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Demon Catcher

Novel By: LittleMizOz

Welcome to Reusmerdith. A dazzling city with all your hopes desire...desire that is to become apart of the Dinosoruth Training. Like Oxanna Jerix. A tamer of demon like Dinosors. Join Oxanna and find out more about these demon creatures and what it takes to tame them before the enemy Dinosors attack the city!

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Chapter one

Demon Catcher

I twisted the gem in my fingertips. It twinkled like the stars above me. I leaned against the stone railing of the large oval balcony that connected to my small yet comfortable living space. I stared at it for a while before clutching it to my arm that was covered in leather. I had just put Remus in the Rooster. Our discovery today was this gem; clear yet hard. I stared at the sky, its dark blanket over the city while the little stars made to be small night lights. Peering over the balcony, the city was bright with candles. Moving ones that the people held while walking the streets or the small contained candle in glass that was tied to the large Dinosors; they lined their long neck and the arch of their backs as they transported people from one side of the city to the other. I let my fingers smooth over the gem as I watched the city. What could have possibly drawn the Pteranoraptor to this silly little thing? Tossing it in the air then catching it, I shrugged and walked back into my house. Pushing open the colorful glass door, I stepped inside. Taking off my hide boots, I took in the cool air.

It wasn't much, the house but it was home. On the other side of the room was the door to the stairs that lead down out to the bustling city streets. In the center of the room sat a couch and some simple fluffy pillows. A small wooden table sat in front of the couch and just against the wall was the bookshelf. Where each shelf was filled and books were now starting to cluster around in piles. Through the archway to the left was my bedroom, small yet comfortable. And the archway to the right was the kitchen where a small table and two chairs sat for the occasional guest.

Shuffling my bare feet to the bedroom, I plopped down on the bed. Groaning; I forgot to blow out the lights. Picking myself up, I made my way out into the living area. The tannish coloring went blue as the candles were blown out; matching the color of the outdoors.

Putting the gem on the wooden desk that was against the wall, I finally plopped down onto the bed. Pulling the soft sheets over my tired body. Tomorrow was going to be terrible.

● ◦ ●

"Okay...so you all know what to do right?" I watched all the faces of the young girls and boys. "Only two of you will be chosen, one boy and one girl. So try your best." I must be quite boring to them.

"Excuse me, shouldn't we have training first?" A young boy said, his black hair flopping over his ears.

"Why would you need it?" I put my hands on my hips and looked at him.

"Well, so we get to know the Dinosor we are riding." He said matter of factly.

"One, when you are in combat and your Dinosor dies, you have to get on the next available Dinosor! And two, because you will be changing Dinosors every class." I was annoyed now; this kid was getting on my nerves. Didn't he read the handbook?!

"And what about you? Don't you change Dinosors?" A girl asked, she stood beside the boy.

"No, I only teach flying while the other teachers teach other things. I went through this training too. Okay? Okay." The Rooster was made of rock; in fact it was a cave that was lit with dozens of candles. There were large holes in the wall where the Ptris were roosted. They didn't fly out unless there were told or their owner came to have flying practice. There were stairs made out of the rock that went to each level. And there had to be at least a good four thousand roosting holes. But that was too many levels to count. Remus's hole was the biggest one since he was the lead bull. The hens and other less important bulls were fitted with smaller holes.

"So what are we going to do now?" Asked a stalky boy, maybe in his early teens.

"Well, let me get Remus." I began to turn to retrieve him from his hole.

"Why do they call you the Demon Tamer or catcher? Whichever it is." Asked as small red headed girl. I paused then placed my hide boots firmly against the rock flooring.

"Because I tame and catch enemy Dinosors and tame them so they become ours. It is an advantage in battle." I hissed, and then walked to Remus's hole. I tell every new class the same thing. Because they would ask the same question. I stuck my head into the darkness of Remus's hole and clicked softly. A soft chirp rose from the darkness, it came closer and closer till I could feel his breath on my face. Placing my hand into the darkness, I felt his large beak, grasping it, I pulled gently. Commanding him to walk forward. He did so, stepping out of his hole and into the center of attention. There were a few "wows" but mostly "holy shits". I stared up at the large beast before me. His blue rough skin made him look cold. But the bright yellow line following his spine made him look a bit warmer. From his nose to his eyes were purple lines that highlighted his grey eyes. His large frill that connected to his beak was splotched with black and dark oranges while the very edge of the frill was black as night. To me, he was the prettiest thing I had ever seen but to others he was just a normal large bull. He was plated in muscle from all our days of practice but even though he looked deadly, he was the biggest sweetheart and best fighter. He stood at least as good fourteen feet in the air which made him larger than the average ten foot bull. The hens were ranging from six to eight feet which we used them for fast attacks.

"This is Remus, the lead bull." I smiled, proud of my flying reptile. They all seemed speechless as I walked around Remus, checking for cuts. "So we will be learning all about the Ptri!" I smiled, standing beside Remus with my hands behind my back. "Please get out your books and find the picture of the Ptri. Try to find and match all the parts. Feel free to use Remus as your life-like model." I stepped away from Remus, who looked at me with bored eyes. I knew what he was thinking. Same task every year...it really did get boring. So I mouthed I know to him as they huddled close to him.

● ◦ ●

"Good-bye! See you all tomorrow!" I called to the students. Backing away from the small cave entrance for the humans, I walked back to Remus. "Ready for our ride today, Remus?" I smiled, he squawked loudly, prancing up and down till I brought over the saddle so he could lean down and let my slide it over his neck. Running my hands over his face, I mounted onto the saddle, adjusting myself and fixing my position. I sat in a crouch-like position with my right hand in my pocket and my left hand just on his neck. My finger extended just in front of the saddle. If I pushed my right finger down, he would fly right and if I pushed my left finger down he would fly left. The rest was simple like; stop and go were word commands.

Pressing myself down I let him inch forward till he was teetering on the edge of the cave. Pulling in his wings, I peered below. Sharp rocks layered the ground. But that was very, very far down. In fact mist was forming over the ground which made it seem like there was an endless bottom. Tucking his wings in, he leaped from the edge and we plummeted down in twisting circles.


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