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The Mob Daughter

Novel By: Lenxica

In the city I called home there was a society that people knew about but also didn't. They didn't understand the whole politics or the way the families run there orgainistation. They also don't know what it's like to be born into one of the three main families. Even more so to be the only daughter in those families. My father ran one of the orgainistations. Or should I say Mob.
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In the city I called home there was a society that people knew about but also didn't. They didn't understand the whole politics or the way the families run there orgainistation. They also don't know what it's like to be born into one of the three main families. Even more so to be the only daughter in those families. My father ran one of the orgainistations. Or should I say Mob.

We were the biggest and most powerful. We had the most territory and the most followers and business partners. We are the Cavarti family. I am Zoe Cavarti, the only daughter to be born to a main family in fifty years. Then there is the Freirick family. They have the second biggest Mob, and also the the family we normally blame for any hits. They used to run this city, that is until my grandfather had their leader arrested and took charge while he was in jail for three days. He was a great man my grandfather. Then there's the Samu's they are the third in the queue and they hate it. They have the least influence and my father is quick to take advantage of it.

I loved my life. Well mostly. Being who I was could be so difficult at times. Sometimes almost impossible. I was expected to act a certain way. Tough and hard, not show any emotion. Mostly I could but sometimes I just wanted to be what I was, a fifteen year old girl. I wanted to be able to text my friends and go out shopping on Saturdays. But there three problems with that. 1. I didn't have a phone, they could be traced by the police, I would only get one on my 16th birthday. 2. I couldn't go shopping because it was too dangerous with the other families and 3. I didn't have any friends.

My 16th birthday was a few months away and that scared me the most. I would have to take on some of the family business. But my family's business wasn't just the local café or a corner shop. No, my family's was much, much, much worse. I hated the way my father was moulding me into the perfect daughter, well, what he considered a perfect daughter. I guess I don't have to say that we have very different ideas on the matter. I just wanted to be normal.

There was a knock on my door, my brother stuck his head round it.
"Day dreaming again?" He asked me
My day dreams had become quite a regular occurrence and my brother took great joy in teasing me about it.
"You know it"
"If father finds out you'll be in trouble"
"No I won't, he never tells me off, except for being to good"
"I don't understand why, it get yelled at all the time for nothing"
"You mean like you didn't clean up when you performed that hit last week, your lucky the police missed that evidence"
"You mean I'm lucky my sister is good at making things disappear"
"Yes but were keeping that a secret"
"Why, father would be thrilled if he knew"
"Which is why I don't want him to know"
"But why does he never yell at you"
"I look to much like madre".
Our mother had died two years earlier and father had never gotten over it. He claims he has but sometimes I catch him looking at her picture with a tear leaving his eye. I wouldn't tell anyone that I saw him crying though, not even my brother. In our business it was dangerous to be seen as weak, especially my father.

I walked over to the mirror and looked at myself. I had her eyes, a deep green and her freckles covering my face. My brown hair was also hers, but it curled like my fathers.
"I miss her" I said
"So do I"
"Padre does to, he just can't say it"
He walked over and wrapped his arms around my waist.
"You look so much like her"
"That's why padre never punishes me"
"You are her double"
"What was it you wanted?" I asked, my brother never visited unless he had a reason.
"Who said I wanted anything"
I glared at him in the mirror and he held his hands up.
"Fine.... Padre wants you, he's in his office"
"Are you going to escort me?"
"As usual"

I rolled my eyes, I couldn't go anywhere on my own.
"I'm a ragazza" I told my brother "there are rules against attacking girls"
"I know that but your also the head guys figlia. If you were kidnapped father would give them anything, anything at all"
I left the room and my brother was right on my heals.
"Are you serious?" I nearly yelled when I was outside the door.
My brothers best friend Jason was standing there waiting.
"Your father has increased the security around you" he explained
"I'm going to kill him. I have no privacy as it is"
I stormed off and the two boys had to run to catch up to me.
"Zoe slow down" my brother panted "uomo, si cammina veloce. man you walk fast"
I didn't slow my pace. All around me people were moving out of the way. That made me even angrier. Why did people have to fear me so much? I was just a fifteen year old girl.

I didn't stop until I reached my fathers office, a guard was standing outside.
"Smile Zoe" he told me
I didn't smile
"I'll smile David when my father realises I can look after myself"
"I'm guessing you've heard about the new security measures"
"By the look on your face I only know the tip of the iceberg"
"I am going to kill my padre"
He just laughed and knocked on the door.
"Zoe's here" he said speaking into the room "she's mad"
I crossed my arms when chuckles came from inside.
"Let her in and Matthew"
I stormed straight in not waiting for the usual procedure of the guard giving me access.

