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Alice's World

Novel By: LittleMizOz

Alice May isn't normal. And she knows it. With pointed ears and a beautiful face and long hair. But people don't seem to notice her beauty since they're more aware of her strange ears. Not to mention some cute guy just came to school...but she is more worried about surviving high school than impressing the new kid. But she seems to grab his attention for some reason which is now causing even more problems. View table of contents...


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Chapter 1: Alice May

I stared out the open window. Pondering ideas of how to skip the first day of Senior Year. It wasn't the fact that my outfit didn't match or make-up was a mess. It was more of a physical kind of problem. Like pointed ears...mother and father had them but they didn't seem to have as many problems as I did.

"Alice! You're going to miss the bus!" My mother called from downstairs. Right, the bus. The annoying and nightmarish bus. Shivering, I closed the window and looked at myself in the mirror for the last time. I had easily put my dark brown hair into a long braid. It hung perfectly over my right shoulder, just touching to around my rib cage. My perfect fair skin and oval face with defined cheekbones. My eyes alined perfectly and filled with green. My brows perfectly waxed. I put my long fingers over my crisply pointed ears, wishing I could hide them. I asked dad ifI could get plastic surgery but he just laughed and said I was being silly. Standing strightly, I flattened my brownleather vest that was overtop my light brown long sleeved shirt. Pulling up my skinny jeans and peering down at my brown fabric boots. I huffed, knowing this was the bestI was going to get. Grabbing my green coat, lime hat, yellow scarf and matching yellow fabric gloves and last my sling bag with all my new books, I walked out of my room and down the stairs.

"Good morning, sweetie. You look nice today." My father commented as he held the newspaper aside to inspect me.

"Morning, da. Ma, I will need to be picked up to look for job applications." I said as I picked upa slice of toast from dad's plate.

"I'll be there. Oh! Don't forget! We have to pick up yourBuggy tomorrow!"

"Right-o!" I called fromthe door, slipping on my coat, hat, scarf, and gloves. I closed the door and stepped out into the Fall air. I chewed the warm toast as I walked to the bus stop. The sidewalk was layered in multi-colored leaves. I kicked up a pile with my boot, smiling at the wonders of nature.

The bus stop lingered in front of me.I took a deep breath then marched to the worn out spot in the grass. I shivered slightly, rubbing my gloves together and stamping my feet.

"Alice! Oh girl! I missed you!" The high pitched squeal of Edmund's voice echoed through the quiet streets. I head feet approach me but I had no clue it was Edmund.

"Hey, Ed." I said as he scooped me up in a tight hug. His pink scarf was falling off his shoulder as he held me back. He pushed it back up. I took Edmund in, I hadn't seen himin over a year. His black hair spiked up and his cute boyish faceheld a large smile. His blue eyes were twinkling as usual.Come to think of it, I hardly remember Edmund ever being sad.

"I haven't seen you in like...a year! That's like foreverdoubled!" He squealed. Kissing my cheek and fixing my scarf. His perfect leather shoes andlight blue skinny jeans matched hisbrown leather coat. Except for the pink scarf which he never left without on the fall days.

"Ed, forever can't be doubled." I said, stepping to the curb as the yellow rusty bus came around the corner.

"Well in my book, it can be!" Hesquealed again before adjusting my hat as the bus pulled up beside us, opening it'sfoggy doors from the heat. Rolling my eyes, I stepped onto the half empty bus. Edmund and I were the fourth stop out of eight. There wasthree kids on but counting Edmund and me that would make five. Edmund tookthe very back seat to the right and me to the left. Edmund took out hispink Ipod, sticking in the matching color headphones. I on the other hand, took out my forest green Ipod and stuck in brown headphones while pulling out a book. It was a long ride and I wasn'tgoing to wait around till we came to the school.

I was closing my book, marking my page and slipping it inside my bag. I pulled out one headphone when Edmund gave me a look. Over the microphone of the bus, Mr.Toms was saying something about no food anddrinks...blah blah blah. Same speech from the last three years. But god forbid if you weren't listening. The last kid who wasn't was sent to the office for violation of property. Even though they couldn't findanything broken, he wasput in detention.I let Edmund step in front after Mr.Toms was done with his long speech.

Stepping onto school ground was dangerous for me. It felt that after ten minutes, I would be attacked by harsh words about my ears. So, kissing Edmund on the cheek, I scurried off to the libary where I could hide. Only problem was, was acutally getting to the libary. Opening the doors, closest to the art wing. I made my way down the hallway. Past all the light wooden doors and kids huddled in their morning groups. I turned to the left, making my way to the main areas where everyone was. Ducking my head and pulling my hat over my ears I raced to the libary. Advoiding the stares and points from the popular kids. Relaxing as I pushed the libary doors open to the sweet smell of books. Mrs.Feltland smiled at me from the desk.

"Good morning, Alice. Excaping the crowds today?" She asked, clicking her mouse across the screen of her computer as I made my way silently to my table.

"You mean every morning, Mrs.Feltland." I sighed, pulling off my hat, scarf, and gloves. I placed my bag on the ground beside the yellow wooden chair. Making my way to the selves lined with books.

