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Last Angelican*

Novel By: LilLoCksea

Aeliana is the last princess of the Angelican tribe, not knowing it herself though. She is just aware of of her mothers power since her fathers death when she was 13...Now the very same creatures who killed her farther are back, but for her... View table of contents...



Submitted:Jun 17, 2012    Reads: 34    Comments: 6    Likes: 2   

Chapter 1


Staring into the fire, knowing that from here my life would forever be changed. I knew that what i was going to witness now would also leave yet another burden in my heart, one that would never heal.

"Please? please! No! I will never tell you were she is! Never!" I was shaking with fear and was trying my utmost best not to burst out and cry. From her voice alone i heard the fear in her quiver and the sob in her throat. Then he spoke again in his harsh voice..."Well, then you are of no use to us, just like your husdband before you. Search the house and find that girl!" he almost screeched the last command that he barked at his team. It worked, footsteps quickly obeyed marching in different directions following with them destruction. I had no sight of what was happening, but I was able to hear how they broke the furniture, throwing and breaking things as they went along. "Mom.." was all i managed to whisper. She was out there being tortured while i was safe. For the moment. The small cupboard my mother locked me in just before those creatures invaded our home was starting to become quite hot from the flames that the house was under. I wanted to get out, wanted to save her! but everytime i gained enough courage to do so she would wave her hand making me go entirely lame with her power. After being shut down everytime i tried to get out and save her i gave up... Just hoping for the best. This fire was never going to become smaller, that was a fact. This house would keep burning until there was nothing left. With the smoke of the fire increasingly become more dense in the small space of the cupboard i started feeling dizzy. I wiped my hand accross my face and found it funny when i realised that I had been crying, my cheeks were firey...I imagined how my face would have looked in the mirror; my cheeks blood red, my crystal blue eyes covered in tears with maybe even some of my dark hair sticking to the wetness of my face...Suddenly like a bird flying against a window, I heard that man returning. A part of me wished that he would drop dead, but nfortunately that was not going to happen and i knew it. "So now is this your final answer? No? If so, why dont you allow me to pass a message to your daughter, when i find her ofcourse." I sucked in a gush of air, it was hard to put my mind to it. Why were they looking for me? i havent done anything! I was a perfect A+ student at Black swan academy, i never went to a party or dissapointed anyone...I didnt have any enemys. Well not that i had known of apparently. I struggled against the force of my mothers power, interrupting my thoughts with a horrible scream that filled my mind with such horror and pain that i froze. What was i supposed to do? scream? shout? yell? what?! just do somthing i kept telling myself. "Ahhhhh!!! you will...never...find her!" i couldnt take it anymore! without a second thought I screamed breaking the protection of my mothers power "No! Mom!!!" as soon as I gathered my senses i felt completely stupid, now me and my mother were going to suffer..."O, look here, I guess I just found the lovely princess, hay Sydney? haha" His laugh was so hatefull, so cruel. I hated him!


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