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Back to Life

Novel By: LexGun

An orphan named Ivy wakes up in a cabin deep in the forest,With no clue how she got there.17 Year old Krain,Tries to explain to her how everything has changed.She will now face the new world she has woken up too,and live a life she thought only existed in fantasy movies. View table of contents...


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The second guy in the room said ''That's enough,Danny.If you won't be serious about things then the door is-''

''Ok,ok.I'm sorry.I'm excited to see her actually awake at last,that's all. I'll sit and watch quietly now,don't trow me out.'' Danny said.He flashed me a quick smile and got up from the floor.He walked towards a chair besides the window,and sat there with his legs crossed.I'm not liking the whole was-watching-you-while-you-were-sleeping- at all.

The second guy asked me while standing ''Are you capable of moving your legs?''..So he is responsible for me being handicap-ish. ''Why? What did you do to them?'' I asked,Angrily.I had the right too.He sighed.Then he got to the floor and offered me his hand. I just stared at it.''C'mon,Let me help you up.You'll feel better once the sun hits you'' ..'once the sun hits you' is that some sexual teen slang saying i never heard of?. ''I can see the sun light from here just fine'' I said.

''I promise you,that if you feel the sun light,You'll feel much better.I'm only trying to help you'' He said.

Danny half laughed ''Ain't that the truth''.

I tried moving my legs,And they still felt numb..sigh.I grabbed on tight the sheet around me for no accidental reveals,and took his hand.He slided me out smoothly.I was laying on the rug feeling the sun light from the window on my back..It feels amazing..It felt like i was getting a massage from the sun rays.. ''How do you feel now?'' He asked. I looked up at his face,and was surprised..I thought he'd be older too.

His hair was long shaggy golden blonde layers drooping around his face gracefully..The sun was hitting it,Making it look even more golden..So very angelic like.His eyes from behind the metal framed glasses was a mixture of blue and grey..He had soft pouty lips,two gentle dimples on his cheeks,and a smooth squared jaw line...If i haven't called anyone dreamy before,Then now's the time..What a face... I realized he he was trying not to smile,He kept looking over at Danny,and then at me..Why are you holding back a smile? ...I bet you'd look even cuter when you're smil- I blinked,and caught myself with a stupid grin on my face..

I heard Danny laughing & snapping his fingers,He was shouting from his chair ''Heelloo! Earth to girl! Can you hear me?..Damn,and i thought I had her charmed.What you do to her?'' I looked down at the rug and blushed.What is wrong with me?! Hasn't anyone ever told you not to ''check out'' the kidnappers before? Ugh.That window looks pretty damn good to jump out of right now..'''Can you stand up now?'' Asked angel boy.

I moved my leg with no hassle..He offered me his hand again to stand up ''No..I got this'' I said without looking at his face.I pushed myself up,and got to my feet.I held on to the blanket with dear life against me.I can stand now?..

Danny got up from his chair,and smothen his apron ''I'll go get you something to wear,Oh,& since I'm positive there's no girl undewear around the house,you mind wearing men's boxers? Don't worry,Everything has been nice and dried cleaned.''

I raised my eyebrow at him.Did he seriously think i would prefer to have nothing at all than to wear a guys boxer? ''I could wear a chicken suit right now for all i care,I just want to be un-nude right now''..

He smiled and walked towards the door,When he opened it,I heard different voices scatter ''Is she ok?'' ,''She was staring at Krain? Why,Did he have something on his face?'', ''Can i go in?'' Danny hissed at them exaggeratedly like an angry cat..''Get Back,back i say! '' He closed the door on his way out still arguing with them..

I ignored the staring comment.''Who are all those people?''I asked him,As he went to go sit where Danny just got up from.''Maniacs who don't know how to clean their room..'' He said it loud so they could hear,shot a look at the door,Then looked back at me.''A.K.A. My brothers.''

''How many are there?''

''Were 8 all together,but one had to go away for business.. So,there's only seven living in the cabin right now,Including myself'' I couldn't keep the striked look off my face..8? Wasn't 3 boys a dozy enough for the parents? belive me,I know kids,I've been in the orphanage for three years already.That's Kids 24/7 around me...The orphanage..I have to get out of here,Maria's probably worried to death.I bet she thinks I did the worse to myself..''I have to get out of here..''

He stiffened..He then adjusted his glasses,and looked at his lap..''I can't let that happen...You have to stay here''

''Over my dead bo-''Danny walked in holding the clothes ''Here,Try this on for size'' He threw the clothes at me..and I almost catched it,Meaning i was going to let go of the blanket..I just let it hit me..Then I shot him a look.

''Sorry..'' he said,grinning.

''Aren't you a bit too old to be teasing a 13 year old?'' I told him..

He gasped ''I'm 18,And of course i know i'm too old for a 13 year old little kid! I mean,Eeck..That's really not my thing...But you're''He gave a half laugh''You obviously haven't seen your-''

''Danny!'' Krain yelled.''Don't''

''She has to know some day,Krain''

''Know what?''I asked looking at one to another.embarrassedly,I looked down to see if i was exposing anything,Nope.I was covered.''What do i have to know?'' I bended down carefully to pick up the clothes on the floor.still watching them.

''I'll tell you later.Why don't you go to the bathroom,and change?''

''I don't want to be here later,Krain.I have to go back to the orphanage..'' No matter how cute he is,No matter how nice he may seem.I will not listen to him and stay...A bad person can come in any form.I can't be fooled.


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