"Oh! We got some new books! They are on the very last bookcase!" Mrs.Feltland called. I was at the last bookcase. The new books were large unlike most of the other books. I pulled out one and read the title. The Art Of Reading People. Who would seriously get out this book? Rolling my eyes I pushed it back into it's place. Then I looked at all the other new titles. How To Draw Dwarves. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Parenting. Dragonology. Wizardology. Raising my eyebrow, I pulled the Wizardology book off the shelf. It was pretty big. Large square cover and pages. It was more of a picture book really. Walking back to my seat, I flipped it open, running my fingers over the pages. I jumped when the bell tolled. Closing the book, I put it in my bag. Grabbing all my items, I ran to the door, wanting to advoid the crowds.

"See you at lunch. Mrs.Feltland!" I called as I slipped out the door into the colorful sea of people. I walked with the sea, that was making it's way to the main stairs. As the people went off in the man directions, I managed to run to the stairs to first block.

The room was silent. Three students, looked like freshman, were sitting in a row on the far side of the classroom. They all turned to look at me as I walked in.

"Alice! Good to see you dear. Please sit wherever!" Mrs.Gail patted me on the back as she took out the paper for role. She was an elderly lady, her hair dyed the color of the caramel cubes. Her skin was starting to bag but she tried to look a bit younger with a touch of blue and pink hues of make-up. She wore the same outfit on the very first days of school. A blue blouse and tan pants with a pair of small blue pumps. I didn't mind Mrs.Gail. But on the occation, she would annoy me half to death about how her son was in the Navy and never home. The same story over and over. I was starting to think he had never came home after awhile. And I could see why. The bell rung, a line of students who were mostly freshman came in. Then there was Edmund. Eyes wide as he saw me.

"ALICE!!" He squealed. Making every head turn to me.

"Edmund..." I said sofly, ducking my head as he came to sit beside me.

"Look at all these Freshman! Oh my..." Ed trailed off as his gaze was somewhere else.

"What?" I said looking at him. His hands took my face and twisted it to the door. There stood an average kid.A senior it looked like. His black hair falling over his dark...what was it? Brown eyes or maybe even black. We wasn't that great but he wasn't terrible looking. Shrugging, I looked back at my book I had pulled out.

"Look at him...oh! He's coming over here!" Ed squealed as his grip squeezed my arm. I heard the chair in front of me squeak as the guy sat down.

"Look at all these freshman, man." I glanced up at him as he was running his hand through his hair. I wasn't surprised his voice was semi-deep. I could tell Ed was in heaven.

"Terrible isn't it?" Ed huffed as he held out his hand. "Edmund Hayes." The guy gripped his hand.

"Felix Gibbs." Ed was elbowing me in the side. Reluctantly, I looked into his dark eyes. His eyes darting to my ears then back to my face.

"Alice May." I looked back down into my book, not wanting to go into a conversation about my funky ears. But he remained silent, talking to Ed like they were old pals. Edmund on the other hand didn't mind. He was getting dreamy eyed as he talked to Felix.

The bell rang loud and clear. I slid my papers into my bag that held my fall clothing. I stood, looking at Edmund.

"What's your next class, Ed?" I said, looking down at the sheet of paper that had all my classes on it.

"Well I had this class first, English. Um next class I have Acting." He smiled, then asked Felix. Whom I knew I wouldn't have class with, thankfully.

"Um, I have Photography 3 next." Thankfullness gone. I frowned deeply.

"I have that too..." I said softly, then leaving the guys there as I walked out of the classroom.

"Hey! Wait! Um..." Felix's voice was a bit behind me.

"Alice." I rolled my eyes as helped him finish his sentence.

"Right, Alice. Won't you let me walk with you?" He was beside me now. His dark skinny jeans and shiny black DC shoes keeping the pace with my own legs.

"I'd prefer to walk alone."

"Awh! Don't be such a loner!" He said, his elbow light nudging my arm.

"Fine." I walked even faster now.

Class was Hell with Felix. His eyes would always dart to my ears everytime he talked to me. Thankfully it was lunch. I excaped from Felix to the Libary to find Mrs.Feltland putting books on the shelf.

"Alice!" She said happily as I sat down with my lunch. Taking her lunch, she sat across from me. "How are you?"

"Peachy. Ugh people annoy me." I soffed unhappily.

"Oh? And what classes do you have?" She asked, looking up from her warm soup.

"English, Photography, Science, and History."

"Doesn't sound so bad." I was coughing up my food.

"It's horrible! People won't stop staring at my ears!" I complained.

"Just because you're an Elf doesn't mean everything has to horrible, Alice." I crossed my arms as she pushed aside her empty soup bowl.

"Yes well being Elf makes me different. No one likes different." I looked at the black computer screens.

"Don't worry about what they say." Mrs.Feltland looked at the clock. "Relax, you have twenty minutes to read." She smiled, cleaning up then going to her desk to continue clicking away.I stood, about to scan the selves for a good book when Felix comes through the door, a bright smile on his face. Oh fuck was the only thing running through my mind.


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