I step foot in one no in fact I am all alone on my owney.

My story starts when I went away from my comfort zone and actually decided to go out of my sacred woods.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The ground is slightly moist from the winter chill. A fox is sleeping not far away from where I am and when she sees me she looks torn from running away or towards me. I know it would run away as all creatures do. I had just had a dream about what my life might have been like before but I can't remember. I just remember sitting up and seeing some sort of wizards/gypsy people around. But that was thousands of years ago.

Thinking thoroughly about this makes me want to go away from the woods for a bit. I can't really imagine it but I have been here for who knows how many years roaming the woods not even able to get close to the animals. I know there are a shopping centre, club and town not far away from the bottom of the mountain this very wood is on. I think there is a small town I can stop by on the way 'Lava Hot Springs'. I know it sounds cliché but that is actually a town.

So leaving my pathetic excuse as a home with some valuables and clothes. I look around to see it for what might be the last time for a month or two. I see my now lousy looking garden that in summer looks like it was not made or planted but grew with the wild. I see my house I found here in the woods of stone and wood I found near the town at the bottom of the mountain. However faulty shoddy and rotten in places overall it is my place where I sleep and eat and did me more than well it was charming for that.

I love the outdoors and will never be bored of it but that doesn't mean I can't be curious of the outside world. It has been a while. There is a path I can remember from my previous treks and take it instinctively. It leads to, after a few hours, the bottom of the mountain. I easily find the shopping centre and go to the toilet. I go into a cubicle and pull my jumper over my head. I have learnt from seeing other people that it is inappropriate to wear dirty things if I want to blend in so I stick with one of my subtly designer hoody and jeans. But however before I put them on I think twice and go out of the shopping centre and go in a near by stream first then go back in to get changed. I also put some make up on and brush my hair.

The shopping centre is closed so I head to the club and it is full of dancing people, talking people or working people all doing something. The lights pour over me and I feel like they want to cover me in a blanket like snow falling on to the ground beautiful and wild. Nothing left to do but join in I suppose so moving toward the wave of bodies I start to feel the music and dance and don't stop not till it is over but even then I consider carrying on, but of course I leave.

I immediately afterwards search for somewhere to stay. I have a lot of money and lots of credit cards. I even have more weapons than I care to count. It is morning now so I go to a house agent shop where I ask for a nice house and a greasy teenager trainee hands me many houses quite the opposite. So I ask for all the available ones and I get in return a fish eyed blank blink. But after a second try I am rewarded with a list and I immediately find the one I like. It may be a bit big and isolated but it is in the woods at the bottom of the mountain just not at the top.

After asking directions I head to the clothes shop and buy a couple jumpers and tops and jeans, nothing fancy. But I need transport so go to the car shop it is appalling all the cars are either at least 4 years old or £2,000 my car has to cost at least ten times more than that as it must last more than a month.

The bus station is like any other smells of pee and has graffiti but does the job and I make it on and actually travel in public transport. My destination is not as far as the passing person made it seem but this might have been as she looked like she never walks anywhere or as a matter of fact does nothing all day. This part of the town I'm in looks exactly like the other just has a better car store weirdly enough. I go into the Porsche one and buy a Cayman s my all time dream car but afterwards go into the Audi car store and get a R8 coupe.

The new house looks ostentatious mixed with grand and outside makes it a great one. One that I feel It would be hard to leave for long. But who says I wont…


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