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Rose had a pretty ordinary life, for an angel. But then she's given the job to look after an angel on Earth that doesn't know what he is. With the help of a new friend and some old ones will she be able to find him tell him the truth and maybe even save the world? You'll have to read to find out :) View table of contents...


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Chapter 1- Mortals
I walked past countless of other beings the same as me. The same beauty, always beauty. None of us were normal or average looking just limitless beauty all the time. The rare few who have seen Him say his beauty is so great that it hurts too look at him.
I came to the front of the gazing hall. Opening the big mahogany door studded with rubies I walked into the high ceilinged room. I greeted a friend of mine that was doing Gazing hall duty meaning she had to write down anyone's name who used them. 'Back again Rose?' Rose such a human name.
'Yes I am assigned to protect a gifted one that means I need to come here once a day.'
'Your lucky Rose you get all the good jobs.' I gave Josalin a small smile. She was young, only a century. 'You'll get better ones as you get older.'
'I hope so. Your in room six today Rose.' She said with a smile as she handed over the key. I smiled back and took the key. At the back of the room was a hallway that led to fifteen small rooms where the gazing happened.
I turned the key in the sixth one and took a seat in front of the clear table that showed an image on the earth. There was no other furniture in the room and no windows. Gazing was strictly confidential and only certain ones of us were able to do it. 'Show me Deric Sapple.' I announced loud enough so my voice carried clear and strong.
The picture zoomed in until it showed the image of a man on a beach somewhere in the world. On the coast of Europe if I remembered correctly, where he lived. He was young, younger than anyone she knew. Twenty- one. So young, mortals had such short lives but he wouldn't. He was different.
I had been assigned the job to watch over Deric when he turned eighteen. Three years were a short time for me though, very short. I'd been alive for a millennia, I'd seen the rise and fall of mankind through centuries.
But this job was different. Not that I'd ever tell anyone but I had feelings for him almost like the love I have for the creator but different. We don't socialize with mortals, it's forbidden. Our understanding of their society is limited and we only know what we do from our gazing.
Only some of us have been allowed down there for missions and the rare few who have are changed forever. Most of them end up Falling. But no one talks about them; they act like they never existed.
Deric is three quarters angel almost full. His father was a full blood angel and his mother was only half. He has no idea about his powers and that's why I'm here, to make sure it stays that way. His parents were killed by a Demon when he was a child and he was brought up by humans.
He stared up at the blue sky into the clouds then out to the ocean. Deric possessed the beauty of all of us but his held a more human side to it. Not like some of the fearsome warriors I knew but a kind, fierce protector. He had the physique of a male angel too. Strong and muscled. He was leaner around the waist though with broad shoulders and thick arms.
His hair was the colour of dark chocolate that was short and slightly curly. With eyes of the clearest blue that made for a stark contrast on his tan skin. He had a straight jaw line and a nose that appeared to be slightly crooked from a break?
Everything looked fine and he was still blissfully unaware of who he was so I said, 'Zoom out,' picked up my key and locked the door behind me. I took a moment to collect myself. Watching the mortals always made me a bit flustered and not myself.
After I'd collected my thoughts and shut them away so no one could read them I walked back out into the main room. I smiled as I handed Josalin back the key. 'Thank you Josalin I will see you another time.'
She smiled and nodded taking the key and putting it away. I walked back outside onto the mist covered ground mortals would call clouds. With enough room to do it now I let out my wings. They stretched behind me bigger and taller than I am but they didn't weigh me down in fact it felt better to leave them out, a relief.
They were the colour of cream and slightly glimmery like snowflakes I had once been told. They were one of a kind many people said, they also said I was special but every one of us is special in our own way.
I flapped my wings twice and lifted up into the air flying over the crowds of angels. After a gazing I always avoided everyone for a while and went to my chambers. It was a habit that I'd started a while ago after I'd seen Deric get into a car accident and nearly die because he still has some mortal in him and can die from injury if it's bad enough.
I had walked through crowds of angels crying. Angels don't cry it's dangerous for mortals it can cause all sorts of havoc. I'd been punished, sentenced to first century duties for six months. In a moment of pure distress, not seeing Deric for that time every day had almost made me want to fall and be with him on Earth.
But my dear friend Jonathon had been there to stop me. I thanked him everyday I did not want to become the enemy of heaven. Never.
