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Secret Princess Emma

Novel By: LittleMizOz

Emma's father tells her a story every night. A story that somehow seems real as if he had been in it. But when Emma is sucked into another world, she realizes that the story her father told was true and very real...did I mention she's a Princess? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jul 25, 2012    Reads: 182    Comments: 13    Likes: 6   

Chapter 1: Princess to Be

"....And so the young boy grew up to be a handsome prince. But he was soon to be king and to be king meant he had to find a bride." Father's voice was my soothing lullaby. His light tone mixed with a bit of gruffness. Every night he told me a story about a young boy who grew up to be king. But tonight Father had said there was a new chapter he was going to tell me. "And when he found this bride, a beautiful bride no doubt, they had a baby-"

"A baby?! Oh how wonderful!" My small squeaky voice echoed in my pink room. He smiled down at me, his stubble shifting to lift up his cheeks.

"Yes, a baby, my little Emma." He cleared his throat softly and continued. "This baby was Princess of the Kingdom and oh how everyone loved her! Her long brown curls and fair skin, not to mention her kindness." He wiggled his eyebrows that made me giggle. "They named this beautiful child, Emma."

"Oh how wonderful! Just like me!"

"Yes! Just like you. Now, go to sleep so you'll be ready to face tomorrow." He began to rise from my petite bed.

"Oh please, papa! I want to know what happens!" I sat up, crossing my small legs.

"Fine then, just a little longer." He sighed heavily and sat back against the wall of pillows. "The child grew up, her beauty was known throughout the kingdom! And when she became of age, men came from miles around to take her hand."

"Were they lovely men?"

"Quite, but the princess was not pleased."

"How could she not be pleased by lovely suitors?" My eyes widened is disbelief.

"The princess wanted a man who could treat her right and not just for her looks...but for her heart too."

"Yes, but it still doesn't make any sense why she won't get to know them first."

"Ah, yes...well then let me continue." He held his rough finger to my lips and smiled. "She was not pleased by any of the men. Each one that came, was snooty and just wanted her and her kingdom for their looks. The princess was very wise you see, and went straight to her father. 'Father.' she said. 'I am not pleased by these creatures.' The king, clearly not happy, replied; 'Why do you say this my dear?' You see Emma, the king was getting old. He needed someone to take his place when he passed away."

"Does the princess find someone?" I sat close to Papa, I wanted to know what happened.

There was a slight knock on the door.

"Come in, Ellis."

"Mama! Papa was just telling about a king and a queen and how they had a baby who was the princess to be!"

"Slow down, little Emma!" She shot Papa a look and then touched my face. "You need sleep little one." Papa stood and held mama's waist tightly and smiled at me.

"Another time, little princess. I promise." He winked, kissed me on the forehead and was out of the room.

"Mama, is the story true?" I asked, snuggling up in a ball.

"Of course not." But her voice sounded uneasy as she spoke. "Good night little Emma."


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