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In the dark of the night, hidden deep in the forests, there lies a magical Stone, guarded by an Elf. The Stone controls the actions of the Moon, but if it is disturbed, the Moon will go out of control and cause mayhem and destruction. View table of contents...


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Ariya. That is my name. I was taken from my home because of my special abilities. I was destined to guard the Stone. I know it is a great honour, guarding the Stone, but... I miss my family. I miss my friends, the Sun, the Beauty. I guess I miss everything. Here, the only things are the gloomy trees, darkness, and nothing to do. I wish I was at least able to bring my horse, Shella. She was white, with a beautiful black mane. Shella was one of my best friends. Before I was "relocated" here, as They put it.

"Ariya... Ariya... Come here, Ariya..." the Wind whispered. The mossy trees swayed slightly. I hate it when the Wind whispers to me. She always promises things for me if I come, but I know better. I'm not stupid. My abilities are superior to anyone else's. Okay, maybe I shouldn't brag. I mean, no one likes a bragger, right? "Ariya..."

"Oh, shut up!" I yelled, picking up a small, mossy rock and throwing it at the Wind. "Just leave me alone!" The Wind decided to shut up. She apparently wanted to keep her head. Man, I wish I at least had one of the Council, even if they are the ones who brought me here in the first place. I sat down on the stump I had dug up a few weeks ago. Every three days, a Coucilman comes and takes my post so I can take a break. Too bad the break only lasts about two hours.

I often wonder, why does the Stone need to be way out here, anyway? It's not like someone can just walk by, pick it up, and destroy the world. The Stone is well hidden in a deep, dark, creepy cave that even the Councilmen are afraid to go in. Not to mention I'm in the middle of stupid, ugly forrest with nothing to do. Nothing ever happens. Shushhhhhhhhhh. I sighed.

"What do you want, Wind? I thought I told you to shut up and stop speaking to me." I called. Shushhhhhhhhhh. "No, you shut up!" Shushhhhhhhhhhh. "Wind, if you do not shut up, I willl--"

"Run, Ariya... RUN!" Wind shouted, the trees bending fiercely.

"Huh?" I asked. Shushhhhhhhhhhhh. I saw the leaves rustling on a bush in front of me. "Stay back... I am Ariya... Guardian of the Stone... I can use my abilities!" I said nervously, my pointed ears pricking with every rustling sound that was made. Everything in front of me was darting for some reason... Oh, duh... My blue eyes are darting. "My father will not stand for this!" I screamed. I was getting really scared now. My heart was beating like a drum, and I was sure that whoever it was could hear.

Suddenly, the rustling was all around me, coming from every direction. I shrieked and pressed my palms over my ears. Then I ran. Of course, Elven silk gowns are not made for running. They are made to protect the wearers body, especially when fighting. Pretty soon, I was snagged in a tangle of poky tree limbs. I looked over my shoulder in a panic, which gave way to humiliation. Wow... I said to myself. Not even ten feet away from your stump. That's real far away from the enemy...

"Follow my voice, Ariya... Follow my voice... I will give you safety..." said Wind. I rolled my eyes.

"Heck no, Wind! How stupid do you think I am?" I shouted, tearing myself free. Shushhhhhhhhh. "Ohhh..." I groaned as the Shadow slunk up behind me. I could see his sharp, glistening talons in the dew drop hanging from one of the branches with my super-powered eyesight. Shadow cackled as he freed a strand of my brown hair from a cluster of branches.



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