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Felixa Warren is a lover of archery and apples. But when she goes outside to practice, she finds herself stuck in another world. As she wanders farther and farther into this world she gets stuck and that's the problem...she's can't get back. So what will she do in this strange new world? And will she ever be able to get back? View table of contents...


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Chapter 1: Felixa and Piper

"...So he lunged! Flinging his sword left then right! Side to side! But he could not seem to kill his attacker!" I held my wooden rod from fencing in the air. Swinging it through the air, holding the book in my free hand. I read each line, giving all the moods and emotions. "His attacker charged!" I drove the wooden rod into the wall. A surprised chirp filled the air.

"Did you like that?" I asked, looking over at the grey Cockatiel. Who had claimed my bed post with his tiny feet. He chirped again, his small beak opening wide and blinked his eyes twice before fluffing his feathers. "You did? Good-"

"Felixa! Are you telling that bird stories again?!" I froze, the sound of my mom calling from downstairs floated up to my room where my door was wide open.

"Maybe! I might be talking to myself!" I called back, dropping the rod while shutting the book. "Another time Piper." I sighed as I slid the book into it's hiding place on my small bookshelf near my window.

"You're going to be late!" Dad called from the front door. Rolling my eyes, I scooped Piper up and plopped him in his cage.

"Bye, Pipe." I blew him a kiss as I closed my door and hurried downstairs.

"Don't forget your boots!" Mom called, running to me with my bow. Taking the bow from her, I grabbed my leather boots from the shoe holder that laid against the wall next to the door.

"Bye mom!" I closed the door behind me, running to my dad's car. "Do you have my arrows?" I asked, placing my bow on the back seat.

"Yeah they should be in the trunk." Dad opened his door of the BMW. I got in the passenger seat. The leather seats let off that sweet smell of new leather into the car. I pulled on my boots as we pulled out of the driveway and made our way out of the Nortern Virginia neighborhood to Washington.

The BMW pulled into a parking lot nearest to the building. It was a good sized building. Horse trailers lined the right side to where the horses were used.

"See you afterwards, dad." I kissed his shaved chin then pulled my gear from the car and went running into the building. The sign-in desks were lined up with gaps between them to let people through.


"Felixa Warren." I said in a rushed voice then after the red haired lady nodded her head I raced to the changing rooms. Pulling open my locker, I grabbed my gear. Fitting the leather outfit over me and pulling the quiver onto my back. Locking my grip around my bow, I locked the lock then raced to the arena. Another sign-in table sat by the door. I walked over to the men looking over the lists. The younger boy, around my age looked up.


"Felixa Warren." I stood at the door, I was the last one to go. I hadn't realised I was this late. Around the arena, parents watched their children warm up then bow to the judges to begin. I listen to the boy type my name into the laptop then there was a pause.

"Felixa? You go to my school don't you?" I glanced over at the boy sitting at the table beside me.

"I think so...what's your name?" I asked, playing with the long brown braid hanging over my shoulder.

"Ross Gails." I thought about the name. His blonde hair short with grey eyes. He didn't have the chisled face but you could see we was quite attractive. Then it clicked, Ross was the lead actor in our school plays. He was quite good really. Brilliant I should say.

"I do believe I know you!" Smiling, I put out my hand.

"I've seen you a few times. At the plays I mean." He was blushing! I could hardly believe a talented actor like him was blushing.

"Yeah, they are really good - you're really good!"

"Our last contestant! Felixa Warren!" The speaker over head boomed.

"Good luck." He smiled at me as I opened the door. I walked into the empty arena; it was silent as I cross the floor to the center where I could practice for a few moments. Pulling an arrow from my quiver, I placed it on my bow. Releasing a few arrows into the target, the timer rung. Turning on my heel, I faced the judges. I bowed shortly then stood tall and faced the targets. I drew an arrow, holding my breath I closed my eyes then released the arrow, the vibration of it flying off the bow rushed through me. And in that split second, everyone was roaring happily. Opening my eyes, my mouth dropped. The arrow had gone stright into the bulls eye! Gasping, I turned to the judges then bowed again, smiling uncontrolably. I exited out the other door to the left where the lockers were.

I moved in a daze to the locker room. The girls were changing, giving me looks. I couldn't help they weren't as skilled as I was. I opened my locker to grab my stuff, pushing everything into my draw string bag. I slammed my locker shut and jumped.

"Congraulations, Felixa." Luna stood there, her large glasses zooming in on her brown eyes.

"Thanks, Luna." I smiled and patted her shoulder.

"You did great too!" She returned the smile as I walked out of the locker room and into the flashing lights of cameras.


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