There were three of my padre's business associates in the room with him, my father was always so busy. They all stood when I entered the room. This society was really old school. Something I actually liked about it. My father sat behind the desk. His blond hair fell down just covering the top of his eyes. His mouth was pulled into a grin. He knew exactly why I was mad, but he also knew I would complain a bit and then just deal with it. He opened his arms and I went and hugged him. My brother didn't get the same treatment. He never would, but he was ok with that. It was the way we were both raised.
"Why did you increase security?" I asked
"Mia figlia, my daughter"
"Why don't you sit" my fathers deep voice responded
That voice sent shivers down grown men's back. But for me it just made me feel warm and safe.
"Why don't you tell me why you increased security?"
"There was a threat made against you, I wasn't going to take any chances"
I didn't like the response but I didn't show it. Something my mother had taught me.
"Another family?" I asked
"Which one" this came from one of the men in the room
I took a deep breath. They never made threats unless they were real and action was intended to take place.
"Is this about ..."
"Si, tuo nonno, your grandfather" my father answered before I finished

I sat down opposite my father and only after I had done so did everyone else in the room.
"Io non sono deboli" I muttered
I knew they were only after me because it was an easy way to get to my father. But the other families seemed to think I was weak and vulnerable. My brother put a hand on my shoulder. I took a deep breath before my father continued.
"I know your not weak mio caro"
"I need some help"
"What with"
"Your good with computers and I need evidence disappearing, I know what you did for your brother last week..."
"I didn't tell" my brother insisted
"He didn't" my father agreed "I have people everywhere, I could have made that evidence disappear another way and if can with this as well, but... Let's just say this is far more effective"
"You want me to hack into the police network?"
"Si, Again, like you did last week"
"Bene, I'll try"
I didn't want to tell my father that last week was a fluke and I didn't know if I could do it again but I would try. My padre clicked his fingers and a laptop was given to me. I picked it up and walked over to the large table in the room.
"It could take some time" I admitted "they would have increased the security after last week"
"Take your time" my father told me before turning back to his associates
I noticed that one of them looked nervous, more nervous than anyone normally did when they met my father.
"This evidence I need to get rid of" I asked "it's for you isn't it"
My father nodded to give him permission to answer me
"My son" he explained "he made a mistake, he's only seventeen"
"I'll do my best" I told him.

My brother sat next to me as I got to work. He looked confused as I wrote page after page of code. I knew what I was doing.
"Where did you learn this?" He asked
"Ssssshhhhh" I responded "Silenzio working"
I didn't know how long I worked it could have been hours before my brother asked again.
"But where"
"Madre" I smiled "mother"
"She was an eccellente hacker, it's how she met padre"
He seemed impressed
"Dad taught you how to fire a gun and kill someone without any trace si? Mum taught me how to hack, I'm nothing compared to her but I think I can do this"
I didn't notice that the men had left the room and father was listening to us.
"Era incredible" he said he had that look in his eyes
Now that we were alone he could afford to act more like a father.
"Yes she was incredible" I agreed
"How are you getting along" he asked coming over
"Nessuna idea, She's written a lot of stuff I'm not even going to pretend to understand"
They both laughed
"It's called code and I'm doing bene, la sua not as bad as I thought it would be"
"Drink break?" Father asked
He pressed a button and a lady came in
"Three cokes" he told her
I got back to work as Matthew and father talked more and more. I grabbed my iPod out of my pocket and stuck my headphones in my ears. Music helped me concentrate.

Two and a half hours and three coke breaks later I'd done it. I sat back in my chair and stared at the screen. I was looking at the police database. My brother had gone from sitting next to me to lounging on the sofa, my father was writing something on his computer. They both had things to do but they were there protecting me. Like the Freiricks could really kidnap me from the middle of our compound.
"I've done it" I almost sang.
They both came rushing over.
"Wow" my brother sighed
"Just like her mother" my father stated
My father told me about the data I needed to delete and I went back to work. It didn't take that much to find and remove all of the data that my father needed.
"Can I keep the laptop?" I asked
"What?" My father asked not hearing me
"The laptop, can I keep it I can store all the code I use on it and so it won't take me as long next time"
"Si" my father answered "call it an early sixteenth birthday present"


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