I arrived on my balcony that led into my room and folded my wings away as they were too big to go inside. I opened the clear glass pane door and closed it behind me. Inside was a four poster queen sized bed with sky blue coloured sheets. Up the sides of the bed were hundreds of jewels imbedded in a clear mixture so you could clearly see every one.
On the other side of the room was a desk made completely of gold that had been a gift and a mirror with silver framing and tiny blue sapphires all around the edges. I sat at the chair in front of the desk and looked at my reflection in the mirror.
Pale creamy skin, big dark sapphire blue eyes, rose red lips and long ash blonde hair. I wasn't the most beautiful of all of us but older angels said I was unique something that was very uncommon with us. I tied my hair up and changed into something loose fitting to sleep in.
I don't have to sleep; I can not sleep for years and still be fine. I choose to sleep every night though it makes me feel like a mortal and I like that. If anyone ever figured that out I'd be banished from heaven. So I had to keep many secrets.
I climbed into bed hugging one of my pillows close to my chest and wrapping a sheet around me. I drifted off to sleep content and dreaming about Earth.
I awoke to someone shaking my shoulder. I shot up immediately ready to attack the intruder. I wasn't usually this easy to sneak up on. 'Rose it's me you better get dressed. There's a big meeting and He's going to be there.' I jumped out of bed at what Jonathon told me and ran into my closet.
I dressed quickly and pulled a brush through my long hair. 'What's going on?' I asked as I came out in a flowing silver dress that tied at the back. 'Someones rebelled, they're being cast down.'
'Another one? That's two this year.'
'I know.' I nodded and put my brush down turning around.
'Can you tie it for me?' I asked Jonathon. He worked quickly tying it in a big bow that hung down a little. I smiled at my reflection and quickly went outside onto my balcony.
'Come on Jonathon we need to hurry or we'll be late.'
I let my wings out and thankfully my dress was cut low enough at the back that I didn't tear it. Jonathon followed and let his mahogany brown wings out. They were larger even than mine with tiny flecks of gold when the light hit it just right.
The sky today was a beautiful blue and from up here you had a spectacular view of our home. I jumped off the roof at the same time as Jonathon, flapping my wings once I was in the air. I flew next to him past the gradens and forests of things no mortal could imagine, past other groups of angels walking towards the meeting place. Why walk when you could fly?
We reached the place where all meetings of importance were held. There were four shining thrones. The one in the middle raised the highest was for Him, the three in front for the Archangels, Gabriel, Lucifer and Michael. Of course no one had sat in Lucifer's throne for a very long time.
He had been the first to fall of many to come. And after many treacherous acts now rules over Hell by another name; Satan. The other fallen ones either joined him or lived on earth. Halfway between Heaven and Hell. Neutral ground. We all had to learn the history of our people when we were training.
I was here when Lucifer fell and I witnessed the making of man kind. That may seem very old but in fact I am considered to be young, in mortal years only a year older than Deric.
Angels had already started to gather on the flat stone in front of the thrones. All the angels were separated into two houses of the brothers Gabriel and Michael. But all Angels served the creator better known as God.
I took my place next to Gariel's throne. I guess you could say I'm his right hand man or in my case woman. Jonathon took his spot in Gabriel's ranks as well. He was a soldier.
Gabriel and Michael entered the crowds that separated for them. They wore shining gold battle armor and blue coats, the normal attire for male Angels at these gatherings. So did Jonathon.
'Rose you look as lovely as ever.'
'Thank you Gabriel. Do you know who it is?'
'I believe her name is Josalin.' Josalin?! NO!
'But she's so yo..young.' I stuttered over my words. He sat atop his throne nodding his head sadly. 'Yes there a more going every year. It is not good. The creator can't keep up with how many are leaving.' Josalin seemed so normal yesterday.
Everyone took there places and there was a blinding white light that meant He had taken his spot too. I dared not face Him for it could reveal my true nature towards Heaven. Josalin stood at the front of the crowd shaking in fear.
Poor girl. 'You have disobeyed the laws of Heaven. Do you wish to know the consequences?' The voice boomed like thunder over the crowd. I flinched. 'Y…yes.' Josalin stuttered.
'You have given me no choice. You have rebelled too far and therefore must be cast out of heaven.' The voice sent shivered up my spine frightening me more than it used too.
I kept my mouth shut trying not to look as the stone opened up beneath me and Josalin fell through. 'No!' I heard her scream before her voice disappeared completely. I turned away from the crowds.


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